SS Montrose Passenger List - 15 October 1932

Front Cover, SS Montrose Passenger List - 15 October 1932

A St. Lawrence River Scene Painting Showing a Ship Cruising By a Village is Displayed on the Front Cover of a Cabin and Tourist Passenger List from the SS Montrose of the Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS). The Ship Departed Thursday, 15 October 1932 from Hamburg to Quebec via Southampton and Cherbourg, Commanded by Captain J. F. Dott. GGA Image ID # 157cf90f9e

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: J. F. Dott
  • Chief Officer: G. W. Woodward
  • Chief Engineer:  A. H. Galloway
  • Purser: A. W. M/ Stark
  • Surgeon: N. G. Marr, M.B., CH.B.
  • Chief Steward:  W. Leith

Cabin Passengers

  1. Bain. Mrs. L. E.
  2. Barry, Mrs. A.    
  3. Biggar, Mrs. Lyons      
  4. Bourassa, Rev. Philemon P. (O.M.I.)
  5. Braastad. Mr. Charles C.
  6. Cairns, Major T. R.
  7. Cairns, Mrs.
  8. Coburn, Mr. F. S.
  9. Coburn, Mrs.
  10. Cook, Mr. G. N.
  11. Cook, Mrs.
  12. Crofton, Mr. J. H.
  13. Crofton. Mrs.
  14. Decedero, Mr. C.
  15. Decedero, Mr. John
  16. Dunstan, Mr. K.
  17. Dunstan, Mrs.
  18. Gillio, Mrs. J. C.
  19. Gohier, Mr. Théophile
  20. Gohier, Mrs.
  21. Harris, Miss E.
  22. Hickson. Dr. J. W.
  23. Kapelle de Kapelle. Mrs. M.
  24. Kingman, Miss Elise
  25. Lajeunesse, Rev. P. M. (O.M.I.)
  26. Landon, Mr. M.
  27. Lofts, Mr D.
  28. Lofts. Mrs.
  29. Logan. Mr. Henry H.
  30. Montgomerie, Mrs. R. A.
  31. Parrott, Mr. R. J.
  32. Price. Mr. J.
  33. Quinn, Mrs. Jack
  34. Ravenelle, Dr. Georges
  35. Ravenelle, Mrs.
  36. Ryan, Miss Kathleen
  37. Schuetz, Mrs. Betty
  38. Schuetz, Mast. Elmo
  39. Schultz Dr. R.
  40. Smyth, Mrs. V.
  41. Stannard, Miss E. E.
  42. St. Germain, Mrs. Paul
  43. St. Germain, Miss Louise
  44. Sweeney, Mrs. M. B.
  45. Taylor. Mr. W. R
  46. Townsend, Mr. N. F.
  47. Walkinshaw, Mr. R.
  48. Williams, Mr. John
  49. Williams, Mrs.
  50. Williams, Mast. John Noel
  51. Williams, Miss J. M. C.
  52. Williams, Miss Yvonne H.
  53. Willing, Mrs. H.

Back Cover, SS Montrose Passenger List - 15 October 1932

Back and Front Covers Shows the Complete Painting of a St. Lawrence River Scene Adorning the 15 October 1932 SS Montrose Passenger List. GGA Image ID # 157d005b0e.

