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Anderson, SC USA

SS Montclare Passenger List - 29 August 1936

Front Cover, SS Montclare Passenger List - 29 August 1936

Red and White Checkered Flag Decorate the Front Cover of this Cruise Passenger List from the SS Montclare of the Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS). The Ship Departed 29 August 1936 from Liverpool - The Azores - Santa Cruz - Teneriffe - Madeira - Liverpool, Commanded by Captain W. S. Brown. GGA Image ID # 157db20f0c.

Cruise Itinerary

  • From: Liverpool to The Azores (Ponta Delgada) - Saturday, 29 August 1936
  • From: The Azores (Ponta Delgada) to Santa Cruz de la Palma - Wednesday, 2 September 1936
  • From: Santa Cruz de la Palma to Teneriffe - Friday, 4 September 1936
  • From: Teneriffe to Madeira - Saturday, 5 September 1936
  • From: Madeira to Liverpool - Monday, 7 September 1936
  • Arrive at Liverpool: Friday, 11 September 1936

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: W. S. Brown
  • Chief Officer: B. L. Leslie
  • Chief Engineer:  T. P. Whitmell
  • Purser: A. W. M. STARK
  • Surgeon: T. G. Corr, M.B., CH.B., B.A.O.
  • Chief Steward:  T. J. Kiennedy
  • Sports Officer: J. M. Roche
  • Cruise Director: L. Callaghan
  • Shore Excursion Representative: P. H. Atterling
  • Shore Excursion Representative: E.I. Cobb

