SS Bremen Luncheon Menu - 31 July 1937

Front Cover, SS Bremen Luncheon Menu - 31 July 1937

Front Cover of a Vintage Luncheon Menu from Saturday, 31 July 1937 on board the SS Bremen of the North German Lloyd featured Broiled Mackerel. Anchovy Butter, Wiener Schnitzel - Green Peas, and Apple Tart with Whipped Cream for dessert. GGA Image ID # 1dd6781cd1


Menu Items

Lunch à la Carte


  • Tomato Juice Cocktail
  • Crab Flake Cocktail
  • Eggs Arlequin
  • Salad  Lakmé
  • Bavarian Ox-Muzzle Salad
  • Scallions
  • Paupiettes of Delicatess East Sea Herring
  • Swedish Straw  
  • Artichoke Hearts in Oil
  • Ham Mousse with Pumpernickel
  • Smoked Beef
  • Smoked Eel
  • French Sardines in Oil
  • Tunny in Oil
  • Anchovies Norvégienne
  • Delicatess Herring
  • Swedish Appetizers
  • Sprats in Tomatoes
  • Chow-Chow

Cold Dishes

  • Live Boiled Lobster, Sauce Tartare
  • Fillet of Sole Calypso
  • Larded Tenderloin of Beef, Sauce Mousquetaire
  • Burgundy Pork Cutlet - Red Cabbage
  • Salad Saddle of Lamb - Currant Jelly
  • Veal Cutlet with Anchovies Duckling, Apple Sauce
  • Galantine of Capon Florida
  • Smoked Westphalian Ham
  • Boiled Coburg Ham
  • Choice of Fresh Sausage


  • Cream of Celery Lavallière
  • Velouté Prince Bagration       
  • Garbure Cooper
  • Consommé Double with Vienna Semolina Nocques
  • Chicken Broth in Cup, hot or cold


  • Shirred Eggs Meyerbeer
  • Scrambled Eggs Balzac
  • Eggs in Cocotte Tosca



  • Boiled Halibut, Melted Butter or Sauce Rubens     
  • River Eel Marchand de Vins
  • Broiled Mackerel. Anchovy Butter


  • Boiled Leg of Lamb English Style
  • Wiener Schnitzel - Green Peas
  • Paupiettes of Pork Charcutière
  • Calf's Feet Poulette or Vinaigrette

From the Grill (about 10 Minutes)

  • Jumbo Squab with Water Cress
  • Lamb Chops
  • Home-made Sausage, Apple Horse-Radish


  • Endive, Water Cress, Combination, Beetroot


  • Princess, Plaza, Lorenzo, Lemon

New Vegetables

  • Celery en Branches with Marrow
  • Spinach with Puff-Paste
  • Sautéed Carrots
  • String Beans Polonaise
  • Glazed Turnips  
  • Green Corn with Green Pepper
  • Tomato au Four
  • Glazed Cabbage

Vegetables and Pastes

  • Okra Américaine
  • Butter Noodles
  • Steamed Rice


  • Baked Idaho, Candied sweet, Boiled, French fried, Dauphine, Strasbourg, Allumettes

Sweets and Compote

  • Apple Tart with Whipped Cream
  • Crème Bavaroise
  • Semolina Croquettes, Strawberry Sauce
  • Compote of German Huckleberries
  • Compote of Fresh Fruit



  • Chocolate Nut Sundae 
  • Vanilla Ice-Cream, Wafers
  • Neapolitan Ice-Cream, Friandises


  • Fontainebleau, Bel Paese, Primula, Cheddar, Tilsit, Swiss, Brie, Chester, German Cream with Chive


  • Fruit In Season
  • Demi-Tasse, Sanka Demi-Tasse, Tea


Special Dishes Today :

  • Bacalao â l’Espanola
  • American Chicken Pot Pie
  • Thuringian Sauerbraten
  • Dried Fruit
  • Potato Dumplings

If desired, special Dishes for Diet may be ordered.


Menu Items, SS Bremen Luncheon Menu - 31 July 1937


In an eventful era of more than a thousand years, Dinkelsbühl, situated on the ancient Roman Road, which was later the trading route between Augsburg and Wurzburg, felt the pulsation of German history from the immediate neighborhood. Its town-wall, still in good state of preservation, dates back to the 15th century — the first walling-in having taken place as far back as A. D. 928. An atmosphere of immense charm surrounds the broad winding streets and lanes with their picturesque nooks and courtyards, over-towered commandingly by the huge, but un-pretentious roof of the St. Georges Church, the most beautiful modern Gothic Churches in South Germany, which was completed in 1499. In effective contrast to its dignified greatness is the particularly artistic "Deutsches Haus", rich in architectural wood-carving, which dates back to the year 1543 and numbers amongst the most precious edifices of timber framework, which give the brightly colored townlet its enchanted raiment

Back Cover, SS Bremen Luncheon Menu - 31 July 1937

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