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SS Washington Passenger List - 20 April 1938

Front Cover of a Tourist Class Passenger List from the SS Washington of the United States Lines, Departing 20 April 1938 from Hamburg to New York via Le Havre, Southampton, and Cobh

Front Cover of a Tourist Class Passenger List from the SS Washington of the United States Lines, Departing 20 April 1938 from Hamburg to New York via Le Havre, Southampton, and Cobh, Commanded by Captain Giles C. Stedman, Lt. Comm., U.S.N.R. GGA Image ID # 166d14ab26


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain Giles C. Stedman, Lt. Comm., U.S.N.R.       
  • Executive Officer: Ralph C. Dooley, Lt., U.S.N.R.
  • Chief Engineer: John W. Rakow, Lt. Comm., U.S.N.R.
  • Chief Purser: Frank Clyde Arnoult
  • Tourist Purser: Wm. J. Daly
  • Surgeon: John P. Connors
  • Assistant Surgeon: Waldo Eldermann
  • Chief Steward: Gustave Grutgen
  • Chief Tourist Steward: John Thyen



We bid you a hearty welcome on board this great American liner, and we hope you will thoroughly enjoy the voyage.

The MANHATTAN and WASHINGTON are sister ships, the largest liners ever built in America.

These superb steamers mark a new and forward step in the history of the American Merchant Marine. Their popularity shows that discriminating travelers of all lands appreciate our endeavors to provide service and cuisine In keeping with the highest standards.

"TRAVELERS abroad are to a great extent unofficial envoys of their country, and can often influence some of those they meet to return their visit, to the benefit of international understanding, commerce and good-will."


