Stave Churches of the World: An Introduction

Stave Churches of the World: An Introduction

David McCall Walsten, Stave Churches of the World: An Introduction, © 1994 Madsen Press, Denmark, Wisconsin, Soft bound, 87 Pages.  ASIN: B0006P5PCM


  1. What Is a Stave Church?
  2. Gudbrandsdalen
  3. Sogndal
  4. Valdres
  5. Numedal
  6. Møre og Romsdal
  7. Telemark
  8. Hallingdal
  9. Trøndelag
  10. Hordaland
  11. Vesfold
  12. Sweden, England, and Poland

Only 33 stave churches survive from the Middle Ages. Thirty are located in ten counties around Norway, and one each in Sweden, Poland, and England. The book is an account drawn from his personal research into each of these unique wooden structures. His descriptive analysis together with colorful travelogue comprise the first book on this intriguing subject to be published in the United States.

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