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May 1945 All Hands Magazine

MAY 1945


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  • The 'Temporary' War of LST 460
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  • Right into the Lion's Mouth
  • Navy Sails the Rhine
  • Along the Road to Tokyo
  • Truk, End of a Bogey
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The Chief of Naval Personnel

The Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel

Front Cover

Previously unpublished camera portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt made by Lt. Maurice Constant, USNR, in 1939.

This magazine is published monthly in Washington, D. C., by the Bureau of Naval Personnel for the information and interest of the naval service as a whole. By BuPers Circular Letter 162-43, distribution is to be effected to allow all hands easy access to each issue (see page 80). All activities should keep the Bureau informed of how many copies are required. All original material herein may be reprinted as desired.

For sale by Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C.: 15 cents per copy; subscription price $1.50 a year, domestic (including FPO or APO addresses for overseas mail); $2.25, foreign. Remittance should be made direct to the Superintendent of Documents. Subscriptions are accepted for one year only.



INSIDE FRONT COVER: Marine salutes as flag-draped coffin of the late President, escorted by honor guard of Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, passes along a hushed Washington street toward the Capitol (Official U. S. Navy photograph).


INSIDE BACK COVER : A Seabee has a oncein-a-lifetime experience, standing on a third of a million dollars in small change in the hold of a ship. The money went along with other supplies to Yanks in the Pacific (Official U. S. Coast Guard photograph).


By BuPers Circular Letter No. 162-43 (appearing as 43-1362 in the cumulative edition of Navy Department Bulletin) the Bureau directed that appropriate steps be taken to insure that all hands have quick and convenient access to the BuPers INFORMATION BULLETIN, and indicated that distribution should be effected on the basis of one copy for each ten officers and enlisted personnel to accomplish the directive.

In most instances, the circulation of the INFORMATION BULLETIN has been increased in accordance with complement and on-board count statistics in the Bureau, on the basis of one copy for each ten officers and enlisted personnel.

Because infra-activity shifts affect the Bureau statistics, and because organization of some activities may require more copies than normally indicated to effect thorough distribution to all hands, the Bureau invites requests for additional copies as necessary to comply with the basic directive. This magazine is intended for all hands and commanding officers should take necessary steps to make it available accordingly.

The Bureau should be kept informed of changes in the numbers of copies required: requests received by the 20th of the month can be effected with the succeeding issue.

The Bureau should also be advised if the full number of copies are not received regularly.

Normally copies for Navy and Coast Guard activities are distributed only to those on the Standard Navy Distribution List in the expectation that such activities will make further distribution as necessary; where special circumstances warrant sending direct to sub-activities, the Bureau should be informed.

Distribution to Marine Corps personnel is effected by the Commandant, U. S. Marine Corps, on the present basis of four copies per unit, down to and including the company. Requests from Marine Corps activities should be addressed to the Commandant.


