SS President Van Buren Passenger List - 30 September 1926

Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS President Van Buren of the Dollar Steamship Line, Departing 30 September 1926 from New York to Shanghai

Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS President Van Buren of the Dollar Steamship Line, Departing 30 September 1926 from New York to Marseilles via Havana, Cristobal, Balbao, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Kobe, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manilla, Singapore, Penang, Colombo, Port Said and Alexandria, Commanded by Captain M. Ridley. GGA Image ID # 171008c10b

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: M. Ridley
  • Chief Officer: A. Wilson
  • Chief Engineer: M. C. Doyle
  • Purser: Chas. Birchler
  • Freight Clerk: W. H. Dodds
  • Surgeon: James L. Chapman
  • Chief Steward: C. J. Nicholas

Cabin Class Passengers

Hong Kong

  1. Dr. John Alison
  2. Mr. J. E. Badeley
  3. Mr. Hoi Yue Chang
  4. Mita N. H. Gere
  5. Miss M. B. Gere
  6. Mr. E. J. Lloyd
  7. Mrs. E. J. Lloyd
  8. Mr. H. I. Mc Brier
  9. Mr. Ryrie Orr
  10. Mr. C. H. Pan
  11. Mrs. C. H. Pan
  12. Mr. J. T. Proctor
  13. Miss Florence Purington
  14. Mr. C. B. Ritchie
  15. Mrs. C. B. Ritchie
  16. Mr. Foy Ngo Siu


  1. Mr. A. G. Ashburner
  2. Mr. J. F. Forbes
  3. Mr. Oscar Herf
  4. Mr. N. T. Johnson
  5. Mrs. S. A. Ransom
  6. Mrs. T. H. Ryan—Jones
  7. Miss Bettie Ryan—Jones
  8. Mr. B. H. Thomson
  9. Mr. C. L. Whittemore
  10. Mrs. C. I.. Whittemore
  11. Miss Elise Whittemore
  12. Master C. L. Whittemore Jr.
  13. Mrs. Max Zange


  1. Mr. H. V. Albrecht
  2. Mr. R, G. Boville.
  3. Dr. Adelaide Brown
  4. Miss Phoebe H. Brown
  5. Mr. J. H. Cloete
  6. Mrs. J. H. Cloete
  7. Mr. H. E. Fisher
  8. Mrs. H. E. Fisher
  9. Miss Frances Fisher
  10. Master Eastman Fisher
  11. Mr. H. H. Griswold
  12. Miss Jessie Griswold
  13. Mr. Eugene Joralemon
  14. Mrs. Eugene Joralemon
  15. Mr. B. J. Mc Candless
  16. Mr. W. W. Parsons
  17. Mrs. W. W. Parsons
  18. Miss Emily Parsons
  19. Mr. C. H. Parsons
  20. Mr. A. P. Richardson
  21. Mrs. A. P. Richardson
  22. Mr. W. E. Russell
  23. Mrs. W. K. Russell
  24. Mr. W. G. Searles
  25. Mr. R. H. Stoner
  26. Mr. Willem Van Dam
  27. Dr. F. A F. C. Went


  1. Mr. J, W. Cambell
  2. Mrs. J. W. Cambell
  3. Miss Arline Cambell
  4. Mr. F. S. Harris
  5. Mr. J. D. Humiston
  6. Mrs. J. D. Humiston
  7. Miss K. J. Pennell


  1. Mr. O. H. Curtaz
  2. Mrs. O. H. Curtaz
  3. Miss Gordon Curtaz
  4. Master Hugo Curtaz
  5. Miss Nellie Douglas
  6. Miss E V. Evans
  7. Mrs. M. V. E. Ferguson
  8. Miss M. M. Fieber
  9. Miss Joyce Hiddingh
  10. Mr. W. G. Jack
  11. Mrs. W. G. Jack
  12. Mrs. Thos. Mosher
  13. Mr. Thos. Mosher Jr.
  14. Mr. E. M. Rankin
  15. Mrs. E. M. Rankin
  16. Prof. W. A. Setchell
  17. Mrs. W. A, Setchell
  18. Dr. W. Atkins Smith
  19. Mrs. W. Atkins Smith
  20. Miss Thelma Wagner

Port Said

  1. Mrs. Katherine Brogan
  2. Miss Katherine Casey


  1. Rev. Francis P. Straub
  2. Miss Francis E. Tomlinson


  1. Mrs. Elva Daley
  2. Miss Gertrude Hadlow
  3. Mr. Geo. W. Littleheries
  4. Mrs. F. W. Murray

Information for Passengers

baggage room is maintained on all steamers in which passengers will have access to their baggage daily upon application to the Steward.

Barber Shop is conveniently located. The barber has on sale a miscellaneous collection of articles for the convenience of passengers. Complete tonsorial services at shore prices.

Games. Outdoor games include Shuffleboard, Quoits and Automatic Golf. Games played indoors are Table Golf, Bridge, Dominoes, Chess, Checkers and Mah Jongg.

Seats at Table may be reserved by application to the Purser inv mediately after sailing.

Shore Excursionsusually arranged prior to sailing. Pursers and Agents will gladly  furnish full particulars. Passengers are requested to rejoin the steamer in ample time after shore excursions as the published hours of sailing cannot be delayed.

