SS Europa Luncheon Menu - 18 June 1930

Front Cover, SS Europa Luncheon Menu - 18 June 1930

Front Cover of a Vintage Second Class Luncheon Menu from Wednesday, 18 June 1930 on board the SS Europa of the North German Lloyd featured Larded Calf’s Liver, Lyonnaise Potatoes, Emma Salad, Braised Jarrets of Lamb Bourgeoise, and Rhubarb Tart for dessert.

Menu Items

Hors d’Oeuvre

  • Italian Salad
  • Mixed Pickles
  • Radishes
  • Fillet of Smoked Whiting        
  • Eggs Berlin Style
  • Canapé Tatare  
  • Scallions


  • Old German Noodle Soup
  • Consommé en Tasse
  • Potato Soup Bonne Femme


  • Omelet Sigurd
  • Poached Eggs Bergère


  • Flounder Meunière, Potato Salad with Mayonnaise

Special Dish To-Day

  • Boiled Brisket Beef, Horse-Radish Sauce
  • Savoy Cabbage, Bouillon Potatoes


  • Larded Calf’s Liver, Lyonnaise Potatoes, Emma Salad
  • Braised Jarrets of Lamb Bourgeoise
  • Risotto Pièmontaise

From the Grill (10-15 Minutes)

  • Pork Chop, Apple Sauce

Cold Dishes

  • English Prime Rib of Beef Westmoreland
  • Roast Chicken, Fruit Salad
  • Homemade Brawn Vinaigrette
  • Tongue Sausage
  • Mortadella


  • Emma, Beetroot,  Martini, Cress


  • Savoy Cabbage
    Fresh Lima-beans
  • New Carrots
  • Steamed Rice


  • Baked, Sweet, Baked Idaho, Mashed, Lyonnaise Boiled

Sweet Dishes

  • Rhubarb Tart
  • Crème Diplomate, Raspberry Sauce


  • Romatour, Edam, Pot-Cheese with Cumin, Pumpernickel
  • Coffee, Sanka Coffee, Tea



  • Italian Salad
  • Old German Noodle Soup
  • Flounder Meuniere
  • Potato Salas with Mayonnaise
  • Boiled Brisket Beef
  • Horseradish Sauce
  • Savoy Cabbage
  • Bouillon Potatoes
  • Rhubarb Tart
  • Edam, Cheese, Pumpernickel

Coffee will also be served in the Smoking Room

Menu Items in German and English, SS Europa Luncheon Menu - 18 June 1930

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