Navy Boot Camp Book 1947 Company 162 The Keel

Front Cover, USNTC Great Lakes "The Keel" 1947 Company 162.

Front Cover, USNTC Great Lakes "The Keel" 1947 Company 162. GGA Image ID # 1af2630e5b

Roster and Photos for Recruit Company 162 for 1947, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander: CMDR. Ernest Wells, C.B.M. 110 Men Graduated. Training Dates Not Reported.

Hall of Fame! To the average person, that phrase brings to mind Cooperstown, N. Y., Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio, but at Great Lakes one thinks of a top-flight Recruit Company.

During their training all recruits aim for that coveted honor. To enter the Naval Training Center Hall of Fame, a company must win 10 of the major competitive flags offered.

Five "Rooster" flags, two of which are awarded each week to companies whose barracks present the best appearance during battalion inspections, must be among the flags won.

As an indication of the difficulty connected with entering the Hall of Fame, only six of the many recruit companies which underwent training at the Naval Training Center in 1947 were admitted to the Great Lakes Hall of Fame.


Company Commander: Ernest Wells, C.B.M.

Company 47-162 Roster

Page One (Reading from left to right)

Top Row:

  1. Angelo J. Altieri
  2. Robert Angus
  3. Joe D. Bare
  4. Francis E. Beauge
  5. Russell C. Bolkoom
  6. Robert K. Bringer
  7. John M. Brower
  8. Wayne A. Cochran

Second Row:

  1. Jack D. Connor
  2. Wesley W. Cook, Jr.
  3. Albert R. Cook, Jr.
  4. Robert E. Delisle
  5. Vern J. Dezess
  6. Charles R. Dickerson
  7. George F. Dickerson
  8. Richard L. Didyoung

Third Row:

  1. S. M. Dombroskie
  2. Clyde B. Firestone
  3. Elias T. Flores
  4. James W. Fogle, Jr.
  5. George L. Fournier
  6. Richard G. Goar
  7. Kenneth E. Gray
  8. James L. Grabher

Fourth Row:

  1. Roger J. Grandow
  2. Leonard Nagy
  3. Richard H. Hagan
  4. Samuel Hamlette III
  5. Thomas H. Hammond
  6. Dana T. Hammond
  7. Herman H. Hanson
  8. George P. Harris

Fifth Row:

  1. Fred H. Hardy
  2. Donald L. Hayes
  3. Albert R. Hesson
  4. Richard Hill
  5. James E. Hodge, Jr.
  6. Dean E. Huling
  7. Bernard M. Hunter
  8. Norman R. Jackvony

Bottom Row:

  1. Harry Jenkins, Jr.
  2. William G. Kipp
  3. Rudolph P. Kocka
  4. Cyril W. Langager
  5. Joseph Lariviere, Jr.
  6. J. A. Leoncavallo
  7. Charles P. Leonard
  8. Ralph M. Lewis

Page Two, (Reading from left to right)

Top Row:

  1. Ray A. Loder
  2. Roman R. Lubinski
  3. David Martinez
  4. George E. Mason
  5. John K. McCloskey
  6. Paul J. McGeeney
  7. Harold J. McGarry
  8. Paul F. McGuire, Jr.

Second Row:

  1. Merle L. McWilliams
  2. F. W. Mehrtens
  3. W. C. Melcher, Jr.
  4. Arthur J. Melwing
  5. William C. Murphy
  6. Irving C. Myers
  7. John R. Nardone
  8. George E. Pahl

Third Row:

  1. Norman A. Paul
  2. Arthur W. Perretta
  3. Floyd W. Phillips
  4. Willard A. Prahl
  5. Bernard G. Probst
  6. Robert S. Ritter
  7. Philip L. Rosenbrook
  8. L. V. J. G. Saponaro

Fourth Row:

  1. Donald A. Schimeroth
  2. J. M. Schofield, Jr.
  3. Salvatore J. Scurto
  4. Richard G. Shepard
  5. John W. Shick
  6. A. J. Sikorski, Jr.
  7. Donald M. Skiles
  8. Robert F. Smith

Fifth Row:

  1. William R. Smith
  2. Mervin K. Snyder
  3. Donald L. Stacy
  4. William P. Steele
  5. Thomas S. H. Stien
  6. Emil Stoyakovich
  7. John H. Stroh!, Jr.
  8. Raymond G. Tesmer

Sixth Row:

  1. Marion L. Tharp
  2. Edmund G. Valasek
  3. Fredrick D. Vanette
  4. John L. Villano
  5. J. A. Vyskucil, Jr.
  6. Leslie H. Wade
  7. Robert J. Waldron
  8. Lowell E. Walker

Bottom Row:

  1. Kenneth Weaver
  2. Alan Weiner
  3. Robert F. Williams
  4. Roy G. Wilcox
  5. Robert L. Wilson
  6. Charles H. Willis
  7. William J. Winters
  8. Frederick C. Witte

Page Three, Recruit Company 162 (Reading from left to right)

Top Row:

  1. Lawrence F. Zeiner
  2. Joseph P. O'Shea
  3. Roland Rhodes
  4. Alfred Miller
  5. Peter Connors
  6. Barry Salton

Navy Boot Camp Recruit Photos - Company 47-162

Company 47-162 Recruits, Page 1.

Company 47-162 Recruits, Page 1. GGA Image ID # 1af27226ca

Company 47-162 Recruits, Page 2.

Company 47-162 Recruits, Page 2. GGA Image ID # 1af2826efc

Company 47-162 Recruits, Page 3.

Company 47-162 Recruits, Page 3. GGA Image ID # 1af2975b2c

Middle Photograph




Bottom Photograph

"Field Day" in the barracks means a thorough cleaning.

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