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The United States Naval Training Center in San Diego is a facility that has been providing recruit training for over 100 years since its inception in 1923. During the Second World War, the Station operated at total capacity, accommodating a staggering 33,000 personnel, including 25,000 recruits.

It significantly contributed to the war effort, helping prepare thousands of young men for military service. The duration of the training varied from three to seven weeks during that time, with the recruits receiving rigorous training in physical fitness, marksmanship, seamanship, and naval history.

NTC San Diego, a beacon of military training, remained active until 1997, when it was decommissioned following the end of the Cold War. Throughout its history, the center trained a multitude of sailors who went on to serve in conflicts across the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the world's military landscape.

The Anchor is a publication documenting each graduating class of the San Diego Recruit Training Command for decades. It is a valuable resource that includes details of their training, such as the types of drills they completed, the challenges they faced, and the skills they learned.

It also contains portraits of the graduating class, the company, and the regimental commanders. The publication serves as a basic training yearbook for each United States Naval Training Center Company, covering everything from the first day of training to graduation. It is a cherished memento for many sailors who look back on their time at NTC San Diego with pride and fondness.


In a typical ANCHOR YEARBOOK, the daily life of a recruit is traced from their initial arrival at the Naval Training Center until their graduation.

Most books contain a Table of Contents along with hundreds of photographs covering topics such as: History; Recruit Training Command; In Processing; Clothing Issue; General Classification Test; Physical Examination; Primary Training; Physical Training; Obstacle Course; Swim Test; Water Survival Class; Abandon Ship Drill; Ordnance and Gunnery; Rifle Instruction; Firing Positions; Seamanship; Ground Tackle; Marin Spike Seamanship; Ship Board Activities; Damage Control; Preliminary Instruction; Compartment Fire; Fire Fighting Equipment; Open Tank; Military Training; Rehearsal; Personnel Inspection; Farragut Court Preparing For Parade; Drill Division; Drum And Bugle Corps; Color Guard; Service Week; Food Preparation; Chow Line: Food Serving; Scullery; Field Day; Barracks Life; Barracks Routine; Leisure Time; Religious Life; Recreation; San Diego Zoo; Sea World; Visitors; Captains Meritorious Mast; Graduation Review; Recruit Leave; Departures plus various other photographs.

NTC San Diego was active 1923–1997.


NTC San Diego Boot Camp "The Anchor" Yearbook Collection

1953-1961 | 1962-1967 | 1968-1975 | 1976-1991


San Diego "The Anchor" Boot Camp Books 1953-1961


















San Diego "The Anchor" Boot Camp Books 1962-1967














San Diego "The Anchor" Boot Camp Books 1968-1975
















San Diego "The Anchor" Boot Camp Books 1976-1991




























Fig. 12-1 Guidon Configuration of the Company Flag, San Diego Naval Training Center.

Guidon Configuration of the Company Flag, San Diego Naval Training Center. GGA Image ID # 1751dc6d17


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