List of Members

  1. Miss M. A. Abberley
  2. Miss B. Adams
  3. Miss E. Alderson
  4. Miss E. K. Anderson
  5. Mr. G. S. Anderson
  6. Miss R. Anderson
  7. Mrs. E. A. Andress
  8. Miss E. M. Andress
  9. Miss K. Andrew
  10. Miss J. Armour
  11. Miss D. Armstrong
  12. Mr. N. Ashton
  13. Mr. W. Ashworth
  14. Mr. K. C. Aslet
  15. Mr. R. G. Aslet
  16. Mrs. Aslet
  17. Mr. R. Auger
  18. Mr. W. B. Baddeley
  19. Mr. A. B. Baddeley
  20. Miss M. Bailey
  21. Mrs. A. B. Baird
  22. Miss V. G. Baird
  23. Mr. J. M. Baird
  24. Mr. A. O. Banwell
  25. Miss Barber
  26. Mrs. I. Barclay
  27. Miss I. M. Barclay
  28. Mrs. L. Barraclough
  29. Mr. H. T. Barrow
  30. Miss C. Barry
  31. Mr. J. B. Battersby
  32. Mrs. E. S. Batty
  33. Mr. W. H. Bayley
  34. Mr. D. P. Bayley
  35. Mr. W. J. Beard M
  36. r. F. Bebington
  37. Miss P. Beddow
  38. Miss B. Beddow
  39. Miss D. M. Bellamy
  40. Miss S. Berry
  41. Mrs. M. Biddle
  42. Miss E. M. Biggins
  43. Mr. H. Billington
  44. Mr. A. H. Bird
  45. Mrs. Bird
  46. Mr. W. A. Bird
  47. Mr. L. Bird
  48. Miss M. P. Bird
  49. Mr. O. Blake
  50. Mrs. Blake
  51. Mr. J. Blakemore
  52. Mr. D. Blint
  53. Mrs. K. Bloom
  54. Mr. E. O. Bolton
  55. Mrs. Bolton
  56. Mr. C. M. Boreham
  57. Miss am Borthwick
  58. Miss M. O. Boss
  59. Miss V. M. G. Bosten
  60. Mr. C. Bourlet
  61. Miss C. Bowie
  62. Mr. C. H. Bowman
  63. Mrs. Bowman
  64. Miss J. Boyd
  65. Mrs. am Bracken
  66. Mr. M. Bracken
  67. Mrs. E. Braithwaite
  68. Mr. A. Brand
  69. Mr. H. S. Brayshaw
  70. Mrs. Brayshaw
  71. Mr. W. Brazell
  72. Mrs. am Broughton
  73. Miss C. M. Brown
  74. Miss G. M. Brown
  75. Mr. W. Brown
  76. Miss L. Brown
  77. Mr. J. Brown
  78. Mrs. Brown
  79. Mr. F. Brown
  80. Mrs. Brown
  81. Master L. Brown
  82. Master K. Brown
  83. Mr. V. I. Brown
  84. Rev. W. T. Browne
  85. Mrs. Sadie Bruce
  86. Mr. E. G. Brunker
  87. Mr. H. A. Bulmer
  88. Mr. F. Burnett
  89. Mr. E. A. Burrell
  90. Mr. C. A. Butler
  91. Mr. W. J. Calder
  92. Mrs. Calder
  93. Mr. F. A. Calder
  94. Mr. D. G. Callan
  95. Mr. A. H. Caller
  96. Rev. F. Callister
  97. Mrs. Callister
  98. Mrs. L. Campion
  99. Miss M. F. Campion
  100. Miss M. J. Campion
  101. Mr. T. W. Campion
  102. Mr. D. C. Carleton
  103. Miss G. Carter
  104. Mr. W. Chapman
  105. Mrs. Chapman
  106. Mr. H. Chapman
  107. Miss R. A. Cheeseman
  108. Miss E. W. Clack
  109. Miss D. Clack
  110. Mrs. A. E. Clark
  111. Mr. R. B. Clarke
  112. Mrs. Clarke
  113. Miss M. Clarke
  114. Mr. H. O. Claughton
  115. Mr. O. Claughton
  116. Master C. Claughton
  117. Miss M. B. Clayton
  118. Miss M. A. Clayton
  119. Miss M. Clegg
  120. Mr. J. Clegg
  121. Mrs. Clegg
  122. Mr. J. Clews
  123. Miss M. Clow
  124. Mr. S. W. Coe
  125. Mr. W. H. Coleman
  126. Mr. J. Collins
  127. Mr. N. Cook
  128. Mrs. Cook
  129. Miss E. Cook
  130. Mr. W. N. Cookson
  131. Mr. G. S. Cooling
  132. Mrs. Cooling
  133. Mr. F. J. Cooper
  134. Mr. H. Cordwell
