SS Vandyck Passenger List - 9 July 1914

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List from the SS Vandyck of the Lamport & Holt Line, Departing 9 July 1914 from Buenos Aires to New York via Montevideo, Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia (Salvador), Trinidad and Barbados

Front Cover of a First Class Passenger List from the SS Vandyck of the Lamport & Holt Line, Departing 9 July 1914 from Buenos Aires to New York via Montevideo, Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia (Salvador), Trinidad and Barbados, Commanded by Captain A. Codogan. GGA Image ID # 170daaa455

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain A. Codogan
  • Chief Officer: C. Bullen
  • Second Officer: G.E. Roberts
  • Third Officer: R. Schwartz
  • Fourth Officer: T. C. Evans
  • Chief Engineer: J. Biggam
  • Second Engineer: J. Jack
  • Third Engineer: R. Gordan
  • Fourth Engineer: H. V. King
  • Purser: R. A. Hurse
  • Assistant Purser: L. G. Hudson
  • Surgeon: M. Davidson
  • Chief Steward: J. Taylor

Itinery for the 9 July 1914 Voyage of the SS Vandyck of the Lamport & Holt Line from Buenos Aires to New York.

Itinery for the 9 July 1914 Voyage of the SS Vandyck of the Lamport & Holt Line from Buenos Aires to New York. GGA Image ID # 170ddc875d

First Class Passengers

Unidentified First Class Passengers Relaxing on Deck on the SS Vandyck of the Lamport & Holt Line During This Voyage.

Unidentified First Class Passengers Relaxing on Deck on the SS Vandyck of the Lamport & Holt Line During This Voyage. GGA Image ID # 170e541808

  1. Mr. Joao Alves
  2. Mr. Antonio Azevedo
  3. Mr. Harry Burall
  4. Mrs. Elizabeth Boydstun
  5. Mr. Norman Berry
  6. Mr. Theodore Bowen
  7. Miss Rebekah Brogden
  8. Mrs. Sarah Chittenden
  9. Miss Jennie Chittenden
  10. Miss Helen Chittenden
  11. Miss Ida Cook
  12. Mr. William Clagston
  13. Mr. Roy Chandler
  14. Mr. John Carroll
  15. Mrs. John Carroll
  16. Mrs. Susan Chowen
  17. Mr. Archibald Campbell
  18. Mr. William Delano
  19. Mr. Adelbert Emerson
  20. Mr. Frederick Elmer
  21. Mr. William Freiberg
  22. Mr. William Foster
  23. Mrs. William Foster
  24. Mr. Frederick Fraser
  25. Mr. Senna Filho
  26. Mr. Clarence Howell
  27. Mrs. Clarence Howell
  28. Master Hamilton Howell
  29. Miss Helen Johnston
  30. Miss Mary Kiernan
  31. Mrs. Marie Krug
  32. Mr. Francis Kenney
  33. Mrs. Sarah McCrum
  34. Miss Helen McCrum
  35. Mr. Harold McCrum
  36. Mr. Renato Monteiro
  37. Mr. Thomas Milsom
  38. Mr. John Morrow
  39. Mrs. John Morrow & maid
  40. Miss Helen Morrow
  41. Miss Jean Morrow
  42. Miss Harriet Morrow
  43. Mr. Edward Mehaffey
  44. Mr. Théophile Machado
  45. Mr. Max Nathan
  46. Mr. Joao Netto
  47. Rev. George Parker
  48. Mrs. Parker
  49. Miss Kathleen Porter
  50. Mr. Giovanni Pedrocchi
  51. Mr. Theodor Sassman
  52. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Stuart
  53. Mr. Jorge Salles
  54. Mr. Ernest Stumvoll
  55. Mr. Francis Soren
  56. Mrs. Francis Soren & maid
  57. Miss Frances Soren
  58. Master John Soren
  59. Miss Virginia Soren
  60. Master Edgar Soren
  61. Mrs. Ruth Sands
  62. Mr. Rinaldo Tagliani
  63. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Waddell
  64. Mrs. Gertrude Williams
  65. Mrs. Ruth Zirkel

Information for Passengers
Inquiries as to hold baggage should be addressed to the Chief Officer, and cabin baggage to the Purser.  The Company will not be responsible for any loss, damage or detention of baggage under any circumstances, unless it be insured.

Passengers who bring packages of baggage in which are articles other than used clothing, necessaries for daily use, or instruments appertaining to the profession of the passenger, must deliver to the Captain of the ship a list of such packages, with a written and signed declaration of the contents of each, expressly stating the marks, lettering, etc., of the package, under penalty of a fine not exceeding 100 milreis per package not declared.

No package containing merchandise, whatever may be the form of package, may be considered and treated as baggage.

Merchandise, or articles that may be considered such, found in packages of passenger’s baggage will be subject to double duties, and an additional 10 per cent, fine on the duties charged if a declaration has not been previously presented specifying each one of the said articles or merchandise.

In accordance with Article 201 of the Custom House Regulations, wearing apparel and articles for personal use of passengers only will be considered as luggage. Goods introduced in small quantities will also be admitted as luggage, providing same are not considered applicable to other purposes.

The introduction of merchandise in packages declared as luggage is prohibited. (Art. 59 of aforesaid Custom House Regulation).

Merchandise intended for introduction in separate packages, at the same time as luggage, must be declared on board previous to vessel’s arrival in port, in presence of the Captain, who must certify in writing that said packages will be added to General Cargo Manifest. (Art. 838 of aforesaid Custom House Regulation).

