SS America Passenger List - 5 September 1947

Front Cover, Tourist Passenger List for the SS America of the United States Lines Departing 5 September 1947 from Southampton to New York.

Front Cover, Tourist Passenger List for the SS America of the United States Lines Departing 5 September 1947 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg and Cobh, Commended by Commodore Harry Manning. GGA Image ID # 1e2ed26c53


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Commodore Harry Manning Captain, U.S.N.R
  • Executive Officer: Leroy J. Alex Anderson, Commander, U.S.N.R
  • Chief Engineer: Patrick Brennan, Captain, U.S.N.R
  • Chief Purser: John A. Lock
  • Tourist Purser: Henry L. Moreno
  • Chief Surgeon: John Sheedy, Lieutenant, U.S.C.G
  • Assistant Surgeon: Herbert S. Mullholland
  • Chief Steward: Arthur Carey
  • Chief Tourist Steward: Henry Luerssen


List of Tourist Passengers

  1. Miss Laura Acock
  2. Miss Ruth Ader
  3. Mrs. Jead R. Affleck
  4. Mr. Rainer Ambrosius
  5. Mrs. Rainer Ambrosius
  6. Mr. William Anderson
  7. Mrs. Ellen G. Anderson
  8. Miss Jean M. Anthony
  9. Miss K. Carey
  10. Master Paul Grossi (6 yrs.)
  11. Mr. Patrick Clancy
  12. Mr. Jack Comien
  13. Mr. John Conlon
  14. Miss Marion Croll
  15. Mrs. Catherine Cronin
  16. Mrs. David Bailey
  17. Mrs. C. J. Bechu
  18. Mrs. Emily Bell
  19. Mr. Carlo Bernardi
  20. Miss Francine Blumenfeld
  21. Mrs. William Bodie
  22. Mrs. Amy Bolwell
  23. Mrs. Matilde Braun
  24. Miss Margaret Braun
  25. Master Wm. Braun
  26. Mrs. Honora Brennan
  27. Mr. Thomas Byrne
  28. Miss Shirley Davis
  29. Mr. P. T. Davis
  30. Mr. Henry de Marcellus
  31. Mr. Robert de Marcellus
  32. Mr. Roland de Marcellus
  33. Mrs. Evelyne de Marcellus
  34. Mr. R. Diamant
  35. Mrs. S. Diamant
  36. Mrs. Margaret Finnegan
  37. Mrs. Leah Fireman
  38. Miss Rita Fireman
  39. Mr. Jack Fireman
  40. Mr. Michael Flanagan
  41. Mr. T. M. Fletcher
  42. Miss Nellie Flynn
  43. Mr. Michael Freyber
  44. Mr. Hugh T. Frize
  45. Mrs. M. V. Gardner
  46. Mrs. Margit Geering
  47. Miss E. Geering
  48. Mr. Harold Geering
  49. Miss June R. Gray
  50. Miss Mary Ann Gray
  51. Mr. James Hagerty
  52. Mrs. Marie A. Hoffman
  53. Mr. Nicholas Horowitz
  54. Mr. Aron Horowitz
  55. Mrs. Ida Horowitz
  56. Mr. Samuel N. Jackson
  57. Rev. Bro. James
  58. Mr. Theodore Janacek
  59. Mrs. Marie Janacek
  60. Mrs. Nora Kelly
  61. Miss Rosemary Kelly
  62. Mr. Patrick Kennally
  63. Miss Johanna Kenny
  64. Mrs. K. Keppler
  65. Miss Kathleen Kiernan