  135. Mr. J. B. Cork
  136. Mrs. Cork
  137. Miss M. Craig
  138. Mr. W. S. Crawshaw
  139. Miss B. A. Cruden
  140. Mr. P. E. Cuckow
  141. Mrs. Cuckow
  142. Miss M. K. Cunliffe
  143. Miss am Curry
  144. Mrs. M. V. Dabell
  145. Miss D. Dabell
  146. Miss M. M. D’Abreu
  147. Mrs. M. J. Darley
  148. Dr. D. H. Davies, J.P.
  149. Mrs. Davies
  150. Miss G. L. Davis
  151. Mr. G. J. Dawson
  152. Miss D. Dearnaley
  153. Miss J. Dell
  154. Mr. P. H. B. Derrick
  155. Mr. J. Dick
  156. Mr. G. N. Dickenson
  157. Miss M. Dickinson
  158. Miss C. Dixon
  159. Mr. J. Dolan
  160. Mrs. Dolan
  161. Mr. C. F. Donovan
  162. Miss K. Doran
  163. Mr. W. Douglas
  164. Mr. A. G. B. Drabble
  165. Miss C. R. Drummond
  166. Mrs. M. Dunbar
  167. Miss H. Dunbar
  168. Mr. D. M. Duncan
  169. Mr. A. A. Dunn
  170. Mrs. Dunn
  171. Mr. A. C. Dunning
  172. Mrs. Dunning
  173. Miss D. H. Dymock
  174. Miss A. L. Eastwood
  175. Miss A. Eaves
  176. Mr. A. B. Edgar
  177. Miss G. Edwards
  178. Mr. V. S. Edwards
  179. Mrs. Edwards
  180. Mr. F. C. Edwards
  181. Mr. J. Edwards
  182. Miss D. Egan
  183. Mr. G. L. Egerton
  184. Mrs. Egerton
  185. Mr. D. Evans
  186. Mrs. Evans
  187. Mr. F. Evans
  188. Mr. T. F. Everest
  189. Mrs. Everest
  190. Miss P. Eves
  191. Mr. S. Eves
  192. Miss M. Fairhurst
  193. Mr. F. Faragher
  194. Mrs. Faragher
  195. Mr. W. H. Farrer
  196. Mr. W. L. Faulks
  197. Mrs. E. Fentiman
  198. Miss E. Fentiman
  199. Mr. C. T. Fisher
  200. Mrs. Fisher
  201. Mr. J. Foden
  202. Mr. J. Formby
  203. Miss I. Forrest-Anderson
  204. Mr. A. E. Foster
  205. Mrs. Foster
  206. Miss D. I. Fox
  207. Miss L. H. Frackleton
  208. Miss E. F. Fraser
  209. Miss M. Freestone
  210. Mr. J. B. Garside
  211. Miss L. Gascoigne
  212. Mrs. L. Gibbon
  213. Mr. D. M. Gladdle
  214. Miss J. Glass
  215. Miss D. A. Glassborow
  216. Mr. W. H. Goddard
  217. Mrs. Goddard
  218. Mr. M. C. Golding
  219. Mrs. Golding
  220. Mr. F. G. Goodway
  221. Mrs. Goodway
  222. Mrs. I. Goodwin
  223. Miss P. Goodwin
  224. Mr. A. Goodwin
  225. Mr. A. T. Gourlay
  226. Miss T. Graham
  227. Mr. F. N. Grant
  228. Mr. N. Green
  229. Mr. M. C. Green
  230. Mr. H. B. Green
  231. Mrs. Green
  232. Miss B. Greenwood
  233. Mrs. E. Griffiths
  234. Miss D. Griffiths
  235. Mr. B. F. Groome
  236. Mrs. C. Haigh
  237. Mr. K. B. D. Haigh
  238. Mr. C. W. Hall
  239. Miss M. M. Hallam
  240. Miss H. R. Hallam
  241. Miss M. E. Hanlon
  242. Mr. R. Harburn
  243. Mrs. Harburn
  244. Miss E. Harburn
  245. Mr. V. Hargreaves
  246. Mr. L. G. Harmer
  247. Mr. W. Harper
  248. Miss S. Harris
  249. Mrs. S. A. C. Harrison
  250. Mr. T. Harrop
  251. Mrs. Harrop
  252. Miss M. M. Harrop
  253. Mrs. E. E. Harwood
  254. Mr. F. W. Haskett
  255. Mrs. Haskett
  256. Miss O. Hastle
  257. Mr. E. H. Hayes
  258. Mr. W. Heard
  259. Mrs. Heard
  260. Mrs. D. H. Henderson
  261. Miss A. T. Henderson
  262. Mr. G. H. Hepworth
  263. Miss M. Hewitt
  264. Miss L. Hewitt