Tourist Passengers

  1. Adams, Mr. H.
  2. Barnard, Mrs. S. E.
  3. Barnard, Mast. T. F.
  4. Bedford, Mr. J. W.
  5. Bennett, Mrs. E.
  6. Bogli, Mr. A. R.
  7. Borghini, Mrs. Teresa
  8. Bulley. Miss L. R. L.
  9. Burns, Mrs. N. M. J.
  10. Burrell, Miss Hazel W.
  11. Campbell, Mr. J.
  12. Campbell, Mrs.
  13. Carter, Mr. J. R.
  14. Carter, Mrs. J. W
  15. Colling, Miss G. J
  16. Deacon, Mrs. E.
  17. Doyle, Miss M. A.
  18. Duncan, Mrs. M.
  19. Everall, Mrs. E. T.
  20. Everall, Mast. S.
  21. Farrell. Miss C. M.
  22. Fernand, Marthe, Sister
  23. Feury Elisabeth, Sister
  24. Fraser. Mrs C. B.
  25. French, Miss V. K.
  26. Friend, Mrs. K. W.
  27. Gadsby, Mr. W. T.
  28. Geary, Mrs. H. F.
  29. Gray, Mr. F. J.
  30. Gresley, Mrs. W. H
  31. Gresley, Mast. R.
  32. Gridiger, Miss C.
  33. Hackman, Miss G.
  34. Ham, Mr. E.W.
  35. Ham, Mrs.
  36. Harries, Mrs. A.
  37. Hérault, Victorine, Sister
  38. Hill, Mrs. E. C.
  39. Hiseman, Mrs. D. L.
  40. Hiseman, Miss L.
  41. Hiseman. Miss G.
  42. Jeffrey, Mrs. F.
  43. Justice. Miss L. D. C.
  44. Kazmicrozak, Rev. Jan
  45. Knippenberg, Mrs. F.
  46. Lane, Miss E. H.
  47. Larkins, Mrs. O. C.
  48. Larkins. Miss W.
  49. Leveson-Gower, Mrs. H.
  50. Leveson-Gower, Miss H.
  51. Leveson-Gower. Miss S
  52. Linter, Mr. T. J.
  53. Linter, Mrs.
  54. Marie Marthe, Sister
  55. Marie Therese, Sister
  56. Massaglia, Mr. Domenico
  57. Maurer, Mr. Oscar
  58. Maurer, Mrs.
  59. Maurer, Mast. Walter
  60. Maurer, Miss Gertrude
  61. Mayrand, Rev. P.
  62. Monson, Miss P. A.
  63. Mullin, Miss B. M.
  64. Nenninger, Mrs. Frieda
  65. Nenninger, Mast Emile
  66. Palmer, Mrs. L. L.
  67. Parry, Miss E. M.
  68. Pearce, Mrs. R.
  69. Peppin, Mrs. F. C.
  70. Peppin, Miss J. M
  71. Pite, Mrs. J.
  72. Rae, Mrs. I.
  73. Rosner. Miss R
  74. Sabetta, Mr. Antonio
  75. Smiley. Mr. E. F.
  76. Stewart, Mrs. D.
  77. Stewart, Mast. R.
  78. Taylor. Mrs. H. C. G.
  79. Theroux, Rev. M.
  80. Varey, Mr. C F. W.
  81. Walker, Mrs. F. W.
  82. Walker. Mast. E. K.
  83. Woodmass, Mr. M. G. E.
  84. Wright, Mr. B. O.

Atlantic Track Chart (Unused). Canadian Pacific (CPOS).

1932 Atlantic Track Chart (Unused). Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS). GGA Image ID # 157d18c322.

Information for Passengers


A Railway Ticket Office is located on board this steamship. The Rail Traffic Representative in charge is at the disposal of passengers to furnish every assistance In connection with inland rail journey.

To facilitate landing arrangements at port of arrival it would be appreciated if passengers would kindly note the following information and call at the Ticket Office AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE during the voyage.

  1. Orders issued in Europe and calling for railway transportation from port of landing or otherwise are not good on trains but require to be exchanged at the ship’s Ticket Office for actual railway tickets.
  2. If passenger already holds railway ticket issued in Europe, attention is particularly directed to the necessity of having same stamped on back, in space provided, prior to arrival at port of landing, as train conductors are not authorized to honor any unstamped tickets.
  3. Railway Tickets to all destinations in Canada and the United States  may be purchased at the Ticket Office at special fares.
  4. Reservation of sleeping or parlor car accommodation for railway journey should be made In advance by EARLY application to the ticket agent.

Information Bureau—An Information Bureau is provided for the convenience of passengers. The Purser and Assistant Pursers are in attendance to deal with matters affecting the comfort or interest of passengers.

Meals—Breakfast is not served in Dining Saloon after 10:00 am. Breakfast bugle will not be sounded when only one sitting. Passengers should notify Bedroom Steward when they wish to be called.  Breakfast not served in the Dining Saloon after 10 o'clock.