Swimming Pool. A swimming pool is provided for use of passengers. Bathing suits and caps may be rented from the Steward.

Travelers Checks are accepted aboard Dollar Line steamers in payment of accounts.

Valuables. A safe is provided in the Purser's office where passengers may deposit money, jewels, documents or other valuables for safekeeping. The Company is not responsible for valuables left in staterooms.

Medical Attendance. Each vessel carries a duly qualified Surgeon whose services are provided free in case of illness originating on board ship. No charge is made for medicines.

Firearmsare prohibited by law at many ports.

Radiomessages will be accepted by Purser for all shore stations and other ships. Personal messages will be transmitted without charge to passing vessels of the Dollar Steamship Line, the Admiral Oriental Line or the Pacific Steamship Company.

U. S. Sea Post office on all vessels.

Stopover Privileges are permitted at all ports and unless previously arranged the Purser should be notified in advance.

Library containing travel and fiction books is available for passengers.

Envelopes for mailing this Souvenir Passenger List will be furnished on application to the Purser.


  • Aft: Toward the stern of a vessel
  • Bow: The forward part of a vessel
  • Dead Reckoning: Method of ascertaining the approximate position of a vessel from the course steered and the distance run
  • Drift Current: Movement of the surface of the sea
  • Ebb Tide: The falling tide
  • Flood Tide: Rising tide
  • Fathom: Six feet
  • Fore-and-aft: Lengthwise with the vessel
  • Forward: Toward the bow or front of the vessel
  • Knot: A nautical mile. The British Admiralty knot is 6,080 feet. The statute knot is 6,082.66 feet or 1.151 land miles and is generally considered the standard
  • Larboard: The left side of the ship. Now obsolete and superseded by the word “port”
  • Lee Side: The side of the vessel away from the wind
  • Log: An instrument towed by the vessel, at the end of a long line, by which the distance traveled is ascertained
  • Port: The left side of a vessel
  • Soundings: Measuring the depth of the water by means of a line from the bridge or deck
  • Starboard: The right side of a vessel
  • Stern: The rear end of a vessel
  • Weather Side: Side of vessel toward the wind


The nautical day begins at noon and is divided into “watches” of four hours each, except from 4 to 8 p. m. which time is divided into two watches of two hours each called “dog watches." Each hour and half hour of the day is announced by ship’s bell as follows :

Ship Time Keeping Chart



Travel across the world’s greatest ocean is a voyage of delight when you are carried by Dollar “President” Liners. Giant oil-burning steamships, steady and swift, they afford the most commodious trans-Pacific passage. A welcome pause is made at Honolulu, so that you break the sea journey with an excursion ashore in the “Paradise of the Pacific.”

The Dollar Line schedule is notably flexible and convenient, offering two-way service across the Pacific. Westbound, from San Francisco there are weekly sailings to Japan, China and Manila—whence you may continue round-the-world aboard Dollar Liners.

Eastbound, from Manila, Hongkong, Shanghai, Kobe and Yokohama the Dollar Line sailings are on fortnightly schedule, to Honolulu, to San Francisco.

You will enjoy these journeyings along “the Sunshine Belt to the Orient.”


Travel is the one source of realization and discovery of truth. Our dreams, imagination and hopes unconsciously and deeply center on the mysteries of unknown places and peoples. The touch of wanderlust inherent in most of us, compelling attendance on the restless god of distant horizons, reveals through actual contact with strange lands and exotic beliefs, the measure of truth in our world and the life we represent. This, in a sense, is creation—the creation of new fields of thought and endeavor, of knowledge where conjecture existed, of faith where doubt once lived.


The Dollar Steamship Line offers the only round-the-world service on regular fortnightly schedule. You can make the circuit of the globe in 90 days or in two years, as you choose, for liberal stopovers are allowed at all of the 22 ports of call.

Besides this complete Round-the-World service, the Dollar “President” Liners afford four other services which are available for your use:

  • Trans-Pacific, between San Francisco and Manila, via Honolulu, Japan and China (both westbound and eastbound);
  • Orient-Europe, from the Orient to Egypt and the Mediterranean, via the Suez Canal;
  • Trans-Atlantic, from Mediterranean ports to Boston and New York; and Inter-coastal, between New York and San Francisco via Havana, the Panama Canal, and Los Angeles.


Every person who can, even at a sacrifice, make the voyage around the world should do so. All other travel compared to it seems incomplete, gives us merely vague impressions of parts of the whole. When the circle has been completed, you feel on
your return that you have seen all there is to be seen.

The parts fit into one symmetrical whole and you see humanity wherever it is placed working out a destiny tending to one definite end."

“Andrew Carnegie in his Autobiography”

Across the Pacific and The Intrigue of Travel, Included in the 30 September 1930 Cabin Class Passenger List of the SS President Van Buren of the Dollar Steamship Line.

Across the Pacific and The Intrigue of Travel, Included in the 30 September 1930 Cabin Class Passenger List of the SS President Van Buren of the Dollar Steamship Line. GGA Image ID # 1710415dc5

'Round the World and Complete the Circle, Included in the 30 September 1930 Cabin Class Passenger List of the SS President Van Buren of the Dollar Steamship Line.

'Round the World and Complete the Circle, Included in the 30 September 1930 Cabin Class Passenger List of the SS President Van Buren of the Dollar Steamship Line. GGA Image ID # 1710958dac

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