  265. Mr. S. J. Hewitt
  266. Miss I. M. Hexley
  267. Miss P. D. Hickmott
  268. Miss E. Higginbotham
  269. Miss F. Hill
  270. Mrs. E. Hill
  271. Mrs. G. M. Hill
  272. Mr. D. A. Hill
  273. Mr. O. Hill
  274. Miss M. C. C. Hilsdon
  275. Mr. H. Hindley
  276. Miss D. Hingston
  277. Miss J. Hingston
  278. Capt. C. Hirst, M C.
  279. Mrs. Hirst
  280. Mr. A. Hodgekinson
  281. Capt. H. Hodgson
  282. Mrs. O. P. Hodgson
  283. Master C. A. C. Hodgson
  284. Master R. B. C. Hodgson
  285. Mr. J. Holford
  286. Mrs. J. E. Holmes
  287. Mr. W. Hook
  288. Miss K. Hooper
  289. Mr. J. E. Houchin
  290. Mr. J. Houston
  291. Mrs. B. Houston
  292. Mr. A. Howarth
  293. Mrs. Howarth
  294. Miss M. Howarth
  295. Mr. C. E. Howell
  296. Mr. E. L. Hughes
  297. Mr. C. Q. Hughes
  298. Mr. R. A. Hughes
  299. Miss A. Hulme
  300. Miss J. M. Hunt
  301. Miss A. E. H. Hunter
  302. Mr. C. Hutchison
  303. Miss M. F. Hutchison
  304. Miss M. R. Hutchison
  305. Mrs. E. E. Inglis
  306. Mr. W. J. Irwin
  307. Miss R. Isaac
  308. Miss A. J. Isaac
  309. Miss A. Jack
  310. Miss C. Jackson
  311. Mr. A. James
  312. Mrs. James
  313. Mr. K. J. Jarrett
  314. Mrs. Jarrett
  315. Mr. A. E. Jennings
  316. Mrs. Jennings
  317. Miss O. M. Johnson
  318. Mr. R. G. Johnson
  319. Mrs. Johnson
  320. Mr. T. Johnston
  321. Mrs. Johnston
  322. Mr. R. Preston Jones
  323. Mrs. Jones
  324. Mr. H. Jones
  325. Miss J. Jones
  326. Mr. T. B. Jones
  327. Mrs. Jones
  328. Mr. W. A. Jones
  329. Mrs. Jones
  330. Mr. P. P. Kavanagh
  331. Miss E. M. Kearney
  332. Miss L. E. Keey
  333. Miss E. N. Kendall
  334. Mr. J. R. Kennedy
  335. Miss Q. Kenrick
  336. Mrs. S. L. Kenworthy
  337. Miss A. H. Kerr
  338. Miss A. Kiernan
  339. Mrs. B. Kiernan
  340. Mr. G. J. Kiernan
  341. Mrs. E. M. King
  342. Miss E. M. King
  343. Mr. G. M. King
  344. Mrs. King
  345. Master N. King
  346. Master T. King
  347. Master K. King
  348. Miss M. King
  349. Mr. G. C. King
  350. Mr. R. Knight
  351. Mr. R. Laing
  352. Mr. S. Laird
  353. Mr. I. S. Laird
  354. Miss E. Lamb
  355. Mr. G. Lambert
  356. Miss M. Lambert
  357. Miss M. E. Lancaster
  358. Miss E. E. Larmour
  359. Mr. J. Law
  360. Mr. T. Lawless
  361. Mr. J. Lawn
  362. Mr. B. Lawrence
  363. Mrs. Lawrence
  364. Miss D. M. Lawrence
  365. Miss B. Leaf
  366. Miss R. Legg
  367. Miss A. Legg
  368. Mr. E. O. Lemon
  369. Miss M. F. Lennox
  370. Miss R. A. Lewis
  371. Miss E. Lewis
  372. Mr. H. R. Lewis
  373. Mr. J. V. Lewis
  374. Mrs. W. J. Lewthwaite
  375. Mr. T. W. Lewthwaite
  376. Mr. G. G. Lindsay
  377. Mr. W. T. Lindsay
  378. Mrs. N. V. Little
  379. Mr. W. C. Littlewood
  380. Mr. H. L. Logan
  381. Capt. C. K. Lomas
  382. Miss M. Lomax
  383. Mr. C. Lord
  384. Mrs. I. Lothian
  385. Mr. D. Lothian
  386. Mrs. L. M. Lowe
  387. Mr. J. T. Lowe
  388. Miss K. Lowry
  389. Miss O. Ludgate
  390. Miss M. Lunn
  391. Miss J. Lunn
  392. Miss W. Lydon
  393. Miss B. MacKenzie
