Norway: Welcome To The 1994 Olympic Winter Games - 1883954029

Front Cover - Norway: Welcome To The 1994 Olympic Winter Games

Robert Wulf and John Connell (Photography), Norway: Welcome To The 1994 Olympic Winter Games, © 1994 Milestone Publishing, Irvine, California, Soft bound, 144 Pages, 1883954029. 


  1. Oslo
  2. Lillehammer
  3. Bergen
  4. Fagernes
  5. Far North
  6. Culture & Traditions
  7. Olympic Athlete Profiles
  8. Olympic Event Profiles


This book is filled with breathtaking full color photographs taken throughout Norway. Includes photos and profiles of competing athletes in each venue at Lillehammer.


Back Cover - Norway: Welcome To The 1994 Olympic Winter Games

Norway is a land virtually untouched. Despite its ancient Viking history— a millennium of struggle for independence as a free state—Norway is the cleanest, freshest and most natural nation in all of Europe. The Norwegians, full ofpride and tradition, have assumed the role of Mother Nature’s custodians. Today, the sea remains deep blue, the virgin snow still safefrom the pollutants of industry. The land is truly unspoiled by man. This may be explained by Norway’s comparatively spare population, despite its considerable geographic size.

Norway’s turbulent past may also explain the country’s relatively youthful de-meanor. This magnificent territory was founded in the 11th Century, but was little more than a prize batted back and forth between the Swedes and the Danes for hundreds of years. The country Norwegians know today dates back as recently as 1814, when Norway finally won her unequivocal independence from Denmark, signed a new constitution, and proclaimed their king.

Norwegians are a society of people with a long history of tradition and culture. In some mysterious way they have managed to harness the relentless anger of the north sea and achieve the affluence of an industrialized nation without disrupting the simple way of life. A proud yet unpretentious lot, the Norwegians welcome visitors and invite them to enjoy their country and to have a first hand look at nature in its purest form.

This book seeks to paint a vivid portrait of the rich and varied drama of Norway. It pays very special tribute to the 1994 Olympic Winter Games, and Norway—specifically Lillehammer—is no stranger to the events. Winter sports—many of them born here—are as integral to Norway’s culture as any architectural landmark, folk dance, or fiord to be found here. And no less dramatic in impact.


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