SS City Of London Passenger List - 19 August 1922


Front Cover, Anchor Line SS City Of London Cabin Passenger List - 19 August 1922.

Vibrant and Colorful Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS City of London of the Anchor Line, Departing Saturday, 19 August 1922 from Glasgow to New York via Moville, Commanded by Captain Arthur J. Elliott. GGA Image ID # 12dfabfc8d.


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: Arthur J. Elliott
  • Chief Officer: W. W. Anderson
  • Surgeon: John Turpie      
  • Chief Engineer: G. W. Todd
  • Purser: T. K. MacGregor.
  • Chief Steward: W. Underwood


Title Page, SS City of London, Chartered by the Anchor Line for this Voyage from the Ellerman Line.

Title Page, SS City of London, Chartered by the Anchor Line for this Voyage from the Ellerman Line. The Name of the Ship is misspelled on the Title Page as "Lodnon." GGA Image ID # 1e5f09323b


Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss Adams
  2. Mrs. Jane Alexander
  3. Mrs. Helen Anderson
  4. Mr. Thomas Anderson
  5. Mrs. Annie Anderson
  6. Mr. James Andrew
  7. Mrs. Mary Annan
  8. Mr. Matthew Armour
  9. Mrs. Armour
  10. Mrs. Margaret Baird
  11. Mr. William D. Baird
  12. Mrs. Jane Barker
  13. Mrs. Agnes Beanley
  14. Mrs. Beat
  15. Master Robert Beat
  16. Mrs. J. Beattie
  17. Master W. Beattie
  18. Mr. Joseph Bell
  19. Mrs. Bell
  20. Miss Mary Bisset
  21. Mrs. Maggie Black
  22. Miss Marion Boag
  23. Mr. David Bone
  24. Mr. John Boyd
  25. Mrs. Boyd
  26. Miss Catherine Boyd
  27. Miss E. J. Braid
  28. Mrs. Mary Brand
  29. Miss Agnes Brand
  30. Mr. John Broomfield
  31. Mrs. Broomfield
  32. Mr. William Brown
  33. Mrs. J. Buchanan
  34. Miss Jessie Buchanan
  35. Mr. William Buchanan
  36. Miss Mary A. Burke
  37. Miss Sarah Byers
  38. Miss Fanny Byers
  39. Mr. Robert Callaghan
  40. Miss C. F. Cameron
  41. Mr. William Cameron
  42. Mrs. Cameron
  43. Mrs. Elizabeth Cameron
  44. Miss Catherine Cameron
  45. Mrs. Sarah Cameron
  46. Mr. Robert Cameron
  47. Mrs. A. Campbell
  48. Mrs. Helen Campbell
  49. Miss Margaret Campbell
  50. Mrs. Kate Carlan
  51. Miss Mary Carlan
  52. Miss Maty Carney
  53. Miss Evelyn Carswell
  54. Mrs. Chalmers
  55. Mr. A. D. Chalmers
  56. Mrs. Bessie Cochrane
  57. Miss Betty Cochrane
  58. Mr. Jack S. Cochrane
  59. Mrs. Catherine Colquhoun
  60. Mr. John Connell
  61. Mrs. Connell
  62. Mrs. Jean Cook
  63. Miss A. Cougan
  64. Miss Naomi Coulter
  65. Miss Janet Couttit
  66. Miss Agnes Craig
  67. Miss Anne Craig
  68. Mrs. Sarah Craig
  69. Mr. Thomas Craney
  70. Mrs. Craney
  71. Master Thomas Craney
  72. Miss Lucy Craney
  73. Master Robert Craney
  74. Miss Mary Crawford
  75. Miss Robina Cunningham
  76. Miss Annie Dalling
  77. Mr. Ernest C. Digby