Tourist Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Felix Adler
  2. Mrs. Adler
  3. Mr. Eric Albrecht
  4. Mrs. Albrecht
  5. Miss Liselotte Aumann
  6. Mr. Ernst Baer
  7. Mrs. N. E. Bateson
  8. Mr. Hans Becker
  9. Mrs. Becker
  10. Mr. Jacob Becvar
  11. Miss Lois Becvar
  12. Rev. Joseph Blacha
  13. Mr. Emanuel Blank
  14. Mr. Julius Borngaesser
  15. Mrs. Borngaesser
  16. Master Gerd Borngaesser
  17. Mrs. Frances E. Bowry
  18. Miss Bridget Breen
  19. Mr. Adolf Brenner
  20. Mrs. Henriette Brukl
  21. Master Charles Brukl
  22. Mrs. Alberta Burton
  23. Mr. J. Byrd
  24. Miss Margaret Carroll
  25. Dr. Cassel Mrs. Cassel
  26. Mrs. Ethelwyne Cave
  27. Mr. Newll Checketts
  28. Mrs. Claire Cletsoway
  29. Mr. Georg Cohn
  30. Mrs. Cohn
  31. Miss Marion Cohn
  32. Miss Charlotte Conrad
  33. Miss Elizabeth Cottrell
  34. Miss K. M. Curran
  35. Mr. Hermann Dahlerbruch
  36. Mrs. Dahlerbruch
  37. Master Stefan Dahlerbruch
  38. Mr. Werner Dambitsch
  39. Mr. S. V. Diaper
  40. Mrs. Diaper
  41. Miss Elizabeth Dirkschneider
  42. Mrs. Ellen Donovan Miss Lina Dyller
  43. Mr. Alexander Ebert
  44. Mr. Kurt Ehrlich
  45. Mr. Eichtersheimer
  46. Mrs. Eichtersheimer
  47. Master Arnold Eichtersheimer
  48. Master Erich Eichtersheimer
  49. Mr. August von Eisenbarth
  50. Mrs. Eisenbarth
  51. Mr. Ferdinand Eppstein
  52. Mr. Max Epstein
  53. Mrs. Epstein
  54. Miss Selma Faibuschewitsch
  55. Mr. S. J. Flanagan
  56. Mrs. Flanagan
  57. Mr. Siegfried Fleischhacker
  58. Mr. Albert J. Foy
  59. Dr. Wilhelm Frank
  60. Mrs. Frank
  61. Miss Leonore Frank
  62. Mr. Fritz Frankenberg
  63. Mrs. Erna Frankl
  64. Mr. Oscar Freitag
  65. Mrs. Freitag
  66. Mr. Max Frisch
  67. Mrs. Frisch
  68. Miss Clementine Fuld
  69. Mr. Eugen Gaertner
  70. Mrs. Gaertner
  71. Miss Elizabeth Gaertner
  72. Mrs. Louise Garfunkel
  73. Mr. Hans Germersheimer
  74. Mr. Siegfried Gillis
  75. Mrs. Gillis
  76. Mr. Leo Goldschmidt
  77. Mrs. Goldschmidt
  78. Master Werner Goldschmidt
  79. Miss Lotte Goldschmidt
  80. Mr. A. F. Goodman
  81. Mr. Nathan Gould
  82. Miss Greta Grace
  83. Mr. Zdizlay Grelowski
  84. Mr. Daniel Griffin
  85. Mrs. Griffin
  86. Master Cathal Griffin
  87. Mr. David Grossman
  88. Mrs. Rorothea Grunsfeld
  89. Mr. Herbert Guthorn
  90. Miss Trude Guttmann
  91. Mr. Max Haas
  92. Mr. W. B. Hawkins
  93. Mr. Joseph Heaton
  94. Master Paul Heilbronn
  95. Mr. Erwin Heilbronner
  96. Mr. David Heimann
  97. Mr. Gerhard Hencky
  98. Miss Lydia Hencky
  99. Mr. Michael G. Henny
  100. Mr. Manfred Heppenheimer
  101. Mr. Salo Herzlinger
  102. Miss Kaete Hess
  103. Mr. Arthur Hetherington
  104. Mrs. Jenny Heumann
  105. Mr. Lazio Hevesi
  106. Mr. Richard Hirsch
  107. Mr. Loebl Hoffmann
  108. Mrs. Hoffmann
  109. Mr. Isidor Honig
  110. Mrs. Honig
  111. Mr. Fritz Honig
  112. Mrs. Honig
  113. Master Klaus Honig
  114. Miss Martha L. Huber
  115. Mr. J. P. Hulswit
  116. Miss Ingeborg
  117. Mr. Oskar Israel
  118. Mrs. Israel
  119. Miss Suse Israel
  120. Mr. Arthur Jacobsohn
  121. Mrs. lacobsohn
  122. Miss Use Jacobsohn
  123. Mr. Hans C. Jensen
  124. Mr. E. Karger
  125. Miss Ruth Katzenstein
  126. Mrs. Fanny Kaufmann
  127. Miss Sofie Kaufmann
  128. Miss Elizabeth Kemeny
  129. Mr. Leo Kendziora
  130. Mrs. S. S. Kingsley
  131. Mr. Marko Knezevic
  132. Mrs. Irma Koehlei
  133. Miss Mariane Koehler
  134. Master Klaus Koehler
  135. Miss Bella Kohlmann
  136. Mrs. Jolan Kopper
