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Our Movies Show Tonight - Women's Love - Women's Sorrow (Frauenliebe Frauenleid) 1937

Front Cover, HAPAG Movie Show Tonight - Frauenliebe Frauenleid (Women's Love - Women's Sorrow) 1937.

Front Cover, HAPAG Movie Show Tonight - Frauenliebe Frauenleid (Women's Love - Women's Sorrow) 1937. GGA Image ID # 13f01f6697

Pamphlet announcing the evening's movie being shown on board a steamship of the Hamburg America Line from 1937. Featured movie was "Frauenliebe Frauenleid" or "Women's Love - Women's Sorrow."

Initial release: February 19, 1937 (Germany)
Director: Augusto Genina
Screenplay: Augusto Genina
Music composed by: Peter Kreuder
Cinematography: Herbert Körner

Woman's Love—Woman's Suffering (German:Frauenliebe - Frauenleid) is a 1937 German drama film directed by Augusto Genina and starring Magda Schneider, Iván Petrovich and Oskar Sima

-:- Cast Members -:-

Cast List, HAPAG Movie Show Tonight - Frauenliebe Frauenleid (Women's Love - Women's Sorrow) 1937.

Cast List, HAPAG Movie Show Tonight - Frauenliebe Frauenleid (Women's Love - Women's Sorrow) 1937. GGA Image ID # 13f01fe94b

Die Darsteller

  • Marie Hafger .......... Magda Schneider
  • Hans Martenrood ........ Ivan Petrovich
  • Toni Huber ....................... Oskar Sima
  • Kriminalkommissar During Anton Pointner
  • Peter ............................... Peter Bosse
  • Johnson, Diener bei Martenrood Ernst Behmer
  • Kitty Astor .......................... Anda Bori
  • Oberarzt ................ Heinrich Schroth
  • Krankenschwester ....... Maria Seidler
  • Die Onadige ...................... Anita Mey
  • Der Butler ...................... Dr. Manning
  • Inhaber des Hotels "Miami" .. Gerhard Damman
  • Direktor des Konzertsaales ... Eduard Borntrager
  • Kassierer Müller .................... Erich Dunskus

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Women's love — Women's sorrow

Amid the elegant surroundings of a fashionable bar in a large city the little pianist, Martenrood, plays tight entertainment music and popular tunes and again popular tunes, but at night when he is alone in the empty bar he starts his real life and plays Chopin, Brahms and Beethoven.

His audience consists of Marie, the cloakroom attendant. But one night the feeling overcomes him that he cannot stand this sickening existence any longer, and he decides to do away with himself. But just in the nick of time Marie succeeds in restoring his courage to live, he appreciates her quiet and anxious loving care, and they pass the night together.

On the following morning Martenrood finds a telegram from his Manager, which means that a new chapter has started in his life. The experience of that night was the starting-point in a new career and he steadily moves upwards and becomes a famous pianist. The public flock to his concerts in all parts of the world.

Scene from Frauenliebe Frauenleid

In the meanwhile Marie's life is becoming gradually more and more wretched. A child was born as a result of the night she spent with Martenrood, and she is really at her wit's end to know where to get the money for herself and little boy. By chance she happens to hear that Martenrood, has become a great artist and is coming from America to give a concert.

Scene from Frauenliebe Frauenleid

Toni Huber, who is the only one who has ever shown an unselfish interest in her, procures her tickets for this concert. She hears Martenrood play and realises that a deep gulf separates her from the man who has risen to the height of fame. She sends the little Peter to him with a letter showing that he is the father of the boy, and returns to her room at the Hotel where she attempts to commit suicide.

Scene from Frauenliebe Frauenleid

At first Toni is suspected of having shot at her, but the police clear the matter up and ascertain the real facts of the case. Martenrood is deeply touched by Marie's sacrifice, and as soon as she recovers he leads her and the little Peter towards a happier future.

Scene from Frauenliebe Frauenleid

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