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US Marine Corps Book Collection

The United States Marine Corps stands out as our premier branch of the armed forces. Our Marine Corps Library Book collection includes the history of the USMC, Guided Tour of a MEU, and a marine's own experience during the Vietnam War.

Front Cover, Marine: Guided Tour - Marine Expeditionary Unit - 1996 - ISBN 0425154548.

Marine : A Guided Tour of a Marine Expeditionary Unit - 1996

Tom Clancy tells us the real story of the men and women who serve in this most hallowed branch of the Armed Forces. With a compelling style and eye for detail, Clancy paints the fascinating picture of the Corps as only he could.

Front Cover, The Marines: United States Marine Corps - 1998 - ISBN 0883631989.

The Marines: United States Marine Corps - 1998

The Marines’ greeting is “Semper Fi.” They use it all the time. It means Always Faithful, and that is what the Corps is. If this book is faithful to the best of the Marine Corps, it will meet the challenge we set for ourselves.

Front Cover, Valentine's Day: A Marine Looks Back - 2014 - ISBN 978-0615983998.

Valentine's Day: A Marine Looks Back - 2014

This is a true account, at least as true as forty odd years allows me to be. I've struggled long and hard with the dilemma of being true and accurate against the sorrow of those family members who were affected by the loss of loved ones in Vietnam.

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