Children served at first sitting only. Children not permitted in Public Rooms after 8:00 pm unless paying adult fare.

Smoking is permitted in the Dining Saloon after the last sitting at luncheon and dinner, but not at the first sitting at luncheon Or the first sitting at dinner.

Private Dinners—Passengers who desire to arrange private dinner parties should apply to the Chief Steward or Head Waiter. No charge is made for this service.

Change of Accommodation—Passengers who desire a transfer of accommodation should apply to the Purser, who alone is authorized to make changes. If higher graded accommodation is desired the difference in fare must be paid, as the Purser is not permitted to deviate from the Company’s tariffs.

Deck Games—Deck Quoits, Shuffleboards and other Deck Games will be furnished by Deck Sailor or the Deck Steward. Chess, Draughts, Dominoes, etc., obtainable from Public Room Stewards.

Valuables and Money may be placed in the Purser’s safe. Envelopes are provided which Passengers will seal and sign. As no charge is made, the Company assumes no responsibility for loss or damage, however arising.

Money Exchanged—Money can be exchanged, advances made on Letters of Credit, Travelers’ Cheques cashed and on sale at the Purser’s Office.

Library Steward provides stationery, telegraph forms, books of reference, etc.

Stamps are on sale in the Shop, Library and Bureau. English and Canadian postage stamps may be used for mail posted at sea.

Divine Service—Divine Service in Dining Saloon at 10.45 a.m. Sunday. Altars are carried for Holy Mass and for the celebration of Holy Communion.

Surgeon—The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges for his services subject to the approval of the Commander.

Nurses—The services of trained and qualified Hospital Nurses, under the direction of the Surgeon, may be obtained.

Wireless Telegrams—Information and rates furnished at Purser's Office.

Telegrams and Cables—Canadian Pacific Telegraph representatives meet all ships on arrival to ensure prompt transmission of Passengers’ telegrams and cables.

Passengers' Mail—Passengers are urgently requested to enquire for mail at Purser’s Office on arrival and leave forwarding address.

Passengers are requested to note that the Company do not undertake to accept delivery of parcels in Great Britain and Ireland, if the value of the contents is to be paid on delivery, unless prior arrangements are made with the Company for the amount to be paid.

Passports—Passengers travelling to or through the United States are requested to call at Purser’s Office with their passports as soon as possible.

Baggage—Trunks which Passengers do not require in their Staterooms during the voyage may be stored in the Baggage Room. Baggage will be grouped alphabetically in the Customs Shed on arrival at Canadian port, and Passengers must attend personally to Customs examination.

United States Head Tax—In order to obtain refund of United States Head Tax, temporary visitors to, or passengers in transit through, the United States, who intend to leave the United States within sixty days from their date of entry, must give this information on the U.S. Declaration Form completed at time of booking.

It is also necessary that they inform the U.S. Immigration Inspector at the port of landing that they are leaving the United States within sixty days, and they should apply to him for certificate form 514, without which no refund of U.S. Head Tax will be considered by the U.S. authorities.

Return Atlantic Passage—The Purser is equipped to furnish full information concerning sailings and bookings on Canadian Pacific Steamships. Reservations can be secured and deposits to cover will be received.

Lifebelts—In State Rooms. Bedroom Steward will explain method of attachment.

Emergency Stations—Consult plan and directions in alley-way.

French Speaking Staff—For the convenience of French Speaking Passengers the Ship's Company includes Stenographers, Stewards and Stewardesses, who are conversant with the French language. These may be distinguished as follows :

  • Stenographers: Red shoulder labs on dress.
  • Table Stewards: Red collar on their uniform jackets instead of a blue collar.
  • Bedroom Stewards: Red collar fitted to their white jackets.
  • Stewardesses: Red turn-back on cap.

Suggestions—The Canadian Pacific invite suggestions for improvement of the service. Passengers are requested to make suggestions to the Commander or Purser so that immediate attention may be given. Suggestions may also be addressed to the General Manager, Canadian Pacific Steamships, 8, Waterloo Place London, England.

Cover of the SS Montrose Passenger List - 15 October 1932

Cover of the SS Montrose Passenger List - 15 October 1932

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