SS Bremen Luncheon Menu - 1 August 1937

Front Cover, SS Bremen Luncheon Menu - 1 August 1937

Front Cover of a Vintage Luncheon Menu from Sunday, 1 August 1937 on board the SS Bremen of the North German Lloyd featured Loin of Pork in Cider - Candied sweet Potatoes, Mousselines of Chicken à la Patti, and Cold Danish Pudding, Vanilla Sauce for dessert. GGA Image ID # 1dd740282d


Menu Items

Lunch à la Carte


  • Grapefruit
  • Baby Shrimp Cocktail
  • Eggs Frou-Frou
  • Spanish Fish Salad
  • Sauerkraut
  • Calf’s Foot Salad Clärens
  • Tomato Marseillaise
  • Canapés Mosaïque
  • Stuffed Lobster Shears
  • Dominos of Goose Liver
  • Imported Salami
  • Swedish Appetizers
  • Chow-Chow
  • Sprats in Tomatoes
  • Sardines in Oil
  • Herb Sardines in Oil
  • Smoked Eel
  • Bismarck Herring
  • Herb Anchovies

Cold Dishes

  • Poached Rhine Salmon, Caviar Sauce
  • Brook Trout Suédoise
  • Prime Ribs of Beef, Sauce Figaro
  • Médaillons of Pig’s Knuckle in Wine Jelly
  • English Pâté on Ham, Cumberland Sauce
  • Loin of Veal - Asparagus Salad
  • Bresse Poularde
  • Suprême of Quails in Orange Baskets
  • Smoked Westphalian Ham
  • Boiled Coburg Ham
  • Choice of Fresh Sausage


  • Thickened Semolina Soup with Cauliflower
  • Holsatian Potato Soup 
  • Philadelphia Pepper Pot
  • Chicken Broth Ménagère
  • Consommé in Cup, hot or cold


  • Shirred Eggs Opéra
  • Scrambled Eggs Scotch Style
  • Poached Eggs New Jersey


  • Boiled Haddock, Browned Butter or English Egg Sauce
  • Rougets en Papillote
  • Lobster Thermidor


  • Loin of Pork in Cider - Candied sweet Potatoes
  • Fillet of Lamb Baron Brisse
  • Médaillons of Calfs Head with New Tomato Stew
  • Mousselines of Chicken à la Patti

From the Grill (about 10 Minutes)

  • Sirloin Steak
  • Schaschliks Caucasienne
  • Chicken Liver with Bacon en Brochette


  • Endive, Wax Bean, Cucumber, Miami


  • Thousand Islands. Roquefort, Cream, German

New Vegetables

  • Cauliflower Milanaise   
  • Strained Spinach
  • Lettuce au Jus  
  • Buttered Com on the Cob
  • Italian Squash   
  • Creamed Kohlrabi
  • String Beans Tourangelle       
  • Parsnips Orly

Vegetables and Pastes

  • Flageolet Beans
  • Spaghetti Génoise
  • Steamed Rice


  • Baked Idaho, Candied sweet, Boiled, French fried, Buttered, Berny, Macaire, Noisette, Allumettes

Sweets and Compote

  • Cold Danish Pudding, Vanilla Sauce
  • Rice Colbert
  • Mille-Feuilles Cake
  • Preserved Mirabelles
  • Compote of Fresh Fruit


  • Banana Dorothy
  • Vanilla Ice-Cream, Wafers
  • Lemon Ice-Cream, Friandises


  • Fontainebleau, Bel Paese, Gournay, Primula, Port Salut, Swiss, Gorgonzola, German Cream with Chive
  • Fruit in Season

Coffee and Tea

  • Demi Tasse,  Sanka Demi Tasse, Tea



Special Dishes Today :

  • Brunswick Asparagus
  • Smoked Westphalian Ham
  • Bremen Chicken Ragout with Butter Rice
  • Corned Brisket Beef with Horse Radish Sauce

If desired, special Dishes for Diet may be ordered.

Menu Items, SS Bremen Luncheon Menu - 1 August 1937


Back Cover, SS Bremen Luncheon Menu - 1 August 1937

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