  394. Miss D. L. Mackenzie
  395. Mr. J. M. Mackie
  396. Mrs. L. McArdle
  397. Mr. M. McBride
  398. Rev. J. McCarroll, P. P.
  399. Miss V. M. McCarthy
  400. Mrs. A. McClaren
  401. Master B. McClaren
  402. Miss E. McCracken
  403. Miss A. McDonagh
  404. Miss A. McGIashaw
  405. Mr. D. McIntosh
  406. Mrs. McIntosh
  407. Mr. D. McKeown
  408. Mr. J. McLauchlan
  409. Miss K. McLauchlan
  410. Miss O. McLeod
  411. Miss M. McLullick
  412. Mrs. L. McNair
  413. Mr. J. B. McRostie
  414. Miss E. McTrusty
  415. Mr. G. W. Maile
  416. Mr. W. Maitland
  417. Mrs. Maitland
  418. Mr. E. H. N. Mallows
  419. Miss C. Mands
  420. Mr. E. G. Mardell
  421. Miss R. Markey
  422. Dr. Neil G. Marr
  423. Mr. H. Martin
  424. Mrs. A. May
  425. Mr. R. Measures
  426. Mr. H. E. Melhuish
  427. Miss E. Mellor
  428. Mr. H. Mendell
  429. Mrs. Mendell
  430. Master C. Mendell
  431. Mdlle. M. Mezger
  432. Mrs. E. Middlemiss
  433. Mr. T. H. Middleton
  434. Mrs. Middleton
  435. Miss M. Middleton
  436. Mrs. Milano
  437. Miss A. T. Miller
  438. Miss C. Milligan
  439. Miss G. Mirfield
  440. Miss J. A. Mitchell
  441. Miss P. Mitchell
  442. Mrs. E. S. Moffatt
  443. Mr. J. M. Moffatt
  444. Mr. D. R. Moir
  445. Mrs. Moir
  446. Mr. S. Montague
  447. Mr. P. Moon
  448. Miss I. Moore
  449. Miss Moore
  450. Miss M. Morford
  451. Miss G. G. Morgan
  452. Mr. G. H. Morgan
  453. Mr. C. Morrison
  454. Mrs. N. Mott
  455. Mr. T. Muir
  456. Mrs. Muir
  457. Master A. R. Muir
  458. Miss M. Mullen
  459. Miss I. Mullen
  460. Mr. B. Mullen
  461. Mr. J. Munro
  462. Miss J. Murray
  463. Miss R. Nagley
  464. Mr. A. Nangle
  465. Mrs. Nangle
  466. Mr. W. E. Naylor
  467. Mrs. B. Needham
  468. Mr. am Newton
  469. Mr. F. A. Newton
  470. Miss R. E. Newton
  471. Miss M. E. Newton
  472. Mrs. M. Newton
  473. Miss C. B. Newton
  474. Mr. R. A. Nicholson
  475. Miss A. Nightingale
  476. Miss I. Niman
  477. Mr. R. F. O. Nops
  478. Mrs. Nops
  479. Mr. R. R. North
  480. Mrs. North
  481. Mr. H. W. North
  482. Mrs. North
  483. Miss L. Northover
  484. Mr. S. E. Nott
  485. Mr. D. J. O'Connor
  486. Miss M. Oddy
  487. Mr. A. Q. Ogden
  488. Miss M. K. L. Ogilvie
  489. Mr. A. E. Olivant
  490. Mr. J. B. O'Mahony
  491. Miss E. Oppenheim
  492. Miss K. O'Reilly
  493. Mr. N. L. Osborn
  494. Miss G. Ostler
  495. Mr. J. Oxley
  496. Mrs. Oxley
  497. Miss M. Parker
  498. Miss N. G. Parker
  499. Mr. C. H. Parker
  500. Mrs. D. Partridge
  501. Mr. S. F. Partridge
  502. Miss J. M. Parsons
  503. Miss Q. B. Paterson
  504. Miss E. V. Pawley
  505. Miss M. G. Payne
  506. Miss K. Payne
  507. Mr. J. Percival
  508. Mrs. Percival
  509. Miss D. Pettigrew
  510. Mr. S. Philips
  511. Mrs. Philips
  512. Miss K. Phillip
  513. Miss D. Phillip
  514. Mr. N. Phillips
  515. Mrs. Phillips
  516. Miss V. S. Pickles
  517. Mr. C. L. Pickup
  518. Mrs. Pickup
  519. Miss D. Picton
  520. Mr. A. Pinnington
  521. Miss H. Pitcher
  522. Mr. C. E. Poole
