All Hands Magazine - Nurses, NRS Ladies - July 1966

July 1966 Issue All Hands Magazine


JULY, 1966 Nav-Pers-O NUMBER 594

The Chief of Naval Personnel

The Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel

Assistant Chief for Morale Services




  • Four-Star Forum: Suppose You Were CNO for 60 Minutes
  • Today's Navy
  • Servicescope: News of Other Services
  • The Word
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Reviews
  • Decorations and Citations
  • Bulletin Board
    • Chance for Reservists, Inductees to Go USN
    • Variable Reenlistment Bonus Gets Better
    • Requirements for HMs and DTs in MSC
    • Azores, Grand Central Station of the Atlantic
    • Vietnam Awards for U.S. Servicemen
  • Directives in Brief
  • Taifrail Talk

John A. Oudine, Editor

Associate Editors

  • G. Vern Blasdell, News
  • Don Addor, Layout & Art
  • Ann Hanabury, Research
  • Gerald Wolff, Reserve

FRONT COVER: NAVY RATINGS are symbolic of the wide variety of jobs in the sea service. They range from duties evolving over a long period of history to entirely new categories in electronic, supersonic and nuclear fields. For a rundown on the Navy rating structure, see the story and charts in this issue.

INSIDE FRONT COVER: MOONLIT AND SHADOWED—USS Haddo (SSN 604) awaits the break of a new day. Haddo is a unit of Submarine Squadron Four based in Charleston, S. C.—Photo by Fran (Ski) Perzinski, PHSN, using a 4x5 View Camera, tripod, camera setting full at 30 seconds.

CREDIT: All photographs published in ALL HANDS Magazine are official Department of Defense photos unless therwise designated.

ALL HANDS The Bureau of Naval Personnel Career Publication, is published monthly by the Bureau of Naval Personnel for the information and interest of the naval service as a whole. Issuance of this publication approved in accordance with Department of the Navy Publications and Printing Regulations, NAVEXOS P-35.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Navy Department. Reference to regulations, orders and directives is for information only and does not by publication herein constitute authority for action.

All original material may be reprinted as desired if proper credit is given ALL HANDS.

Original articles of general interest may be forwarded to the Editor.

DISTRIBUTION: By Section B-3203 of the Bureau of Naval Personnel Manual, the Bureau directs that appropriate steps be taken to insure that all hands have quick and convenient access to this magazine, and indicates that distribution should be effected on the basis of one copy for each 10 officers and enlisted personnel to accomplish the purpose of the magazine.

The Bureau invites requests for additional copies as necessary to comply with the basic directives. This magazine is intended for all hands and commanding officers should take necessary steps to make it available accordingly.

The Bureau should be kept informed of changes in the number of copies required.
The Bureau should also be advised if the full number of copies is not received regularly.

Normally copies for Navy activities are distributed only to those on the Standard Navy Distribution List in the expectation that such activities will make further distribution as necessary; where special circumstances warrant sending direct to sub-activities the Bureau should be informed.

Distribution to Marine Corps personnel is effected by the Commandant U.S. Marine Corps. Requests from Marine Activities should be addressed to the Commandant.

PERSONAL COPIES: This magazine is for sale by Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. The rate for ALL HANDS is 25 cents per copy (except for the December 1963 Rights and Benefits issue, which is 50 cents per copy); subscription price $2.50 a year, domestic (including FPO and APO address for overseas mail); $3.50 foreign. Remittances should be made to the Superintendent of Documents. Subscriptions are accepted for one, two or three years.

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