SS Empress of France Passenger List - 28 July 1920


Front Cover, SS Empress of France Passenger List 28 July 1920

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List from the SS Empress of France of the Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS), Departing Wednesday, 28 July 1920 from Liverpool to Québec, Commanded by Captain E. Cook. GGA Image ID # 1582eec525


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain E. COOK
  • Staff-Captain: H. SIBBONS
  • Chief Officer: D. J. C. Jones
  • Chief Engineer: G. A. Vine
  • Purser: D. F. Armour
  • Surgeon: Dr. G. Ward
  • Chief Steward: F. C. Hesler


Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Abbott, Mrs. E.
  2. Abbott. Mstr F.
  3. Adams. Mrs. G. F. and Infant
  4. Agland. Mrs. B.
  5. Agland, Miss P. M.
  6. Agland, Miss G. L.
  7. Allen, Mrs. F.
  8. Anderson. Mr. W.
  9. Anderson, Mrs. B.
  10. Armstrong, Miss M.
  11. Ascoli. Mrs. J. E.
  12. Ascoli. Miss E. A.
  13. Barber, Mr. C.
  14. Barber, Mrs. E.
  15. Barrett, Mrs. H.
  16. Barrett, Miss A.
  17. Barrett, Miss K.
  18. Barrett, Mstr H.
  19. Barrett, Mstr R.
  20. Bendixen, Miss C.
  21. Bensley, Mr. C. W.
  22. Benzie, Mr, J.
  23. Benzie, Mrs. C.
  24. Bird. Mr. G. E.
  25. Black, Mrs. M.
  26. Bowers, Mr. G.
  27. Bowers, Mrs.
  28. Bowers, Miss M.
  29. Brandwood, Mr. F. J.
  30. Brandwood, Mrs. J.
  31. Brayford, Mr. W.
  32. Brown, Mrs. E.
  33. Brown, Miss O.
  34. Brown. Mrs. M.
  35. Brown, Mrs. E. R.
  36. Brown, Miss W. D.
  37. Buck, Mr, J. H.
  38. Buck, Mrs.
  39. Burcham, Miss M.
  40. Butler, Miss A. E.
  41. Campbell, Mrs. M. and Infant
  42. Carren, Mrs. F. M.
  43. Carter, Miss E. W.
  44. Caton, Mrs. F.
  45. Cavers, Mr. A. C.
  46. Cavers, Mr. C.
  47. Cavers, Mrs. M.
  48. Clark. Miss I.
  49. Cobb, Mr. A. W.
  50. Cobb, Mrs.
  51. Cobb, Mstr C. A. .
  52. Cobley. Miss G. A.
  53. Coll. Mrs. H. and Infant
  54. Congdon, Miss I.
  55. Conroy, Miss E.
  56. Cornes. Miss W.
  57. Cornes. Miss K.
  58. Davies. Mr. F. C.
  59. Davis, Mrs. P.
  60. Dawson. Mrs. A. E.
  61. Dawson, Miss O.
  62. Dehauffs, Mr. A.
  63. Dehauffs, Mrs.
  64. Dryburgh. Mr. J.
  65. Dudley. Miss E. M.
  66. Dudley. Miss F.
  67. Dumaine. Miss M.
  68. Dunn, Mrs. M. B.
  69. Dunne, Mrs. E.
  70. Dunne, Mstr J. K.
  71. Dunstan, Capt.
  72. Dunstan, Mrs.
  73. Edgar, Mr. P. J.
  74. Edgar, Mrs. A.
  75. Edwards. Miss G.
  76. Elliot. Miss L.