  523. Mrs. Poole
  524. Mr. A. Porter
  525. Miss E. Potts
  526. Mr. M. Pounder
  527. Mrs. Pounder
  528. Miss M. Pounder
  529. Miss D. Poweney
  530. Mrs. E. Poynton
  531. Miss C. M. Poynton
  532. Mr. J. Pratt
  533. Miss H. Price
  534. Mr. R. H. Pryde
  535. Mrs. S. Purvey
  536. Miss H. W. Rabone
  537. Miss N. M. Rae
  538. Mr. R. . Rae
  539. Miss L. Ranicar
  540. Mrs. L. Raphael
  541. Miss I. Raphael
  542. Mr. J. O. Ray
  543. Mr. J. Rea
  544. Miss J. Rees
  545. Mrs. Rees
  546. Mr. J. Reid
  547. Mr. T. W. Reid
  548. Mrs. Reid
  549. Mr. T. Reid
  550. Miss J. A. Reid
  551. Mr. W. M. Renouf
  552. Mr. W. J. Renouf
  553. Mrs. J. E. Reynolds
  554. Miss P. O. Reynolds
  555. Miss N. Richards
  556. Mrs. A. E. Richardson
  557. Master P. Richardson
  558. Mr. W. Rigby
  559. Mr. W. Riley
  560. Mr. G. E. Rivers
  561. Miss E. Robert
  562. Mr. E. W. Robert
  563. Mrs. G. Roberta
  564. Mr. W. E. Robins
  565. Mr. G. H. Robson
  566. Mrs. A. D. Rogers
  567. Mr. G. E. S. Rogers
  568. Miss M. Rogerson
  569. Miss E. L. Rolling
  570. Mr. R. H. Rosthorn
  571. Mr. T. H. Rowland
  572. Miss L. A. Rushton
  573. Miss A. E. Rushton
  574. Mr. M. Sands
  575. Mrs. Sands
  576. Miss P. Sands
  577. Mrs. F. J. Sankey
  578. Miss A. Sankey
  579. Mrs. W. M. Sarney
  580. Mrs. A. H. Saunders
  581. Mr. C. W. Saville
  582. Mr. R. M. Sayers
  583. Master R. D. Sayers
  584. Mrs. M. Sayers
  585. Miss M. V. Scott
  586. Mrs. K. Scott
  587. Miss L. E. Scott
  588. Miss C. M. Scott
  589. Mr. J. Scully
  590. Mrs. Scully
  591. Miss A. Sendall
  592. Mrs. M. Sexton
  593. Miss M. S. Sexton
  594. Miss A. Shannon
  595. Miss B. Sharp
  596. Miss D. Sharp
  597. Mr. R. Sharpies
  598. Mr. C. R. Shaw
  599. Miss G. M. Shaw
  600. Mr. D. Sheen
  601. Mrs. G. M. Shipway
  602. Miss O. M. Sibthorp
  603. Mr. J. Simmonds
  604. Mrs. D. Simmonds
  605. Mr. J. A. Simmonds
  606. Miss M. F. Simmonds
  607. Miss A. L. Simms
  608. Mr. H. Simpson
  609. Miss M. Sinclair
  610. Miss M. G. Sinclair
  611. Miss A. Sisterson
  612. Miss G. G. Skinner
  613. Mr. H. Slinger
  614. Miss A. Smethurst
  615. Mr. J. Smillie
  616. Miss B. Smith
  617. Mr. A. P. Smith
  618. Mr. F. O. Smith
  619. Mrs. Smith
  620. Miss I. R. Smith
  621. Mr. J. F. Smith
  622. Mrs. H. Smith
  623. Mrs. E. Smith
  624. Mrs. E. C. R. Smith
  625. Mr. S. Smith
  626. Mr. A. E. Smith
  627. Mrs. Smith
  628. Miss E. C. Smith
  629. Mr. T. Smith
  630. Mr. T. C. Smith
  631. Miss M. S. Smith
  632. Miss E. Smith
  633. Miss M. Smith
  634. Mr. J. Smith
  635. Miss E. Smyths
  636. Miss M. Smyths
  637. Mr. A. E. Southall
  638. Miss H. Spencer
  639. Miss M. D. Sprigge
  640. Miss O. V. Sprigge
  641. Mr. J. H. Stables
  642. Miss H. M. Staite
  643. Miss E. A. Stanley
  644. Miss A. Starkey
  645. Mr. L. Stead
  646. Mr. G. E. Steifox
  647. Miss M. Stewart
  648. Miss J. A. Stewart
  649. Miss K. M. Storr
  650. Mr. F. G. Sturges
  651. Mrs. Sturges
