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Into the Melting Pot - Hjørdis Høiden Parker (1972)

Front Cover - Into the Melting Pot - Hjørdis Høiden Parker (1972)

Parker, Hjørdis Høiden, Into the Melting Pot, Privately Published: Rockport, Mass. (1972). Hardcover, 76 pages.


Title Page - Into the Melting Pot - Hjørdis Høiden Parker (1972)

Now it is 1972 and I have been swimming around in the "Melting Pot" for 60 years trying to become an American; but the ones who were born here would not let me. I see now that the Indians are the real Americans. The rest of us have come here at different times from all corners of the earth - and I do admire the grit and courage of the first settlers who came to these shores.

Now at the end of my journey I am not concerned any more; I want to be what I am and what I was in the beginning of my life -



  • Chapter Page
  • 1. From Moss to Liverpool
  • 2. Stars Over the Atlantic
  • 3. Trying to Stand on My Own Two Feet
  • 4. Getting a Foothold in the New World
  • 5. Living with the Proper Bostonians
  • 6. My Home Away from Home
  • 7. Summers in New Hampshire


I dedicate this book to the memory of Karoline and Victor Nyquist the two most unselfish and kind human beings I have ever met. They became my aunt and uncle; and Thelma and Norman my first cousins, though I was not related to the family. Their home was always open to people who needed advice or help of any kind. In fact they took the place of my own mother and father so far away, and gave me a home away from home.

Rockport, Massachusetts 1972

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