  77. Emmerson. Mrs. L. and Infant
  78. Emmons, Mrs.
  79. Emmons, Miss
  80. Emmons. Mstr
  81. Emmons, Mstr
  82. Emmons. Mstr
  83. Emmons, Miss
  84. Ewest, Mr. A.
  85. Ewest, Mrs.
  86. Fabian, Mrs. J.
  87. Feara, Mrs. Z.
  88. Fearn, Miss E.
  89. Felix, Mr. D.
  90. Fogg, Mr.
  91. Fogg, Mrs.
  92. Forshaw, Mr. J. H.
  93. Forster. Mrs. F. A.
  94. Firby, Mr. G.
  95. Firby, Mrs. M.
  96. Firby. Miss F. A.
  97. Firby, Mstr C. A.
  98. Foster. Mrs. L.
  99. Foules, Mr. G. T.
  100. Freeman, Miss C.
  101. Fry, Mrs. M.
  102. Fry, Mstr F.
  103. Garside. Mrs.
  104. Goodfellow, Mr. G.
  105. Goodfellow, Mrs. A.
  106. Gordon, Mr. J.
  107. Gough. Miss M.
  108. Gregory, Mr. W. J.
  109. Gunning. Mrs. M. K.
  110. Halbert, Mr. T.
  111. Hall. Mr. A.
  112. Hall. Mrs. A. B.
  113. Hall, Mrs. E.
  114. Hall. Miss C.
  115. Hall, Mstr K.
  116. Hansen, Miss H.
  117. Hardcastle, Miss E.
  118. Hardcastle, Mrs. L.
  119. Hardcastle, Mrs. E.
  120. Hardcastle, Mr. T.
  121. Hardcastle, Mr, T.
  122. Hargreaves. Mr. J.
  123. Harper, Mrs. M.
  124. Harper, Miss M.
  125. Harries, Mr. B.
  126. Harries, Mrs. E.
  127. Harris, Miss H.
  128. Harrison. Miss
  129. Harvey, Mrs. E. and Infant
  130. Harwood, Mr. F.
  131. Harwood, Mrs. J.
  132. Haworth, Mr. J.
  133. Haworth, Mrs.
  134. Heap, Miss A.
  135. Heywood, Mr. A. T.
  136. Hildebrand, Mr. R.
  137. Hildebrand, Mrs. C.
  138. Hill. Mr. A. H.
  139. Hill, Mrs. A. H.
  140. Hill, Miss M.
  141. Holland. Mr. A. P.
  142. Hornby, Mr. H. W.
  143. Hornby, Mrs. H. W.
  144. Hoskins, Mrs. E. L.
  145. Howarth, Mrs. E.
  146. Howarth, Mrs. E. and Infant
  147. Hunter, Mr, R.
  148. Hutcheon. Mr. H.
  149. Hyde, Miss I. M.
  150. Ingle, Miss L.
  151. Jackson. Mr. C. T.
  152. Jennings, Miss C.
  153. Johnston, Mr. H.
  154. Johnston, Mrs.
  155. Johnston. Mr. B.
  156. Johnston, Mr. T.
  157. Johnston, Mr. J.
  158. Jones, Mrs. and Infant
  159. Jones, Miss C.
  160. Jones, Miss M.
  161. Jones, Miss M. E.
  162. Keir, Mrs. M.
  163. King, Mrs. A. C.
  164. King, Mstr
  165. Langtry, Mr. P. S.
  166. Ledger. Miss E. A.
  167. Lodington, Miss H.
  168. Love, Miss M.
  169. Macdonald, Mr. J.
  170. Macdonald, Mrs.
  171. Macdonald, Miss M.
  172. Macdonald. Miss S.
  173. Malott, Mr. H, S.
  174. Malott, Mrs.
  175. Mangé, Mr. P.
  176. Marks. Mr. G.
  177. McCardill. Mr. C.
  178. McGregor, Mr. G.
  179. McGregor. Mrs.
  180. McGregor. Miss
  181. Mclvor, Mrs.
