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Navy Boot Camp Book 1968 Drill Company 5962 The Keel

Roster Only. Photographs Not Available.

Roster for Recruit Drill Company 5962 for 1968, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander: S. Hirshberg. Training Commenced on 24 October 1968 and Concluded on 17 December 1968. 48 Men Graduated.

Great Lakes Leadership Command

  • Commandant, Ninth Naval District: Rear Admiral Henry A. Renken
  • Commander, Great Lakes Training Center: Captain Mark M. Gantar
  • Commanding Officer: Captain James R. Collier
  • Executive Officer: Commander Dale P. Helmer

Drill Company 68-5962 Organization and Schedule

  • Organization: 2nd Regiment of the 24th Battalion
  • Commenced Training: 24 October 1968
  • Completed Training: 17 December 1968

Drill Company 68-5962 Leadership

  • Brigade Commander: Lt. F.J. Sullivan
  • Regimental Commander: Lt. R.A. Carlsen
  • Battalion Commander: LTJG J.F. Rooks
  • Company Commander: S. Hirshberg
  • Company Commander's Aide: G. M. Lloyd

Drill Company 68-5962 Recruit Roster

  1. Robert G. Metz - RPOC
  2. Frederick C. Frey - EPO
  3. Stephen S. Hupp - First Platoon Leader
  4. Harley A. Burton - MAA
  5. David A. Works - Company Clerk
  6. Dennis Agnello
  7. David Albright
  8. David Aurand
  9. Walter Baptista
  10. Paul Bihler
  11. Timothy Billings
  12. Kenneth Buchsbaur
  13. Russell Cain
  14. John Cleary
  15. Willie Dawson
  16. Robert Emmerson
  17. Michael Foltos
  18. Kenneth Fortner
  19. Edward Furie
  20. Richard George
  21. Robert Gonzalez
  22. Michael Grunder
  23. Stephen Hedrick
  24. Alton Hiller
  25. William Hohmann
  26. John Houser
  27. Courtney Houchin
  28. Russell Jiles
  29. Allen Lippke
  30. Frank Loubek
  31. Steven Luttmann
  32. J. McCullough
  33. William Mumford
  34. Gilbert Norton
  35. Jon Pearson
  36. Kevin Preuss
  37. Charles Pridmore
  38. George Randolph
  39. H. Reifenheiser
  40. Thomas Reiman
  41. Jeffrey Rinker
  42. William Stevenson
  43. Jerry Stonequist
  44. William Sutton
  45. Dennis Uhlich
  46. Ronald Wendelin
  47. Ernest Winchester
  48. Kendall Collins
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