All Hands Magazine - Christmas Dream - December 1945

December 1945 Issue All Hands Magazine

FRONT COVER: Unfortunately not for all, but for many bluejackets this Christmas will come the realization of a haunting dream of many weary months in the Pacific: Peace, home — and his family.

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  1945-12 All Hands Magazine
December 1945 Special Section: The Navy and World War II. Listing of All U.S. Naval Vessels Lost During WW2. 80 Pages.

The Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin

December 1945 NAVPERS-O Number 345

Vice Admiral Louis E. Denfeld, USN
The Chief of Naval Personnel
Rear Admiral William M. Fechteler, USN
The Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel


  • Pacific Fleet Today 2
  • Springboard to Victory   4
  • SACO 8
  • Special Section * War Anniversary
  • The Navy and World War II          11
  • War Flared, Then Blazed               12
  • III Prepared, We Fought Grimly   15
  • Then, Growing Power Told 16
  • We Poised for Offensives              17
  • Arms Were Made and Delivered 10
  • Bases Loaded Our Punch 20
  • Task Forces Struck Hard 21
  • Invasions Were the Payoff           22
  • Battle of the Scientists    24
  • Our Built-up Power Was Japs' Doom        25
  • People Were Our Strength           26
  • The Cost 27
  • Unconditional Surrender 28
  • Big Dates of the War 28
  • Officer Training Plans. 30
  • Saga of Can Do' Men       32
  • Baffin' the Breeze on the 7 Seas 34
  • Hey, Doc! 36
  • Old Lady with a Past        37
  • Letters to the Editor 38
  • The Month's News          40
  • Decorations and Citations            59
  • Books: About America    68
  • U. S. Naval Vessels Lost During War         69
  • The Bulletin Board 72
  • Alnays, NavActs in Brief 78
  • All Thumbs 79
  • Fantail Forum 80

AT LEFT: Proud was the Navy and honored by the people this Navy Day, when President Truman led the nation in tribute by reviewing all types of Navy warships that had crushed the Jap Navy. As the 21-gun salute boomed over New York City, the Commander-in-Chief reviewed the ships in the North River to climax the greatest Navy Day in American history.

• INSIDE BACK COVER: The Navy is back in Shanghai and in traditional manner the Chinese bumboats sail out to greet the men who helped free them from Japanese domination — and to sell their wares.

CREDITS. Front cover, All Hands photograph by Constant; at left, photograph from Press Association, Inc.: inside back cover, official U. S. Coast Guard photograph. On pp. 40-41, all on left, official U. S. Navy photographs, on right, official U. S. Coast Guard photograph.

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