  182. Mclvor, Miss E.
  183. McKinley. Mr. A. W.
  184. McLachlan. Miss N. E.
  185. Milnes, Mrs. E.
  186. Mitchell, Mrs. C.
  187. Mitchell, Miss I.
  188. Moore, Mrs. B.
  189. Murray, Miss M. E.
  190. Myles. Mr. G.
  191. Newnham, Miss M. G.
  192. O'Neill, Miss M.
  193. Parsons, Mrs. L. W.
  194. Parsons, Mstr L.
  195. Partridge. Miss L.
  196. Patchett, Miss A.
  197. Paull. Mr. W.
  198. Paull. Mrs. A.
  199. Paull. Miss E. M.
  200. Pemberton, Miss C.
  201. Pitt. Miss E.
  202. Pitt. Miss M.
  203. Playle. Mr. F. W.
  204. Price. Mr.
  205. Price. Mrs.
  206. Pugh, Mrs. M. and Infant
  207. Purvis. Mr. W.
  208. Purvis. Mrs. C.
  209. Purvis. Mstr A.
  210. Purvis. Miss C.
  211. Purvis. Mstr W.
  212. Purvis. Miss E.
  213. Ramsay. Miss C. D.
  214. Roberts. Mrs. S. J.
  215. Robinson. Mr.
  216. Robinson. Miss W.
  217. Roe, Mrs.
  218. Roe. Miss
  219. Rooke-Ley, Mstr P. H. F. H.
  220. Ross. Miss L.
  221. Russell. Mr. W.
  222. Schon, Mrs. E. E.
  223. Schon, Miss D.
  224. Scott, Mrs. E. M.
  225. Sergeant. Mr. F.
  226. Sergeant. Mrs.
  227. Sewell, Mr. J. P.
  228. Shackleton, Mr. E.
  229. Sharman, Miss I.
  230. Sharp, Mr. W. T.
  231. Shepherd, Mr. T. R.
  232. Shepherd, Mrs. T. R.
  233. Shepherd, Miss
  234. Smith, Mr. W.
  235. Smith, Mrs.
  236. Smith, Mr. E.
  237. Smith, Mr. W. F.
  238. Squibb, Mrs. J.
  239. Stables. Miss H.
  240. Stafford. Mr.
  241. Stephens. Mr. J.
  242. Stephens, Mrs.
  243. Stewart, Mr. A.
  244. Stewart, Mrs.
  245. Stewart, Mstr A.
  246. Stewart, Mrs. A.
  247. Stewart, Miss M. E.
  248. Styne. Mr. H.
  249. Styne, Mrs. E.
  250. Sugden, Mr. Wm.
  251. Sugden, Mrs.
  252. Sutton, Mr. J. D.
  253. Swain, Mr. A.
  254. Swain, Mrs. F. E.
  255. Sykes, Mr. W. D.
  256. Sykes, Mrs. E. K.
  257. Sykes, Miss E.
  258. Taylor, Mr. J.
  259. Teece, Mrs. R.
  260. Teece. Miss B.
  261. Thompson, Mrs. M.
  262. Thompson, Mstr J. C.
  263. Thompson. Miss J. S.
  264. Turner, Miss M.
  265. Twills, Mr. J. C.
  266. Uglow, Mrs. C. E.
  267. Wade, Mrs. C.
  268. Wade, Miss J. M.
  269. Wade, Mstr R.
  270. Watson. Mrs. I. and Infant
  271. Watson, Miss S.
  272. Watson, Mrs. B. G.
  273. Webb. Miss E. M.
  274. Wells, Mr. A. G.
  275. Wicker, Miss C.
  276. Williams, Miss M.
  277. Williamson, Mr. F.
  278. Wilson, Mr. J.
  279. Wood, Mrs. F.
  280. Wright, Mr. H.
  281. Young, Mr. T. E.
  282. Young. Mrs. E.
  283. Young. Miss H. M.


