All Hands Magazine - Desert Storm Special Issue - 1991

1991 Desert Storm Special Issue All Hands Magazine




This magazine is dedicated to the men and women of the Navy and Marine Corps who served during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, to the millions of patriotic Americans across the nation who supported them and to those who remain on station today defending freedom.


  • The Gulf war
    Victory through versatility
  • Historic presence
    Sailors at the "tip of the spear"
  • Desert Shield sealift
    Bringing beans and bullets
  • Severing Saddam's lifeline
    Interception controls the flow
  • The air war's hard rain
    Desert Storm's nasty weather
  • Victory at sea
    Seapower team plays a vital role
  • Mother of all surrenders
    Marines lead the ground assault
  • Greater "gators"
    Amphibs kept Saddam guessing
  • Flexible response
    Operations a continent away
  • Combat damage control
    Controlling chaos saves the ship
  • Weapons of war
    Giving the coalition the edge
  • Seabee spirit
    They "can do," and did
  • Combat logistics
    The power behind the punch
  • The total force
    Reserves hit the ground running
  • Navy medicine
    The best prepared for the worst
  • Homefront support
    Americans help win the war
  • Return to freedom
    Desert Storm POWs return
  • Home at last
    Warriors return to families
  • People:
    Storm's thunder and lightning
  • Shield/Storm chronology
    From invasion to liberation

Map courtesy of National Geographic Society

Front cover: Top: photo by PH1(AC) Scott M. Allen. Center: photo by PH2 Robert M. Clare. Lower: photo by Master Sgt. Bill Thompson, USAF.

Back cover: Photos by PH1(AC) Scott M. Allen

Inside Back: Photo by PH1 Bruce Morris

Navy Executives and Senior Staff Members

  • Secretary of the Navy
    H. Lawrence Garrett Ill
  • Chief of Naval Operations
    ADM Frank B. Kelso II
  • Chief of Information
    RADM Brent Baker
  • CO Navy Internal Relations Activity
    CDR Connie L. Haney
  • X0 Navy Internal Relations Activity
    LCDR Pamela A. Moulder
  • Director, Print Media Division
    LTJG John M. Wallach
  • All Hands Special Issue Editor
    JOCS Robert C. Rucker
  • All Hands Special Issue Asst. Editor
    J02(SW) Joe Bartlett
  • All Hands Special Issue Photo Editor
    PH1(AC) Scott M. Allen

All Hands Special Issue Staff

  • LCDR Cynthia Leon
  • CWO2 Carl L. Henderson
  • J01 Andrew Wellman
  • J01 Barbara Shupe
  • SGT Christopher Lawson, USMC
  • J02 Paul A. Mikec
  • J02 Celeste Barrett Rubanick
  • J02 Ronold Henning
  • J03(DV) Robert Palomares

All Hands Magazine Staff

  • Marie G. Johnston, Editor
  • Jan Kemp Brandon
  • J01 Lee Bosco
  • J01 Chris Price
  • J01 Sherri E. Bashore
  • J02 Andrew I. Karalis
  • Pat A. Swift

Production Associates

  • Michael David Tuffli
  • Leroy E. Jewell
  • DM3 Keith Wilson
  • William E. Beamon

Significant Contributors

  • LCDR Rudolph W. Brewington
  • J01 Melissa Wood Lefler
  • J01(AW) J. D. Dimattio
  • SK1 Jeff Bryan
  • J01(SW) Joe Galowicz

This special issue of All Hands was compiled from reports by on-scene Navy and Marine Corps personnel, official briefings and DoD media pool reports.

All Hands (USPS 372-970; ISSN 00025577) (Number 892) is published by Navy Internal Relations Activity: 601 N. Fairfax St., Suite 230, Alexandria, VA 22314-2007. Postage paid at Alexandria, VA 22314, and additional mailing offices.

Editorial Offices: Send correspondence to: NIRA, Print Media, ATTN: Editor, 601 N. Fairfax St., Suite 230, Alexandria, VA 22314-2007.

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The Secretary of the Navy has determined that this publication is necessary in the transaction of business required by law of the Department of the Navy. Funds for printing have been approved by the Navy Publications and Printing Policy Committee.

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