Horse Racing Program - MV Ruahine - 9 March 1953

Front Cover, Horse Racing Program on Board the MV Ruahine for Monday, 9 March 1953.

Front Cover, Horse Racing Program on Board the MV Ruahine for Monday, 9 March 1953. GGA Image ID # 12ae521541

They had fun putting together this "Horse Racing" program onboard the MV Ruahine of the New Zealand Steamship Company for Monday, 9 March 1953. Wooden horses were advanced on a track based on the roll of dice. Each horse in the six races included owner, name of horse, jockey, and quip.


MONDAY, MARCH 9th, 1953

  • President: Commander A. I. Robertson, R.D. (COMMODORE, R.N.R.)
  • Judge: Mr. W. H. Williamson
  • Starter & Announcer: Mr. R. W. Fisher
  • Tote Official: Mr. B. H. Cosnett
  • Tote Official: Mr. L. D. Constable
  • Tote Official: Mr. W. Plummer    
  • Tote Official: Mr. J. R. Duncan
  • Dice Thrower: Lady Appleton
  • Dice Thrower: Mrs. H. W. Lattey

TOTE OPENS AT 8.15 p.m.





  1. OWNER: Mr. W. H. Williamson's HORSE: PANAMANIAN JOCKEY: Miss A. M. Eberhardt QUIP: by Many Colours out of Dark White
  2. OWNER: Mr. J. S. Bright's HORSE: HARD UP JOCKEY: Miss B. Welply QUIP: by Tourist out of Dollars
  3. OWNER: Mr. W. Plummer's HORSE: PARSON'S NOSE JOCKEY: Miss I. M. Hill QUIP: by Chicken out of Breast
  4. OWNER: Mr. D. L. Peck's HORSE: HAPPY DAYS JOCKEY: Miss O. M. Hallen QUIP: by Night Club out of Panama
  5. OWNER: Mr. J. E. S. Clayden's HORSE: RED FACE JOCKEY: Mrs. Clayden QUIP: by Ejection out of Wrong Cabin
  6. OWNER: Mr. J. R, Stewart's HORSE: ASPRO JOCKEY: Miss D. E. Poland QUIP: by Hangover out of Panama


  1. OWNER: Mrs. G. l. Tail's HORSE: SUDDEN SLIP JOCKEY: Miss J. R. F. Tail QUIP: by Banana out of Skin
  2. OWNER: Mr. H.V. Smith's HORSE: NAUSEA JOCKEY: Mrs. H. V. Smith QUIP: by Odour out of Curacao
  3. OWNER: Miss D. M. Smith's HORSE: CUP OF TEA JOCKEY: Miss S. E. Sattenhwaite QUIP: by Screwball out of Galley
  4. OWNER: Mrs. Erasmuson's HORSE: EXPLANATION JOCKEY: Miss M. R. Lattey QUIP: by Late Arrival out of Curacao
  5. OWNER: Mrs. E.E. Harrison's HORSE: SPRINTER JOCKEY: Miss E. Hill QUIP: by Dice out of Shaker
  6. OWNER: Mrs. J. W. Shaw's HORSE: PANAMA HATTIE JOCKEY: Miss B. A. Yule QUIP: by Popular Request out of Cabaret Ritz


These horses where drawn and auctioned in the Sweep

  1. OWNER: Mr. A. E. Hawley's HORSE: SUNLOCK JOCKEY: Mrs. Hawley QUIP: by Bright Ray out of Golden Tresses
  2. OWNER: Mr. J. W. Shaw's HORSE: TAG-END JOCKEY: Miss D. Smith QUIP: by Never Budge out of Slow Coach
  3. OWNER: Mr. C. G. Marden's HORSE: DEPORTED JOCKEY: Miss Sattenhwaite QUIP: by Police out of Panama
  4. OWNER: Mr. R. F. Fear's HORSE: JOLLY TAR JOCKEY: Mrs. Peagram QUIP: by Two Types out of The Navy
  5. OWNER: Mrs. Williamson's HORSE: REMORSE JOCKEY: Sister Trill QUIP: by Dead Beat out of Curacao
  6. OWNER: Mrs. Erasmuson's HORSE: GREAT SPORT JOCKEY: Miss B. Yule QUIP: by Sure out of Always Ready


  1. OWNER: Mr. W.A. Erasmuson's HORSE: LATE ARRIVAL JOCKEY: Miss B. A. Yule QUIP: by Passenger out of Curacao
  2. OWNER: Mrs. W. S. White’s HORSE: CHEEK TO CHEEK JOCKEY: Mrs. J. C. Simpson QUIP: by Soft Lights out of El Rancho
  3. OWNER: Mr. J. O. Butler’s HORSE: HOME SWEET HOME JOCKEY: Miss M. B. Bartlett QUIP: by Train out of Southampton
  4. OWNER: Mr. H. V. Sharp’s HORSE: SOUP JOCKEY: Miss S. J. Henderson QUIP: by Skilful Chef out of Pea
  5. OWNER: Mr. H. V. Lattey’s HORSE: STONY BROKE JOCKEY: Miss J. R. F. Tait QUIP: by Pirates out of Curacao
  6. OWNER: Mr. E. Bark’s HORSE: EASYGOING JOCKEY: Miss J. G. Hawkins QUIP: by Liquor out of Curacao


  1. OWNER: Bruce Blair’s HORSE: BEWITCHED JOCKEY: Miss G. Marlowe QUIP:by Double Passion out of Dream Boat
  2. OWNER: Mr. G. F. Silley’s HORSE: STONY JOCKEY: Miss O. M. Lucius QUIP: by Club Luncheon out of Cash
  3. OWNER: Mr. C. A. Camfferman’s HORSE: SWOLLEN HEAD JOCKEY: Miss E. M. Crafts QUIP: by Diving out of Water
  4. OWNER: Mr. C. E. Peagram's HORSE: FOUL WATER JOCKEY: Miss D. E. Poland QUIP: by Ruahine out of Dirty Creek
  5. OWNER: Mr. G. Bridson's HORSE: FLY WHEELS JOCKEY: Mrs. Bridson QUIP: by Piston out of Barrell
  6. OWNER: Mr. W. S. White’s HORSE: PAINS JOCKEY: Mrs. CIayden QUIP: by Tummy out of Order


  1. OWNER: Miss A. M. Logan’s HORSE: END IN VIEW JOCKEY: Owner QUIP: by Seven Days out of England
  2. OWNER: Mrs. W. Riddel’s HORSE: CAVIARE JOCKEY: Miss M. Lattey QUIP: by Roe out of Lady Sturgeon
  3. OWNER: Comdr. Elworthy's HORSE: OBLIVION JOCKEY: Miss W. Morgan QUIP: by Imbibing out of Pint Pot
  4. OWNER: Miss K. Burlingg’s HORSE: ELEGANTIC JOCKEY: Mrs. Bridson QUIP: by Memory out of Dream
  5. OWNER: Lt. M. Garnett’s HORSE: BLACK VELVET JOCKEY: Miss J. Maloney QUIP: by Jay Dog out of Sort
  6. OWNER: Mr. W. H. Williamson’s HORSE: FLEECED JOCKEY: Miss B. Brankin QUIP: by Tourist out of Fanny’s Store

Horse Racing Program on Board the MV Ruahine for Monday, 9 March 1953.

Horse Racing Program on Board the MV Ruahine for Monday, 9 March 1953. GGA Image ID # 12ae5c01df

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