  66. Mr. George Koehler
  67. Mr. Anton Kuenzli
  68. Mr. Marcel M. Lancelot
  69. Mrs. Marguerite Lancelot
  70. Miss Kathleen Laverty
  71. Mr. Samuel Lewin
  72. Mrs. Loda Lewin
  73. Miss Merlene Lipman
  74. Mr. Thomas Mackenzie
  75. Mrs. Thomas Mackenzie
  76. Rev. Bro. Malachy
  77. Mr. Patrick T. Maiinion
  78. Mr. William Mayer
  79. Mrs. Margaret McCarthy
  80. Master Charles McCarthy
  81. Mrs. Elizabeth McGill
  82. Miss Kathleen McGill
  83. Miss Annie McLernon
  84. Mrs. Alice McNeill
  85. Miss Bernadette McNeill
  86. Miss Alice McNeill
  87. Mrs. Nora McNulty
  88. Mrs. Shirley McNulty
  89. Miss Patricia McNulty
  90. Master Kevin McNulty
  91. Mrs. Lili Meillard
  92. Miss Alice Meredith
  93. Mr. Leo Misselder
  94. Miss Ermina Misselder
  95. Rev. Robert P. Mohan
  96. Miss Mary Molloy
  97. Mrs. Margaret Monaghan
  98. Mr. Rose Motcham
  99. Mrs. Rose Movsovicius
  100. Master Leon Movsovicius
  101. Miss Norah Nally
  102. Mr. Robert Ruttledge
  103. Mrs. Vera Newman
  104. Mrs. Katherine Ruttledge
  105. Miss Eileen Ruttledge
  106. Mrs. Florence O'Connor
  107. Mr. Michael Ryan
  108. Mrs. Anne Ryan
  109. Master James Ryan
  110. Master Thomas Ryan
  111. Master John Ryan
  112. Rev. Bro. Patrick
  113. Mrs. Z. Polotto
  114. Mr. James C. Phelan
  115. Mrs. Anna Philbin
  116. Mr. Michael Philbin
  117. Master John Philbin
  118. Miss Mary Philbin
  119. Mrs. Rose Picou
  120. Mr. J. Pilley
  121. Mrs. M. Pulley
  122. Master J. Pilley
  123. Mrs. Esther Purnell
  124. Miss Mary Rasmussen
  125. Mrs. Jessie Robertson
  126. Mr. Jack B. Rohan
  127. Mrs. A. Ronault
  128. Mrs. E. H. Ross
  129. Mr. Jacob Rupp
  130. Mrs. Jacob Rupp
  131. Mrs. Jessie Russell
  132. Mrs. E. Schoen
  133. Mr. John Sinclair
  134. Mrs. John Sinclair
  135. Miss Margaret Sinclair
  136. Mrs. Doris Skuse
  137. Mrs. P. Skuse
  138. Mrs. Sylvia B. Southall
  139. Mrs. A. L. Strong
  140. Mrs. Mary J. Sullivan
  141. Miss Anna Svoboda
  142. Sister Mary Celsus
  143. Sister Mary Alicia
  144. Sister Mary Brigida
  145. Sister Mary Gerard
  146. Sister Mary Conleth
  147. Sister Mary Agnes
  148. Miss Hannah Twomey
  149. Miss Alyce van der Veen
  150. Mrs. Nicole Verge-Bellier
  151. Mr. Vincent Wall
  152. Mrs. Vincent Wall
  153. Miss Eileen Wall
  154. Miss Noreen Wall
  155. Mr. Fred Wallenborn
  156. Miss Simone Weksler
  157. Mrs. Jessie Whitten
  158. Miss K. J. Whittard
  159. Miss Jean Whyts
  160. Miss Mary E. Wilhelm
  161. Mrs. Daisy W. Williams
  162. Mr. Nicholas Wood