  652. Miss J. K. Sturgess
  653. Mr. W. Swalwell
  654. Mrs. Swalwell
  655. Mr. W. H. Swanson
  656. Mrs. Swanson
  657. Mrs. E. E. Swift
  658. Mr. N. Swindle
  659. Miss M. L. Sykes
  660. Miss E. H. Tait
  661. Mr. W. Tanner
  662. Mr. A. Taylor
  663. Mr. E. J. Taylor
  664. Mr. R. Taylor
  665. Miss A. Taylor
  666. Mr. J. Taylor
  667. Mrs. Taylor
  668. Mr. E. Taylor
  669. Mrs. Taylor
  670. Mr. A. C. Taylor
  671. Mrs. Taylor
  672. Dr. W. O. S. Taylor
  673. Miss A. R. Taylor
  674. Mr. W. Thompson
  675. Mrs. Thompson
  676. Miss K. Thompson
  677. Mr. F. Thompson
  678. Mrs. Thompson
  679. Miss E. M. Thompson
  680. Mrs. A. Thornton
  681. Mr. C. C. Thornton
  682. Mr. H. V.Tighe
  683. Miss M. E. Tilt
  684. Mr. A. Tinsley
  685. Mrs. Tinsley
  686. Mr. I. Todd
  687. Mr. A. Toseland
  688. Miss E. Treanor
  689. Miss L. E. F. Trendell
  690. Mr. R. Tucker
  691. Mr. G. S. Turner
  692. Mr. H. Turner
  693. Mrs. Turner
  694. Mr. J. W. Turner
  695. Mr. K. A. Turner
  696. Miss E. Turner
  697. Miss. D. A. Turnock
  698. Miss K. D. Twigg
  699. Miss L. Underwood
  700. Mr. F. H. Valentine
  701. Mrs. Valentine
  702. Miss M. C. Vaughan
  703. Mr. R. H. G. Vicker
  704. Mrs. Vicker
  705. Master M. H. G. Vicker
  706. Miss E. Vickers
  707. Miss I. Waddell
  708. Mr. J. Waddell
  709. Miss I. A. L. Wales
  710. Mr. C. W. Wales
  711. Mr. J. Walker
  712. Mrs. C. Wallace
  713. Miss E. Wallace
  714. Mr. J. A. Wallace
  715. Mrs. S. Walton
  716. Mr. J. C. Warburton
  717. Mrs. Warburton
  718. Mr. R. B. Warburton
  719. Mr. E. G. Warburton
  720. Miss M. A. Ward
  721. Miss N. Watson
  722. Mr. D. Watson
  723. Mrs. M. Watson
  724. Mr. T. R. Watson
  725. Mr. F. W. Wearing
  726. Mr. W. J. Webb
  727. Mr. G. Weir
  728. Rev. A. W. Weir
  729. Mrs. Weir
  730. Mr. W. B. Wells
  731. Mrs. Wells
  732. Miss J. E. Wells
  733. Miss M. Wells
  734. Miss P. E. Wheatley
  735. Mr. C. White
  736. Mr. G. F. White
  737. Mrs. M. A. Whitehead
  738. Miss V. M. Whitehead
  739. Mr. W. Whyte
  740. Mrs. Whyte
  741. Mr. L. Wilby
  742. Mrs. Wilby
  743. Miss K. M. Wilcock
  744. Mr. G. B. Wilkins
  745. Mr. B. C. Wilkinson
  746. Mr. A. H. Williams
  747. Miss O. M. Williams
  748. Mr. A. Williams
  749. Mrs. Williams
  750. Mr. V. H. Wilson
  751. Miss M. Wilson
  752. Mr. J. Wilson
  753. Mrs. Wilson
  754. Mr. E. Wilson
  755. Mrs. Wilson
  756. Mr. J. Wilson
  757. Miss G. Winckles
  758. Mr. E. Window
  759. Mrs. Window
  760. Miss M. O. Window
  761. Mrs. E. M. Winkles
  762. Miss E. P. L. Winkles
  763. Miss A. C. Wiseman
  764. Miss A. G. Wiseman
  765. Mr. F. C. Wood
  766. Mrs. Wood
  767. Mr. S. H. Wood
  768. Mr. M. J. Wood
  769. Mr. W. Wood
  770. Miss C. F. Woodhouse
  771. Miss J. L. Woodhouse
  772. Miss E. B. Woolstone
  773. Mr. G. E. Worden
  774. Miss M. Wressell
  775. Miss Y. M. Wright
  776. Mr. J. E. Yates
  777. Miss M. Yellowley
  778. Mr. L. N. Yorke
  779. Mr. W. E. Young
  780. Mrs. Young
  781. Miss J. Yule

