All Hands Magazine - Paths to a Commission - August 1985

August 1985 All Hands Magazine Front Cover





  • The Naval Reserve
    One of the biggest stories in the Navy
  • Paths to a commission
    The Navy's BOOST program
  • Navy's inner-space shuttle NR-1
    Probing the Reykjanes ridge off Iceland
  • Navy pathologist
    Making the final diagnosis
  • Managing your money
    Handling your household budget
  • Measuring Discovery's noise at launch
    Navy students find answers
  • Bearings
  • Mail Buoy/Reunions


Front: The research submarine NR-1 leaves its base at Holy Loch, Scotland, for waters off Iceland. Photo by Emory Kristof. See story on page 24.

Inside front: Navy divers from Underwater Construction Team 1 return to the U.S. after their flight was hijacked by terrorists. Shown, bottom to top, are EA1 Stewart L.J. Dahl, E01 Jeffrey J. Ingalls, SW2 Kenneth M. Bowen, and CE2 Clinton L. Suggs. Not shown is CE2 Tony D. Watson. Photo by PH1 Douglas P. Tesner.

Chief of Naval Operations
ADM James D. Watkins

Chief of Information
COMO Jack A. Garrow

CO Navy Internal Relations Activity
CAPT Jack A. Martin

XO Navy Internal Relations Activity
CDR Alan E. Schmoker

Director of Publications
Joanne E. Dumene

All Hands Acting Editor
JOC Barbara A. Cornfeld

Associates for Art and Layout
Richard C. Hosier Michael David Tuffli

All Hands Staff

  • J01(SW) E. Foster-Simeon
  • PH1 Perry Thorsvik Candace Sams

NIRA Print Media Division Staff

  • LT A. Michael Giglio
  • J01 Wm. Dave Berry
  • DM1 D.J. Aspery
  • DM2 John D'Angelo
  • J02 Lynn Jenkins
  • JOSA John Brown
  • Elaine McNeil
  • E.A. Noland

NIRA Print Media Division also publishes Direction magazine, Navy Editor Service, Wifeline and Captain's Call Kit.

All Hands is published monthly from appropriated funds by authority of the Navy Internal Relations Activity in accordance with Navy Publications and Printing Regulations P-35. Second class postage paid at Philadelphia, Pa., and additional mailing offices.

The Secretary of the Navy has determined that this publication is necessary in the transaction of business required by law of the Department of the Navy. Funds for printing of this publication have been approved by the Navy Publications and Printing Policy Committee.

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