We bid you a hearty welcome on board the America, the largest, fastest and finest ship of the American Merchant Marine.

It is the aim and endeavour of our company to maintain on this great liner, service and cuisine of the highest standards, and to provide every facility which will add to the pleasure of the voyage. Every officer and every member of the crew is interested in your welfare and will do his utmost to ensure your comfort and happiness while on board.

We hope you will thoroughly enjoy your crossing !

United States Lines.

Information for Passengers

Information Forms : Please fill out and return your Information Form to the Purser's Office, at your very earliest convenience. The information requested is necessary for the completion of passenger manifests and landing cards, the ordering of train equipment, etc. Failure to provide this information promptly may delay your debarkation.

Amusements on Board : Moving Pictures, Bingo Games, Horse Races, Deck Game Tournaments, Dancing and other activities on board, will be listed on the bulletin boards.

Baggage : Information regarding baggage matters may be obtained by consulting the Baggage Master at the Purser's Office in the "B" Deck Foyer. The Company accepts no responsibility for baggage or parcels left on board, except by arrangement with the Baggage Master.

Baggage Room : The Baggage Room is open to Passengers from 10:00 am to 11:00 am and 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily.

Baggage Insurance : The Company's liability for loss of or damage to baggage and valuables is strictly limited, but Passengers can protect themselves by Baggage Insurance which may be purchased at the Purser's Office on board.

Barber Shop and Beauty Salon : These facilities are located on "A" Deck. A schedule of prices is posted in the shops.

Bellboy Service : Bellboys are available at all times during the day, answering calls in the absence of the Bedroom Steward or Stewardess. They will also deliver messages at the Passenger's request.

Cables, Radiograms and Telegrams (Please also see Radio Telephone Service) : These are received at the Purser's Office and should be handed in at least an hour before the arrival of the steamer at any port.

Catering : Arrangements may be made with the Chief Steward to continue any diet necessary to the Passenger's health or habits during the voyage. Passengers are also invited to advise the Dining Room Headwaiters of their preferences in diet and cooking so that every attention can be given to their wishes.

Changes in Accommodations : Changes in accommodations can be made only by the Purser, who must collect difference in fare, if any. A receipt will be issued on the Company's official form.

Children's Playroom. The Children's Playroom is located on the Main Deck. A Matron is in attendance.

Complaints : It is the desire of the Company and the Ship's Staff to make your crossing as pleasant as possible. Any complaint regarding service should be reported promptly to the Purser or the Chief Steward so that corrective action can be taken immediately.

Customs Examination : In order to avoid difficulty in Customs examinations, all articles liable to duty must be declared. Passengers should consult the Purser or Baggage Master for the latest available information regarding the Customs regulations of any specific country.

Deck Chairs, Chair Cushions and Steamer Rugs : Deck Chairs can be rented for the voyage on application to the Deck Steward, at $2.00 each; Chair Cushions, $1.00 each; Rugs, $1.50 each.

Divine Services : Protestant Service is held Sundays at 11:00 am in the First Class Lounge.

Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated in the First Class Lounge. The hours of the Masses are announced on the bulletin boards and in the ship's newspaper. A permanent altar is available and complete facilities for celebrating Holy Mass are at the disposal of Roman Catholic clergy by arrangement with the Purser.

Doctor (Ship's Surgeon) : The Doctor's Office is located on Main Deck aft. The Doctor is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for the treatment of illnesses not originating on the voyage.

In the case of illness contracted on the voyage, no charge will be made. Medicine prescribed will be provided free in all circumstances. A Registered Nurse is in attendance.

Doctor's Office Hours

  • 9:00 am to 10:00 am
  • 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Dogs, Cats or Other ANIMAL Pets : Pets are not permitted in staterooms, public rooms or on the passenger decks, and must be placed in care of the Kennel Attendant. The kennels are located on the Sports Deck.

Electrical Appliances : Passengers are cautioned against using electric irons or other appliances in staterooms, because of the serious danger of causing a short circuit in the lighting system. Please call your Bedroom Steward before attempting to use current for any except usual purposes.

Fire and Lifeboat Stations : Passengers are urgently requested to familiarize themselves with the notice in their staterooms regarding Emergency Station and Life Boat Number, and also to take part in the Fire and Boat Drills.

Fire Precautions : Passengers are particularly asked to use care when disposing of cigar or cigarette ends and matches and to place them in the receptacles provided for the purpose in the different parts of the ship. Do not throw overboard lighted cigar ends or cigarette ends as they may be drawn into open ports and cause fires. Careful observance of this request is earnestly urged on all Passengers.

Interpreters : Should the services of an Interpreter be required, application may be made at the Purser's Office.

Laundry: A limited laundry service is available to Passengers. A list with prices may be obtained at the Purser's Office. Your Bedroom Steward or Bellboy will pick up and deliver laundry to your room. Settlement of laundry account should be made direct with the Purser not later than the day prior to debarkation.

Liquor Purchases : Liquor brought on board by or for Passengers, intended for landing upon arrival in the United States, can not be considered as baggage and the Company will assume no responsibility therefor.

The Company will however arrange for such liquor to be kept in the custody of the Baggage Master, who will issue a check against which delivery will be made on the pier, at the same time and place all other baggage is assembled for Customs inspection.

The Company does not assume liability for parcels of liquor taken into and kept in the stateroom.

Lost and Found Articles : These may be claimed or left at the Purser's Office.

Mail : Passengers are requested to call at the Purser's Office for Mail and Telegrams, where forwarding addresses may also be left.

