SS Avoceta Passenger List - 18 April 1936


Front Cover, Yeoward Line SS Avoceta Tourist Passenger List - 18 April 1936.

Front Cover, Tourist Passenger List from the SS Avoceta of the Yeoward Line, Departing 18 April 1936 from Liverpool to Tenerife, Madeira, and Return to Liverpool, Commanded by Captain D. McPhee. GGA Image ID # 1316139505


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain D. McPhee
  2. Chief Officer: C. C. Smith
  3. Second Officer: E. Thomas
  4. Third Officer: A. E. Olsen
  5. Chief Engineer: T. W. Williams
  6. Second Engineer: W. A. King
  7. Third Engineer: W. H. Brown
  8. Fourth Engineer: J. Cain
  9. Medical Officer: E. Solly, M.B., L.R.C.P., D.P.H., R.C.P.S.
  10. Chief Steward: B.. H. Eccles
  11. Stewardess: Mrs. M. G. Fraser


Tourist Passengers


Liverpool to Madeira

  1. Mr. T. Casson
  2. Dr. W.M. Crawford Watson
  3. Miss H. Erskine Watson

Liverpool to Tenerife

  1. Mr. W. A. Haynes
  2. Miss E. J. Jones

Tourist Bound Cruise

  1. Mrs. W. Addington
  2. Miss E. N. Alexander
  3. Miss J. W. Angus
  4. Mr. D. L. Auchinvole
  5. Mr. S. P. Auchinvole
  6. Mr. J. Beattie
  7. Mrs. J. Beattie
  8. Mr. H. Bennie
  9. Mrs. A. Bentley
  10. Mr. W. Berrincton
  11. Mrs. W. Berrington
  12. Miss J. Brown
  13. Miss B. Clarke
  14. Mrs. E. F. Clarke
  15. Mr. W. Clarke
  16. Mr. H. A. Close
  17. Mrs. H. A. Close
  18. Mr. R. J. Costerton
  19. Miss F. A. Coxwell-Rogers
  20. Dr. W. J. Crow
  21. Mrs. W. J. Crow
  22. Mr. E. G. Crow
  23. Mrs. M. Davies
  24. Mr. W. A. Davies, O.B.E.
  25. Mrs. W. A. Davies
  26. Miss M. Davison
  27. Mr. T. S. Findlay
  28. Miss H. W. Findlay
  29. Miss B. Francis
  30. Miss L. Francis
  31. Miss M. E. Gardner
  32. Miss E. M. Grasett
  33. Miss J. Grasett
  34. Mr. E. J. Harding
  35. Mr. J, Harrison
  36. Mrs. J. Harrison
  37. Miss I. M. Harrison
  38. Councillor J. T. Harrison
  39. Mrs. L. B. Kirk
  40. Mr. S. Knowles
  41. Mr. J. Kyle
  42. Mr. T. Kyle
  43. Mr. A. Kyle
  44. Rev. Canon T. J. McEndoo
  45. Mrs. T. J. McEndoo
  46. Miss G. M. Mackenzie
  47. Dr. J. McKerrow
  48. Mr. R. G. Mayer
  49. Mrs. R. G. Mayer
  50. Miss M. Moir
  51. Mrs. L. Pope
  52. Mrs. N. Potter
  53. Mr. J. A. B. Reed
  54. Miss M. E. Shaw
  55. Mr. J. F. Stewart
  56. Miss E. L. Tensfeldt
  57. Mr. J. Vickerstaff
  58. Mr. T. Vickerstaff
  59. Mr. O. Wheater
  60. Mrs. O. Wheater
  61. Mr. J. A. Wilson


Senior Officers and Staff of the Yeoward Line SS Avoceta on the 18 April 1936 Voyage.

Senior Officers and Staff of the Yeoward Line SS Avoceta on the 18 April 1936 Voyage. GGA Image ID # 1fe48d3b20


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