Academy candidates' school require- Navigation, aviation observers train-
quirements 72 ing program reestablished 76
Air station, first naval 38 Negroes, officer training for 39
Alaska, postwar opportunities in 39 Nimitz, Fleet Admiral, to command all
Alnav promotions to be slowed to 17 U. S. Pacific naval forces 47
months 73 Notice of separation, no discharge
Americans cross Rhine 49 reason put on 75
Amphibious insignia for combat de- Officer training for Negroes 39
molition units 38 Officers on active duty, number of... 38
Armed guard : battle stars for 69 Okinawa Island, U. S. lands on 43
casualties 33 photos of action 6
service on merchant ships 33 Overseas duty chevrons, none author-
Athletes, big-name, to get overseas ized 39
duty 71 Parcels, undeliverable, may be dis-
Aviation green uniforms for CPOs 38 tributed 72
Aviation Observers (Navigation) train- Pensacola, first naval air station 38
ing program reestablished 76 Personal effects to be sent prepaid... 73
Battle stars listed for Armed Guard Pharmacist's mate, aviation, rating not
crews 69 being considered 39
Boston hotel reservation bureau es- Philippine Defense, Liberation ribbon
tablished 77 rules announced 72
British task force with U. S. fleet.... 45 Postwar opportunities is Navy 38
Cap insignia for enlisted Waves 39 Prisoners freed in Philippines, addi-
Captain, how name started 32 tional list of 57
Chevrons for overseas duty, none au- Prisoners of war, returned, get special
thorized 39 considerations 74
Citizenship requirements for war- life insurance may be continued 75
rants 39 Pullman space lack no reason for de-
Clothing allowance for Waves.. 38 laying trip 77
Combat demolition units, amphibious Pyle, Ernie, killed 21
insignia for 38 Railroad reduced-fare ticket rules.... 77
Commander-in-Chief : Rating changes delegated to field com-
President Roosevelt dies 41 mands 78
President Truman takes office 41 Reduced-fare railroad ticket rules.... 77
Sailor President, an account of Release of retired officers speeded... 73
President Roosevelt's naval in- Repatriates get special considerations 74
terest and service 2 Reserve line officers invited to apply
Commission pennant stars 39 for Academy training 73
CPOs, disrated, revert to rate 39 Retired officer release speeded 73
Aviation green uniforms for 38 Rhine river, Americans cross 49
CVBs, names of 39 Navy takes Army across (photos) . 22
Demolition : Roosevelt, President Franklin D., dies 41
duty applications from enlisted men 38 Sailor President, an account of his
units, amphibious insignia for 38 naval interest and service 2
Dependents eligible for transporta- Salutes, exchange in passing 38
tion to U. S. 73 San Francisco conference 58
Designators established: 76 Selection boards to meet for Comdr., Lt. Comdr., Lt.
BD, bomb disposal
expert lookouts 76 Separation notice, no reason on 75
MD, mine disposal 76 Ship losses, new U. S. 46
NAO (Navigation), naval aviation Shipments of personal effects 73
observers (navigation) 76 Ships' Service Contingent Fund quar-
Discharge reason not put on notice of terly report 79
separation 75 Shoe stamps, extra, for veterans 78
Drydocks, mobile, not self-propelled.. 39 Shore-based personnel, surveys to send
Enlisted rating changes delegated to them to sea 71
field commands 78 Special artificer not specialist rating.. 38
Family allowance, change to from Special assignment men eligible for
MAQ 39 additional schooling 71
Fire-fighter duty, how to apply for.... 39 "Specialist" ratings defined 38
Fluckey, Comdr. Eugene B., USN, wins Staff officers on duty, number of 38
Medal of Honor, two Navy Crosses 61 Submarine sinkings, U. S. 46
General service officers to go to sea Surviving sons to be relieved of haz-
after 12 months ashore 71 ardous duty, policy on 71
Greenbury Point, first naval aviation Taxes : extra money earned must be
camp at 38 reported 75
Gun salutes, how started 32 retired personnel's pay rules 75
Halsey, Admiral, plan for rule of state laws 75
Japan 34 Transportation of dependents to U. S. 73
Home-town stories of naval personnel Travel on orders not to be delayed for
to be obtained • 55 lack of Pullman space
Hotel reservation bureau established Truk, end of a bogey 26
in Boston 77 Truman, President Harry S.:
Japanese foe described 10 address to armed forces 42
Army big and tough 14 sworn in 41
naval personnel losses 11 Uniforms : aviation green for CPOs... 38
navy pay 13 clothing allowance for Waves 38
Line officers on active duty, number Waves enlisted cop insignia 39
of 38 USES, veterans urged to check with 77
LST 460, the 'Temporary' War of 15 uss Dover, story of 56
MacArthur, General of the Army, to uss Honolulu, battle account 53
command all U. S. Pacific Army uss Preserver, story of 24
forces 47 uss Ward, old CO administers coup de
Maritime Day ‘ 33 grace to 38
Marrying overseas, Permission re- V-12, no credit for time in when ad-
quired for 38 vancing in rate 39
Masts, naming of 39 program continued 78
Maternity expenses if naval hospital November quota rules set 78
is not available 39 Veterans • extra shoe stamps for 78
Merchant marine: growth of 33 urged to check with USES 77
casualties 33 Voting information, state elections.... 79
Mobile drydocks not self-propelled 39 Warrants, citizenship requirements for 39
Naval air station, first 38 Women's Reserve:
Naval correspondents organized 55 cap insignia for enlisted 39
Naval Reserve Medal includes en- clothing allowance for 38
listed service 38 not released after 2 years 39

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