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Navy Boot Camp Book 1948 Company 402 The Keel

Front Cover, USNTC Great Lakes "The Keel" 1948 Company 402.

Front Cover, USNTC Great Lakes "The Keel" 1948 Company 402. GGA Image ID # 1afe6c48b9

Roster of the graduates of "Hall of Fame" Recruit Company 402, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander PRUDEN, GMC. 99 Men Graduated. Training Dates Not Reported.

Great Lakes has served with distinction in its role as a recruit training installation and as the home of several of the Navy's Service Schools.

Company 402 Leadership

  • Company Commander Pruden, GMC
  • Asst. Commander BRANTMAN, BMC

Company 48-402 Recruit Roster

  1. Robert W. Auber
  2. A. G. Battaglini
  3. Warren F. Bertolet:
  4. Joseph E. Berger
  5. Mitchell P. Black, Jr.
  6. Harold L. Blind
  7. George M. Brooks
  8. Fred J. Cardella
  9. Donald E. Carson
  10. Donald L. Chason
  11. C. Chappellie
  12. William H. Cheatwood.
  13. Andrew P. Chesnick
  14. John A. Cigolle
  15. David A. Coburn
  16. Arthur R. Cockrell
  17. Edward C. Copeland
  18. Webster Cornelius
  19. Ellis D. Crane, Jr.
  20. Floyd W. Crissman
  21. William R. Cummings
  22. A. J. Deschoolmeester
  23. Howard J. Dillman, Jr.
  24. Francis J. Doherty
  25. George E. Dolan
  26. David G. Ducharme
  27. James W. Eckinger
  28. James T. Estop
  29. Harold J. Ferguson
  30. Joseph G. Gallucci
  31. Robert Garcia
  32. Alvin E. Genske
  33. Floyd A. Godwin
  34. Auburn L. Griffin
  35. David J. Gross
  36. Louis A. Gulling
  37. Thomas R. Harrison
  38. Calvin Hart
  39. Donald J. Helker
  40. Leonard T. J. Hill
  41. Thomas E. Hines
  42. Fred G. Hoffman, Jr.
  43. Richard Hoffman
  44. Merle L. Hoffman
  45. Joseph R. Hoover
  46. David C. Hopper
  47. Lawrence Jose
  48. Kenneth H. Krueger
  49. Louis N. Kubinski
  50. Brutus C. Martin, Jr.
  51. John A. Masters;
  52. Ronald . McLean
  53. Roger W. Medley
  54. Frank D. Merkel
  55. Arthur D. Miller
  56. Grover G. Miller
  57. William F. Nelson
  58. Wayne W Overstreet
  59. Nelson W. Paine;
  60. Jacob F. Parkinson
  61. Charles Paschke, Jr.
  62. John S. Payne
  63. Donald Pernice
  64. Fred R. Pulver
  65. Wallace F. Ries
  66. Darius L. Rogers
  67. Donald E. Rogers
  68. Robert M. Ryan
  69. Richard A Sager
  70. Richard L. Scamyhorn
  71. Dennis Seale
  72. Donald E. Sheldon
  73. John J. Sieminski
  74. Charles E. Smith
  75. R. Southworth
  76. Gerald L. Staley
  77. J. H. Sullivan, Jr.
  78. George Swenson
  79. John J. Tracz
  80. Robert Vanduse
  81. Richard N. Vincent
  82. Bruce E. Walpole
  83. John W. Wendt
  84. Elmer J. Whalen, Jr.
  85. R. L. Willoughby
  86. Roger A. Wood
  87. Harold J. Zimmerman
  88. R. W, Bissaillon
  89. G. Bellart
  90. T. F. Dawson
  91. W. C. Grigor;
  92. D. C. Huntley
  93. Richard I. Mesick
  94. E. R. Olson
  95. S. B. Schnitzer
  96. M. R. Smith
  97. Thomas E. Sheridan
  98. H. F. Wareberg
  99. R. L. Whiting.

Navy Boot Camp Recruit Photos - Company 48-402

Company 48-402 Recruits, Page 1.

Company 48-402 Recruits, Page 1. GGA Image ID # 1afe74596a

Company 48-402 Recruits, Page 2.

Company 48-402 Recruits, Page 2. GGA Image ID # 1afea62ebd

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