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Grand Concert Program - SS Celtic - 28 May 1928

Grand Concert Program Held on Board the SS Celtic on 28 May 1928.

Grand Concert Program Held on Board the SS Celtic on 28 May 1928. GGA Image ID # 12b6efe7e0

Grand Concert held on 28 May 1928 on board the SS Celtic of the White Star Line featured mostly music. Songs appear to have been performed by talented passengers. Following the concert, prizes were awarded for best costumes at the Fancy Dress Ball in addition to prizes for sports events.

Commander: G. BERRY



Collection in Aid of Seamen’s Charities (Liverpool and New York)

Part I

  • Overture - Ship’s Orchestra
  • Community Singing By the Roughnecks and Everybody
  • Song - Selected  - Mr. Charles Abrahams
  • Song - “ Dear Little Jammy Face” by Mrs. Elsie Davies
  • A Reading composed aboard “Remember Me” by Mr. and Mrs. M. Flaws
  • Song – “Dixie Land” by Mr. Jimmy Martin
  • Piano Recital (a) “Country Dance” (Beethoven), (b) “Melody" (Gluck), (c) “Chinese Dance” (Crist) by Miss Elizabeth Siedoff
  • Song - Selected - Mr. Hugh Atherton
  • Recitation - Selected - Miss Anna Kearns

A Few remarks by the Chairman

Part II

  • Piano Recital – (a) “Etiede” Arensky, (b.) “Prelude in G Minor“ (Rachmaninoff) by Miss Elizabeth Siedoff
  • Song - “A Little of Everything“  - Miss T. Murphy
  • Reading – Selected - Mrs. M. Flaws
  • Song -“I passed by your Window“ by Mrs. Elsie Davies
  • Song - Selected - Miss Beatrice Smith
  • Song - “Coney Island“  -Mr. Jimmy Martin
  • Duet - Selected - Mrs. Rose Burton and Mrs. H. Fontaine
  • Song - Selected - Mr. Charles Abrahams


  • Most Original Costume - Miss E. G. Dowty & Mr. Edward Fitzpatrick
  • Best Dressed Costume - Mr. Maurice Goldberg & Mr. Bill Irving
  • Most Comical Costume - Miss L. Wainwright & Mr. Timothy Toomey
  • Children - Miss Alice Jones and Master Alfred Jarvis

Presentation of Prizes for Sports Events

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