Meal Hours : Passengers are earnestly requested to observe the FIXED Hours for meals.

Compliance with this request will aid the Chief Steward and his Staff to maintain a high standard in the kitchen and improve the service in the Dining Room, and your cooperation will be greatly appreciated by the Senior Officers and Staff of the ship and the Management ashore.

When One Sitting

  • Breakfast from 8:00 am
  • Luncheon from 1:00 pm
  • Dinner from 7:00 pm

When Two Sittings

  • Breakfast 8:00 am and 9:15 am
  • Luncheon 12:00 Noon and 1:15 pm
  • Dinner 6:00 pm and 7:15:00 pm

Passenger Restriction : Tourist Class Passengers are not permitted to enter First or Cabin Class accommodations.

Payments on Board : Passengers are requested to obtain a receipt on the Company's form for any additional passage money, deck chair, steamer rug or chair cushion hire, cables, telegrams or baggage charges paid, on board.

Photographer : The ship carries an expert Photographer and arrangements for individual or group pictures may be made by applying at the Purser's Office.

Passengers are invited to leave their own negatives at the Purser's Office for developing and printing at reasonable rates.

Ports in Ship's Side : Passengers should not attempt to open ports. The Bedroom Steward will render this service when desired, provided it is not contrary to the Commander's orders and weather conditions permit.

Careful observance of this precaution will avoid accidents, assure the comfort of Passengers, and will prevent injuries to Passengers and damage to baggage and personal effects.

Portable Typewriter : A Noiseless Portable Typewriter is available without charge for Passengers' use. The Purser's Office will deliver it to your room upon request.

Postage Stamps. These can be purchased from the Lounge Steward. Letters can be mailed on board.

Professional Gamblers : Passengers are reminded that professional gamblers are reported as frequently traveling on transatlantic passenger ships and are warned to take precautions accordingly.

Radio-Telephone (Ship to Shore Telephone Service) : Information concerning this service may be secured at the Purser's Office.

Round Trip Passengers : Passengers holding return tickets, who are undecided about their addresses abroad, should send this information to the nearest office of the Company as soon as possible after landing, so that they may be promptly advised of possible changes in sailings and other matters pertaining to their return passage.

Those who hold return tickets are requested to communicate with our nearest office immediately on arrival in the United States or Europe to confirm their reservations and learn of any necessary formalities to be arranged prior to sailing.

If for any reason the holder of a return ticket is unable to travel by the sailing indicated on the ticket, immediate advice should be sent to the Company's nearest office so that the accommodations held may be resold and other reservations arranged. Otherwise the passage money may be forfeited.

Seats at Table : The Chief Steward is in charge of the Dining Room and will assign table seatings, if not previously arranged. Reservation Desk is located at the Chief Steward's Office on "B" Deck.

Service Clubs : Rotarians, Kiwanians, Lions and members of similar organizations are invited to register their names at the Purser's Office so that the ship's officers may be able to acquaint them with other members of their respective organizations who are traveling in the ship.

Shoe Cleaning : Shoes will be cleaned and polished if left outside the stateroom door at night.

Valet Service : Valet Service is provided for the convenience of Passengers. Apply to your Bedroom Steward for this service :

Price List—Men's Garments

Suit (2- or 3-pieces) $1.00
Coat .75
Trousers .50
Top Coat 1.00
Heavy Overcoat 1.25
Tuxedo Suit 1.25
Full Dress Suit 1.50
Sport Shirt .50

Price List—Women's Garments

Suit (Coat and Skirt) $1.50
Skirt 1.00
Jacket .75
Cloak 1.00 and up
Silk Coat and Skirt 1.50 and up
Dresses—plain 1.50
Gowns 1.75 and up
Slacks .75

Valuables : Passengers are cautioned against leaving money or valuables in their staterooms. They should be delivered to the Purser's Office for safekeeping, and a receipt for same will be given on the Company's form. The Company can not accept responsibility for loss or damage beyond the limitations stated in the contract ticket and Passengers are therefore advised to protect themselves by insurance, which can be purchased at the Purser's Office.

United States Head Tax.

All Westbound Passengers to the United States must pay U.S. Head Tax of $8, except American Citizens and non-citizen children under 16 years of age when accompanied by parents.

Publication Number 4G-7127P1/6Ca


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