  137. Miss Judit Kopper
  138. Mr. O. Koski
  139. Mrs. Koski
  140. Mr. W. Kowallis
  141. Mr. I. Krauzev
  142. Mrs. Krauzev
  143. Master A. Krauzev
  144. Mr. Ludwig Krzyzanowski
  145. Mrs. Krzyzanowski
  146. Mrs. Viktorne Kulai
  147. Miss Ruth Kuttner
  148. Mrs. Hedwig Lademann
  149. Mr. Guenther Lamm
  150. Mr. Werner Lang
  151. Mr. Leon Laus
  152. Mr. Leopold Lautmann
  153. Mr. Walter Lautmann
  154. Mr. Heinz Lewysohn
  155. Mr. Friedrich Lilienthal
  156. Mr. Julius Loewengard
  157. Miss Edith Loewengard
  158. Mrs. Loewengard
  159. Dr. Deszoe Levedula
  160. Mrs. Levedula
  161. Mr. Leo Luss
  162. Mrs. Luss
  163. Master Lothar Luss
  164. Miss Mirjan Luss
  165. Miss Elizabeth Maas
  166. Mrs. Mary McKay
  167. Mrs. Sura Mandelik
  168. Miss Bella Mane
  169. Mr. Gustav Mannheimer
  170. Mrs. Mannheimer
  171. Master Rolt Mannheimer
  172. Mr. Arno Markstein
  173. Mrs. Markstein
  174. Miss B. Masterson
  175. Mr. Heinz Mayer
  176. Mr. Max Mayer-Gideon
  177. Mrs. Mayer-Gideon
  178. Miss Ilse Mayer-Gideon
  179. Mr. Wilhelm Meyer
  180. Mrs. Meyer
  181. Miss Norma Meyer
  182. Miss Leonore Meyer
  183. Mr. Rolf Michael
  184. Mrs. Ellen Moroney
  185. Miss M. V. Morris
  186. Mr. John J. Morrissey
  187. Miss Elizabeth Murphy
  188. Mr. M. Naftalin
  189. Mrs. Naftalin
  190. Mrs. Betty Neuberger
  191. Miss Margaret Nolan
  192. Mr. Bernard O'Callaghan
  193. Mr. Hans Oestreicher
  194. Mrs. Oestreicher
  195. Miss Bridie O'Hara
  196. Mr. Karl A. Ohman
  197. Mrs. Regina Oppenheimer
  198. Mr. Engen Ottenheimer
  199. Mr. Ramon Perech
  200. Mrs. Recha Pese-Heymann
  201. Mrs. Hilde Pinkus
  202. Miss Eva Pinkus
  203. Miss Jane G. Piper
  204. Mr. P. Reynolds
  205. Mrs. Reynolds
  206. Miss G. K. Ribler M
  207. iss Sarah Richman
  208. Mr. N. H. Roberts
  209. Mr. G. A. Roberts
  210. Mrs. Roberts
  211. Miss N. Roberts
  212. Mrs. Marianne Robinow
  213. Mr. Albert Roedelsheimer
  214. Mrs. Roedelsheimer
  215. Dr. Martin Rosenbaum
  216. Mr. Hermann Rosenberg
  217. Mrs. Rosenberg
  218. Dr. Justin Rosenbusch
  219. Mr. Hermann Rosenfeld
  220. Mrs. Rosenfeld
  221. Mr. Erich Rosenthal
  222. Mrs. Maria Rosenthal
  223. Mr. Heinrich Schaefer
  224. Mr. Arthur Schaeffer
  225. Mr. Robert Scharff
  226. Mr. Christian Schreiber
  227. Mr. Max Schubach
  228. Mrs. Schubach
  229. Miss Irene Schwarz
  230. Mr. Alador Seidner
  231. Mrs. Seidner
  232. Mrs. Alice Seligmann
  233. Mr. Fritz Simon
  234. Mrs. Simon
  235. Miss Henriette Simon
  236. Mstr. A. Simon
  237. Mr. Joseph Singer
  238. Mr. Sydney Singer
  239. Mr. Elmer Smith
  240. Mr. Jenoe Spitz
  241. Mrs. Spitz
  242. Miss Hedda Spitz
  243. Miss Misa Spitz
  244. Mr. Adolf Sprei
  245. Mr. Ferdinand Stern
  246. Mrs. Stern
  247. Mr. Hermann Stern
  248. Mrs. Emmy Stern
  249. Miss Recha Stern
  250. Mr. Max Strauss
  251. Mrs. Strauss
  252. Mrs. Recha Theodor
  253. Miss O. I. D. Tipper
  254. Miss Cordelia Trimble
  255. Miss Trude Uhlfelder
  256. Mr. Alfred Ullmann
  257. Miss Selma Ullmann
  258. Mr. Alfred Voellger
  259. Mr. Walker
  260. Miss Lucy Watson
  261. Mr. Karl Weinberg
  262. Mrs. Weinberg
  263. Mr. Leiser Weitz
  264. Master Herman Weitz
  265. Mrs. Simon Wisch
  266. Mr. Guenther Wolf
  267. Miss Liesl Wolf
  268. Mr. E. I. Woodward
  269. Miss Mary Yonarburg
  270. Mr. Hippolete Zadonsky
  271. Miss Dorothea Ziegel
  272. Mr. Pal Zsambeki


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