Ciceronen: en Veileder for Publikum

Ciceronen: en Veileder for Publikum

(Cicerone: a guide for the public)

Ciceronen: en Veileder for Publikum, med 158 Illustrationer 4 Planer og 4 Karter. © 1912 Utgivet av et Interessentskab, Kristiania (Oslo), Norge, Hardcover, 352 Pages. 

Early Twentieth Century guide book to the major cities of Norway including Kristiania (Oslo), Bergen, Trondhjem and Stavanger. Includes period advertisements and some information about smaller towns and villages.


  1. Kristiania
  2. Bergen
  3. Trondhjem
  4. Stavanger
  5. Brief summary of smaller towns and villages
  6. Many Advertisements covering a wide variety of products and services

In Norwegian with a small amount of English.

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