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SS President Roosevelt Passenger List - 28 May 1935

Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS President Roosevelt of the United States Lines, Departing 28 May 1935 from Hamburg to New York via Le Havre, Southampton, and Cobh

Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS President Roosevelt of the United States Lines, Departing 28 May 1935 from Hamburg to New York via Le Havre, Southampton, and Cobh, Commanded by Captain John F. Jensen, Lt. Cmdr., U.S.N.R. GGA Image ID # 165f8a43da

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain John F. Jensen, Lt. Cmdr., U.S.N.R.
  • Chief Officer: Charles H. Kaiser, U.S.N.R.
  • Chief Engineer: Charles R. Anderson, U.S.N.R.
  • Chief Purser: H. R. Bowden Smith
  • Assistant Purser: William K. Carruthers
  • Surgeon: Samuel R. Mercer
  • Chief Steward: Charles Heirdorn
  • Second Steward: Stephen Graves

Cabin Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Kenneth W. Archibald
  2. Mr. Karl Bahnsen
  3. Mrs. Henri Barjou
  4. Mrs. E. Beer
  5. Mr. Ralph H. Booth
  6. Mrs. Flora Bowen
  7. Mr. Wilhelm Brandt
  8. Mr. A. C. Burns
  9. Lieut. G. A. Chester
  10. Mrs. Chester
  11. Mrs. F. S. Coan
  12. Mr. Charles Collins
  13. Mrs. Helen Cookman
  14. Miss Francis Cookman
  15. Mr. Raymond Couraud
  16. Mr. Roy Craerin
  17. Miss Grace Craerin
  18. Mr. David Craig
  19. Mrs. Craig
  20. Mr. Joseph H. Cummings
  21. Mr. George B. C. Danbury
  22. Mr. Jose de la Torriente
  23. Mr. J. S. Dumeresque
  24. Mrs. Dumeresque
  25. Miss Wendy Dumeresque and Nurse
  26. Dr. John R. Edwards
  27. Dr. Morris W. Ehnes
  28. Mr. Robert Emmet
  29. Mr. Gardner Emmons
  30. Mr. Leonard Fles
  31. Mr. Donald Foote
  32. Capt. John C. Fremont
  33. Mrs. Valerie Friedmann-Doob
  34. Mr. Monroe Friedman
  35. Mr. Alvaro Gambassi
  36. Miss Betsy Gaynor
  37. Mrs. Katherine Grave
  38. Mrs. Alice G. Gunthopp
  39. Mr. Kurt Herz
  40. Miss Marjorie Hocking
  41. Mr. Carl Horlacher
  42. Mrs. Horlacher
  43. Mr. Louise Hose
  44. Mrs. Hose
  45. Mrs. W. H. Huhne
  46. Mr. Karel Jablonka
  47. Miss Margaret E. Josi
  48. Miss Margaret L. Josi
  49. Miss Jane Keating
  50. Mr. Gustave Le Guezec
  51. Mrs. M. Ligon
  52. Mr. John Alfred Linde
  53. Mrs. C. Long
  54. Mr. E. M. McBrier
  55. Mrs. Geo. W. McCormick
  56. Mrs. McCormick
  57. Rev. Father Malcolm MacEachern
  58. Mr. R. F. Mackay
  59. Miss M. MacLaren
  60. Mr. A. Paul Martin
  61. Mr. J. M. Minifie
  62. Mrs. Minifie
  63. Master Minifie
  64. Miss Jane Nash
  65. Mr. Felix Navarro
  66. Miss D. Olney
  67. Mr. S. Petterssen
  68. Mr. Jan Porel Mr. Powell
  69. Mr. Emil M. Riese
  70. Mrs. Riese
  71. Mr. J. G. Rollins
  72. Mrs. Rollins
  73. Dr. O. B. Ryder
  74. Mrs. Ryder
  75. Miss Mary Sarg
  76. Mr. D. W. Scammell
  77. Mr. George J. Schmucki
  78. Mrs. Schmucki
  79. Mrs. F. Schwerdtfeger
  80. Miss F. Schwerdtfeger
  81. Miss Anne Sharpless
  82. Mr. A. Graham Shields
  83. Mrs. Shields
  84. Mr. Herbert Sostmann
  85. Miss Agnes Specht
  86. Mr. S. Swaab
  87. Mrs. Swaab
  88. Dr. W. Harris Taylor
  89. Mrs. R. W. Thompson
  90. Mrs. Benjamin J. Tillar
  91. Mr. A. O. Van Suetendael
  92. Mr. Johannes Vogel
  93. Mrs. Mary L. Volkmann
  94. Miss Dennison L. Volkmann
  95. Miss Ruthie Volkmann
  96. Miss Gordon Volkmann
  97. Miss Anne B. Volkmann
  98. Miss Betty L. Volkmann and Governess
  99. Frau Baronin Anna Von Schaennis
  100. Mrs. Clara B. Wagner
  101. Mrs. Edward Wain
  102. Mr. Robert C. Weaver
  103. Mr. E. H. White
  104. Miss Ruth E. Wilckes
  105. Miss Irma M. Wilckes
  106. Mr. Chas. Lloyd Williams
  107. Miss Emily M. Williams
  108. Mrs. E. Woods


  • Mrs. Mary Crawford
  • Mr. Saul Fabrikant
  • Miss Clotilda Kalish


  • Mr. Karl Bahnsen
  • Mrs. W.H. Hulme
  • Dr. W. Harris Taylor


  • Mrs. Alice G. Gunthopp should read Mrs. Alice G. Gunthorp
  • Mr. Louise Hose should read Mrs. Louise Hose
  • Mrs. Hose should read Master Peter Hose
  • Miss Margaret E. Josi should read Miss Martha E. Josi
  • Mr. R. E. Mackay should read Mr. R. J. McKay 
  • Mr. A. Paul Martin should read Mrs. A. Paul Martin
  • Mr. Powell should read Mr. Theodore Powell
  • Chief Officer Charles H. Kaiser should read Chief Officer William Dougherty


From Hamburg

  • Cabin: 19
  • Third Class: 36
  • Total: 55

From Le Havre

  • Cabin: 42
  • Third Class: 25
  • Total: 67

From Southampton

  • Cabin: 46
  • Third Class: 22
  • Total: 68

From Cobh

  • Cabin: 4
  • Third Class: 10
  • Total: 14



  • Total Cabin: 111
  • Total Third Class: 93
  • Total Passengers: 204
  • Commander, Officers and Crew: 217
  • Total Souls aboard Voy. 74 W.: 421


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