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Navy Boot Camp Book 1958 Company 353 The Keel

Images Not Available for Great Lakes USNTC "The Keel" 1958 Company 353

Images Not Available for Great Lakes USNTC "The Keel" 1958 Company 353

Roster and Photos for Recruit Company 353 for 1958, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander: A. G. Williams. 87 Men Graduated. Training Dates Not Recorded.

Great Lakes Leadership Command

  • Commandant, Ninth Naval District: Rear Admiral E. P. Forrestel
  • Commander - Naval Training Center: Captain A. C. Burrows
  • Commanding Officer, Recruit Training Command: Captain C. E. Bull
  • Executive Officer: Commander H. L. Vaughan

Company 58-353 Leadership

  • Brigade Commander: LCDR G. R. Hopwood
  • Regimental Commander: Lt. R. G. Reed
  • Battalion Commander: CWO O. H. Sandell
  • Company Commander: A. G. Williams

Company 58-353 Organization

  • Organization: 14th Regiment; 143rd Battalion

Company 58-353 Recruit Roster

  1. Robert O. Coman - RPOC
  2. Michael B. McDade - EPO
  3. Ronald M. Lowman - APO
  4. F. D. Jones, Sr. - MAA
  5. Gail L. Smith - Company Clerk
  6. John P. Apfel
  7. John H. Bennett
  8. George E. Betts
  9. Robert D. Betzel
  10. Hubert c. Bibey
  11. Leo Bourke
  12. George E. Bragg
  13. Thomas J. Burns
  14. R. A. Buschur
  15. Frank Carrano
  16. J. W. Carroll
  17. L. S. Cassidy
  18. Harry F. Charles
  19. W. G. Churchill
  20. John A. Clemo
  21. M.S. Cleveland
  22. R. T. Clifford
  23. Ernest B. Coker
  24. Troy A. Coman
  25. Charles H. Copen
  26. Edward E. Cramer
  27. P. Dedeurwaerder
  28. W. P. Devanski, Jr.
  29. Thomas E. Dix
  30. W. J. Donovan, Jr.
  31. Stephen C. Dow
  32. F. A. Drake
  33. R. L. Forster
  34. Jay H. Fowler
  35. Robert F. Fox
  36. James H. Frady
  37. J. J. Gordon, Jr.
  38. James R. Gysbers
  39. Harold J. Hail
  40. Cleon A. Ham, Jr.
  41. H.C. Henderson
  42. John T. Hendricks
  43. A. Hernandez
  44. James L. Hickle
  45. F. L. Hopkins
  46. M. L. Horetski
  47. R. T. Houghins
  48. L. J. Igleheart
  49. H. L. Jonah, Jr.
  50. R. A. Klepadio
  51. E. A. Larimer
  52. R. A. Littler
  53. J. S. Malinosky
  54. H. F. Marschner
  55. Edward L. Marks
  56. K. C. Mathews
  57. R. W. McCreary
  58. Jack B. McGee
  59. John J. Miller
  60. William A. Nagle
  61. J. H. Nicholson
  62. J. P. Nicholson
  63. Clifford Orso
  64. W. H. Ottilige
  65. R. C. Perkins
  66. Kenneth W. Platz
  67. Frank A. Poore
  68. R. A. Remieres
  69. Frederick M. Rusk
  70. T. J. Russell
  71. Lawrence Salvi
  72. Frank L. Segel
  73. B. F. Sheppard
  74. W. G. Skidmore
  75. William Stamper
  76. J. R. Strong, Jr.
  77. R. Thomas, Jr.
  78. Stanley E. Thor
  79. Manfred Woechter
  80. Terry M. Willie
  81. Donnie A. Wingard
  82. D. L. Wroblewski
  83. Alvin W. Yoder
  84. R. J. Zoldivar, Jr.
  85. R. Zomerdyke
  86. M. E. Gallacher
  87. J. R. Lake
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