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Horse Racing Program - RMS Samaria - 1930s

Front Cover, "Samaria" Jockey Club Horse Racing Program from the 1930s.

Front Cover, "Samaria" Jockey Club Horse Racing Program from the 1930s. GGA Image ID # 12ac73d25e

The ever-popular "Horse Racing" program from the 1930s, this one on the RMS Samaria of the Cunard White Star Line. Presented by the "Samaria Jockey Club, race entries included Headache by Cocktails out of Various, Slender by Diet out of Vanity, and many more.


  1. Punch by Planter out of Glass          
  2. Headache by Cocktails out of Various         
  3. Lost by Mother out of Sight    
  4. Perfume by Profiteers out of Islands 
  5. Slow by Last-Arrival out of Breath     
  6. Bargain by Shopper out of Last-Chance ...


  1. Slender by Diet out of Vanity  
  2. Happy Days by Cruise out of Samaria        
  3. Strain by Belt out of Meals     
  4. Date by Forgotten out of Voyage      
  5. Hurry by Passengers out of Tender  
  6. Lotto by Number out of Bag   


  1. Perspiration by 120 Degrees out of Tropics.
  2. Expectation by Snow out of Clear Sky        
  3. Bread by Flour out of Wheat  
  4. Mischief by Girl out of Phosphorus   
  5. Slowest by Daughter out of Errand   
  6. Fun by Sports out of Gymkhana       


  1. Samaria by Arrival out of On-Time    
  2. Mails by Hopeful out of U.S.A
  3. Duty by Customs out of Forgotten    
  4. Final by Word out of Father    
  5. “Blotto” by Binge out of Bar              
  6. Rather Risky by Holiday out of Town


  1. Cash by Extortion out of Husband    
  2. Hot Stuff by Port out of Bung  
  3. Iced Lager by Beer Bottle out of North Pole
  4. Damson Tart by Choice out of Menu
  5. Pennies by Diving Boys out of Sea Bottom
  6. Sailing-Time by Ship out of Oh! Dear

BETTING. Betting will be conducted on the Pari Mutual System.
10% will be deducted for Seamen’s Charities.

"Samaria" Jockey Club Horse Racing Program from the 1930s.

"Samaria" Jockey Club Horse Racing Program from the 1930s. GGA Image ID # 12ac77fe02

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