Back Cover of the 28 July 1920 Passenger List With Photograph of the SS Empress of France.

Back Cover of the 28 July 1920 Passenger List With Photograph of the SS Empress of France. GGA Image ID # 173dce8b81


Information for Passengers

Seats at Table—Arranged by Second Steward.

First Sitting
Second Sitting
When One
Sitting Only
8:00 am
9.00 am
8:30 am
12:30 pm
1.30 pm
1.30 pm
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm

After 10:00 am Breakfast is not served iu the Saloon.

Children served with meals at only the first sitting.

Afternoon Tea is served at 4 o'clock. Tea served to children in the Dining Saloon only.

Lights extinguished in Saloon 11:00 pm, Café and Music Room 11:30 pm, Smoking Room 12:00 pm. Bar closes 11:00 pm.

Public Rooms—Children are not admitted into the Drawing Room, Smoking Room or Card Room, and are not permitted in Lounge and Children's Room after 8:00 pm.

Deck Chairs for hire 5/-. Steamer Rugs rented al 4/-.

Divine Service in Saloon 10:30 am Sunday.

Money Exchange—Purser exchanges a limited amount of English, Canadian, and American money.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for attending Passengers at their request for illness not originating on board. In case of sickness contracted on board no charge is made and medicine is provided free.

Valuables—A safe is provided in Purser's Office in which Passengers may deposit money and valuables, free of charge.

Wireless Telegrams—Information obtainable from Purser.

Passengers' Letters and Telegrams—Inquire for mail on arrival. Passengers are requested to give Purser their names and addresses on the card provided to facilitate delivery of letters and telegrams which reach the C.P.O.S.

Passengers traveling to or through the United States must have Visa of American Consul on passports. They should report to Purser as early as possible.

Railway Ticket Office —To facilitate landing arrangements all Passengers should call at the Company's Railway Ticket Office on board, for Railway and Sleeping Car Reservations.

The Canadian Pacific Telegraph Company have a representative on C.P.O.S. ships on arrival to handle passengers1 telegrams.

Posting Letters at Sea—The Canadian Government notify that the Postal Administration of the United Kingdom and Canada have entered into an agreement whereby either British or Canadian postage stamps may be used for prepayment of correspondence posted on the high seas on board contract mail steamers between Canada and the United Kingdom, whether such correspondence be posted on the Eastboutid or Westbound passage of the mail steamers.

Orchestra plays as follows:—

Second Cabin

  • 10:30 am to 11.30 am
  • 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm

First Class

  • 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm
  • 7:00 pm to 3.00 pm
  • 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Information—The Staff Captain lias been appointed to the Empress of France to give special attention to the comfort and convenience of passengers, who are cordially invited to make suggestions to the Staff Captain which, in their opinion, will improve the service.


CANADIAN Pacific baggage officials and Canadian Government Customs officials meet steamers on arrival, and arrange examination and checking of baggage through to the rail destination.

On arrival in port, immediately after Government inspection, and tickets to inland destinations have been obtained, passengers should attend to the Customs examination of their luggage and arrange with the Railway Agent for its forwarding; the Railway Agent will issue a check, for each piece of baggage to be forwarded. Unless baggage be checked out by passengers will be held at their risk until claimed.

U.S. Customs Officers are at Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, London, Out., Winnipeg, Man., Banff and Vancouver, B.C., Stations to examine baggage destined for U.S. Passengers traveling to the U.S. via these points are recommended to have baggage Inspected there and avoid examination at International Boundary.

Baggage from U.S. to Canada, and vice versa, not examined at above places must be inspected at International Boundary, otherwise it will be held by Customs. Passengers should attend personally to Customs Examination of luggage.


Passengers for Quebec, Montreal. Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, or Victoria, and the larger cities in the Eastern United Stales, may have luggage checked by any agent of this Company through to any residence, hotel, steamship dock, or railway depot in such cities. This is a convenience. The transfer charge is collected by the Baggage Agent at time of checking.


must have your personal attention. It will not go beyond the dock until it has been checked (or registered) BY YOU.

The railway baggage agents will give you numbered CHECKS to destination for your BAGGAGE.

Baggage left unchecked on the dock will be at passenger's risk.


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