The presentation of a declaration (on form to be obtained from the Purser) to the Custom House official on duty is indispensable in order to obtain examination and dispatch of luggage at the Custom House.

Passengers landing or embarking singly are charged about Rs. 2,000 each (equivalent to 65 cents).

Passengers in transit going on shore singly are charged about Rs. 5,000 (equivalent to $1.50) for landing and return. If more than one person goes in a boat special arrangements may be made with boatmen, usually for Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000 each person. (15 cts. to 35 cts.)

The foregoing charges may be increased if the ship has to lie a long way from the shore or if weather be bad.

At Rio de Janeiro, in transit passengers wishing to go ashore can purchase tickets for the boat trip from the Purser’s Office at the rate of $1.00 (3 milreis) each.

Passengers landing or embarking are conveyed free between ship and shore provided they produce vouchers supplied by the Purser. Passengers in transit going on shore can purchase return tickets from the Purser, for $1.00 by the Tugboat Company’s tugs. Passengers using other boats must make their own arrangements.

Foreign money will be taken at the rate of exchange authorized by the Company, the list of which can be seen in the Purser’s Office.

Cheques cannot be accepted on board the Company's steamers in payment of passage money, wine or other accounts.

Cablegrams and telegrams should be handed to the Social Hall Steward two hours before arrival at port.

Letters, etc., written on the high seas and posted in the ship's letter box, will be handed to the Postal Authorities at the next port of arrival.

Letters, etc., can be weighed, and stamps purchased from the Social Hall Steward.
For further particulars apply to the Purser.

In order to facilitate the forwarding of letters and telegrams passengers are recommended to hand to the Purser a note of the address to which they will proceed after leaving the steamer.

For the convenience of passengers, deck chairs can be hired for the voyage at fixed charges, a schedule of which can be seen on application to the Purser or Deck Steward.  Payment should be made to the Deck Steward, who will issue a ticket, which can be placed in the space provided at the back of the chair.

Seats at the table are arranged by the Chief Steward to whom passengers should apply.

The hours of meals for saloon adults are:

  • Breakfast: 8:30 to 9:30 A. M.
  • Lunch: 1:00 P. M.
  • Afternoon Tea: 4:00 P. M.
  • Dinner : 7:00  P. M.

Half an hour previous a bell will be rung or a bugle blown.

Meals cannot be served in the staterooms or on deck except in cases of illness and all passengers in good health are expected to take their meals at the saloon tables, also to appear suitably dressed. Only children paying full fares are allowed seats at the saloon table.


  • Breakfast: 8:00 A. M.
  • Lunch: Noon
  • Tea: 3:30 P.M.
  • Dinner: 5:30 P. M.

The menus are varied as much as possible, but parents are recommended to consult with the Chief Steward as to the requirements of their children.

Divine service is held on Sundays at 11:00 A. M. in the dining saloon (weather and other circumstances permitting).

No dogs or other animals, birds, etc., conveyed by passengers are allowed in the passenger’s cabins or on the promenade decks.

The ship’s Barber is authorized to charge for his services as follows:

  • Haircutting: $0.50   
  • Shaving: $0.25
  • Singeing: $0.25
  • Shampooing: $0.50


  • Haircutting: $0.35
  • Singeing: $0.25      
  • Shampooing: $0.35

A detailed price list of the articles obtainable in the barber’s shop can be had on application.

As the bath rooms are in general requisition in the morning, passengers are requested, with a view to the convenience of all, to occupy them as short a time as possible, and to open the discharge valve before dressing, so that the bath may be ready to fill for the next person.

The attention of passengers is requested to the following regulations:

  • Articles will be dealt with in rotation, and it is especially desired that the number sent in at one time be not large.
  • Passengers, for their own protection, are requested to obtain receipts, signed by the Purser, for all payments.
  • Price lists can be obtained from the Bedroom Steward.
  • Soiled linen should not be brought on the steamers by passengers expecting to have it washed.

The books in the Library are for the use of passengers and they are respectfully requested to return in good condition to the Library Steward all copies which they take out. A supply of recently published books, as well as magazines, are placed on board each voyage.

The band men on board the steamer are on the ship’s articles and are properly remunerated by the Lamport & Holt Line, but if any subscriptions are made on their behalf, they can be regarded as voluntary on the part of passengers, from whom no subscription is necessary.

On the ship’s arrival at a port, an announcement will be displayed on the ship’s notice-board giving information as to time of departure or transfer to other ships, etc.

Second saloon passengers are not permitted to frequent the first saloon or the first saloon decks.

Servants holding servants' tickets mess with the children of first-cabin passengers. No other servants are allowed access to the first cabin quarters.

Passengers must conform with any regulations which the Lamport & Holt Line or their officials may at any time consider necessary for the discipline or comfort of all on board.

Smoke-room bar is closed at 11 P. M. or at the discretion of the Commander.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for treating passengers for any illness not originating on board the ship. In case of sickness arising on board no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided free.

The Company will under no circumstances accept liability for passengers' valuables unless they are deposited with the Purser, who will issue official receipts.

All wireless messages should be handed to the Purser, who will supply information regarding charges.

All messages are subject to censorship on the part of the Company's officers, who must be satisfied as the meaning of code words.

Notices are posted on the ships giving the times and points at which communication is expected to be established.

Route Map Included in the Lamport & Holt Line SS Vandyck First Class Passenger List for 9 July 1914.

Route Map Included in the Lamport & Holt Line SS Vandyck First Class Passenger List for 9 July 1914. GGA Image ID # 170eab086d

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