Information For Members

Cruise Office is on Deck "A" Square, where all business relating to Stateroom Reservations, etc. is transacted; also information can be obtained relating to other Cruises and Canadian Pacific Services.

Shore Excursion Office - Programs and full information can be obtained from the Shore Excursions Office, situated on the Promenade Deck. Those members desiring to participate in the Shore Excursions are requested to give early notice at the Office.

The Cruise and Shore Excursion Offices are open daily, except in port, when the staff is engaged with Shore Excursion duties.

Baggage is handled by the ship’s Baggage Master who is stationed in the Baggage Room, Forward on Deck “G”, to which members have access daily. The attention of members is called to the fact that wardrobe trunks may be stored in the Baggage Room during the cruise. It is not always possible to have large trunks placed in an accessible position in the Stateroom.

Baggage Insurance - The Company takes every reasonable care of baggage, but their liability is limited, and members are recommended to fully protect themselves against possible loss, damage or pilferage by insuring baggage (or a sufficient period of time to cover journey. Baggage insurance can be arranged at any of the Company’s offices, or with the Purser.

Meals will be served in the Dining Saloons at the following hours (Subject to change while ship is in port):

Forward Saloon

  • BREAKFAST: 8.00 amand 9.00 am
  • LUNCHEON: 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm
  • DINNER: 7.00 pm and 8.15:00 pm

 After Saloon

  • BREAKFAST: 8.30 am
  • LUNCHEON: 1.00 pm
  • DINNER: 7.30 pm

Breakfast is not served in the Dining Saloon after 10:00 am  Members should inform Bedroom Steward when they wish to be called.

Afternoon Tea is served at 4:00 pm on deck and in all public rooms with the exception of the Smoking Room.

Dressing Chimes will be sounded thirty minutes before dinner.

Seats at Table - Members should confirm reservations of seats at table with the Second Steward or Head Waiter in the Dining Saloon.

Orchestra plays at Luncheon, Dinner, and also in the Lounge as arranged.

Divine Service in Dining Saloon at 10.45 a.m., Sunday, except when the ship is in port. Altars are carried for Holy Mass and for the celebration of Holy Communion.

Deck Chairs Free.

Deck Games and Amusements - Deck Quoits, Deck Bowls, Shuffleboard and other deck games are provided and will be furnished by the Deck Steward.

Library - Books of fiction and reference are obtainable on application to the Library Steward. Books lost by members must be paid for.

Smoking - For the general convenience of members, smoking should be confined to the Smoking Room and Lounge. Members are requested not to smoke in the Drawing Room.

Facilities - The ship will carry stenographer, barber, novelty shop, etc., and is equipped with long-range radio capable of maintaining communication with land at all times.

Mail and Telegrams - All mail and land telegrams should be handed in at the Purser's Bureau for transmission. Members are requested to enquire for mail, etc.  Stamps may be purchased at the Purser's Bureau. Members should leave their addresses in order that all undelivered mail, telegrams, etc., may be forwarded. Mail matter may be sent in care of any Canadian Pacific Office—see list on last pages.

None of the ship's employees, other than those on duty in the Purser's Bureau, are authorized to accept letters, cables and telegrams for despatch.

Wireless Telegrams are accepted for transmission to any part of the world, or to passing ships. Rates may be obtained at the Purser's Bureau and messages should be filed there.

Valuables and Money - For the convenience of passengers the Purser will receive articles or money for custody in a special envelope provided for the purpose. As no charge is made for this facility the Company accepts no liability whatsoever.

Money Exchanged - Money can be exchanged and Travelers’ Cheques cashed at the Purser’s Bureau on Deck "A."

Cheques - Members are respectfully advised that the Purser has no authority to accept private cheques in payment of accounts, or for exchange.

Stenographer - An experienced stenographer is prepared to undertake work for members. Schedule of rates on application to the Purser’s Bureau.

The Shop - A varied assortment of Jewelry, Dress Goods, Confectionery, Photographic Films, etc., is on sale. A range of Fancy Dress Costumes s available for hire.

Photographs - A competent staff is carried for developing and printing. Films may be purchased at the shop aboard ship.

Valet Service may be had on application to Bedroom Steward.

Boots and Shoes will be cleaned if left outside Stateroom.

Baths - Members should arrange with Bedroom Steward or Stewardess for time desired.

Life Belts are in all Staterooms. Bedroom Steward will explain method of attachment.

Emergency Stations - Consult plan and directions in alleyway.

Medical Staff - This includes Surgeon, Trained Nurse, Dispenser, and Hospital Attendant.

The Surgeon's Consulting Room is on Deck " B." Consultation hours: 10.00—10.45 a.m., 5.00—5.30 pm, or when required in cases of emergency. The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges for his services subject to the approval of the Commander.

Nurse - There is a trained and qualified hospital nurse on board. Her services, under the direction of the surgeon, may be obtained.

Suggestions - Members having any suggestions or complaints to make regarding service on board ship are requested to submit them to the Commander, Cruise Director, Purser or Chief Steward promptly, so that immediate attention may be given. They are also asked to report any special attention shown by any member of the staff, as it is the wish of the management to recognize efficiency.

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