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SS Maasdam Luncheon Menu Card - 22 December 1958

Vintage Luncheon Menu Card from Monday, 22 December 1958, on board the SS Maasdam of the Holland-America Line

Vintage Luncheon Menu Card from Monday, 22 December 1958, on board the SS Maasdam of the Holland-America Line featured Ham Steak with Pinneapple, Breaded Calf's Brains a l'Italienne, and Malakoff Pudding for Dessert. GGA Image ID # 1e0a2063f7


Menu Items

Hors d'Œuvre:

  • V-8 Vegetable, Tomato, Clam and Sauerkraut Juice
  • Bismark Herring
  • Salmon Mayonnaise
  • Chicken Green Pepper Salad
  • Queen and Ripe Olives
  • Crisp Hearts of Table Celery
  • Radishes
  • Scandinavian Relishes


  • Potage Saint Germain
  • Consommé Bohémienne
  • Cold Essence of Celery in Cup


  • English Small Sole Meunière
  • Supreme of Codfish in Wine Sauce


  • Scrambled Eggs Archiduchesse
  • Poached Eggs Indienne


  • Breaded Calf's Brains a l'Italienne
  • Wiener Roastbraten with French Fried Onions

From the Grill (in 15 Minutes):

  • Ham Steak with Pineapple
  • Minute Steak Foyot Sauce


  • Buttered Broadbeans
  • Creamed Spinach
  • Baked Tomatoes
  • Steamed Siam Rice
  • Noodles with Parmesan Cheese
  • Potatoes: Sauté, Hashed Browned, Boiled, Mashed Sweet

Cold Buffet:

  • Ham and Chicken Pie
  • Canadian Style Bacon
  • Sirloin of Beef
  • Fricandeau of Veal
  • Saddle of Lamb, Mint Jelly
  • Ox Tongue
  • Luxembourg Pâté
  • Liver Cheese
  • Spiced Pork
  • Holland Ham, Plock, Liver, Bologne, Salami, Pariser
  • Farmer Sausages

Salads and Compotes:

  • Combination, Chicory, Lettuce, Canaille, Excelsior
  • Dressings: Astoria, Melba, French
  • Compotes: Pinneapple, Peaches, Apricots, Pears
  • Greengages, Yellow Plums
  • Reine Victoria's Damsons
  • Apple Sauce, Figs, Reine Claudes


  • Gouda, Edam, Leiden, Pont l'Eveque, Cream, Brie, Gruyère
  • Roquefort, Camembert, Port Salut, Liederkranz, Petit Suisse
  • Cottage Cheese with Sour Cream
  • Uneeda Biscuits, Dutch Rusks, Crackers



  • Malakoff Pudding
  • Apricots Sauce
  • Apple Pie a la Mode
  • Ice Cream: Pistachio, Mocha, Burnt Almonds


  • White, Rye, Graham, and French Bread
  • Pumpernickel


  • Assorted Fruits
  • Figs, Dates, Mixed Nuts

Coffee and Tea


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