  78. Miss Nellie Dolan
  79. Mr. Philip Dolan
  80. Miss Elizabeth Dolan
  81. Miss Bridget Donohue
  82. Mr. Thomas Dougan
  83. Mrs. Elizabeth Douglas
  84. Miss Mary Douglas
  85. Miss Catherine Douglas
  86. Mr. Robert Drennan
  87. Mrs. Ann Dunn
  88. Miss Charlotte Elrick
  89. Mr. William Elrick
  90. Mr. Alfred Elrick
  91. Mrs. Ann Ewing
  92. Mr. George M. Farquharson
  93. Miss Mary Feeney
  94. Mr. William Ferguson
  95. Mrs. Marion Ferguson
  96. Mr. Peter Findlay
  97. Mrs. Grace Findlay
  98. Master John Findlay
  99. Master James Findlay
  100. Miss Brenda Finlay
  101. Miss Elizabeth Fleming
  102. Miss Margaret Forsyth
  103. Miss Jeanie Fraser
  104. Mr. Samuel Fraser
  105. Miss Elizabeth B. Gallagher
  106. Mrs. Maggie Garvin
  107. Mrs. Jeanie Gibson
  108. Miss Jessie Gibson
  109. Master William Gibson
  110. Mrs. Rose Gilchrist
  111. Master James Gilchrist
  112. Miss Isa Gow
  113. Miss Elizabeth Hanna
  114. Miss Alice Hanna
  115. Mr. Andrew Hanna
  116. Mrs. Annie Hannay
  117. Miss Agnes Hannay
  118. Mrs. Margaret Harper
  119. Mr. James Hawkins
  120. Mrs. Hawkins
  121. Miss Alice L. Herbert
  122. Mrs. Juanita Hill
  123. Miss Juanita Hill
  124. Miss Elizabeth Holden
  125. Mr. John Hood
  126. Mrs. Elizabeth Horton
  127. Miss Agnes Hosea
  128. Mr. F. G. Hunt
  129. Mrs. Hunt
  130. Rev. John Hunter
  131. Mrs. Margaret Hunter
  132. Mrs. Jean Jack
  133. Mrs. Martha James
  134. Mr. Louis Jervis
  135. Mrs. Jervis
  136. Miss Martha Jervis
  137. Mr. Thomas Kane
  138. Miss Maggie Kane
  139. Mrs. Margaret Kean
  140. Mr. David F. Kelly
  141. Mr. Matthew Kelly
  142. Miss Mary M. Kelly
  143. Mrs. Isa Kerr
  144. Mrs. Mary Ketjin
  145. Mrs. Mathilda Landers
  146. Master Thomas Landers
  147. Miss Nellie Lawrie
  148. Mr. James Lee
  149. Mrs. Annie Lee
  150. Miss Ethel Lee
  151. Mrs. Davidina Lennox
  152. Mrs. Kate Leitch
  153. Master Grover Leitch
  154. Mr. David E. Logan
  155. Miss Jane Long
  156. Mr. William McAra
  157. Miss Ethel McCall
  158. Mr. James McClusky
  159. Mrs. I. McCulloch
  160. Mrs. Christina McDonald
  161. Miss Margaret McDonnell
  162. Mrs. Agnes McDowell
  163. Miss Margaret McDowell
  164. Mr. Norman Macgregor
  165. Miss Annie MacGibbon
  166. Miss Grace McGinley
  167. Miss Sarah McIntyre
  168. Mr. Patrick McIntyre
  169. Mrs. Winifred McIntyre
  170. Miss Mary McIntyre
  171. Mrs. Jessie MacKay
  172. Mrs. C. McKenna
  173. Mr. William McKenzie
  174. Mrs. Annie McKenzie
  175. Miss Agnes McKenzie
  176. Mr. Robert MacKill
  177. Mrs. MacKill
  178. Mrs. E. MacKinlay
  179. Miss Catherine McKinnon
  180. Miss Jennie McLoughlin
  181. Mr. John McLeod
  182. Mr. Thomas McMillan
  183. Mrs. Sarah McMillan
  184. Master Archie McMillan
  185. Mr. William McNeil
  186. Mrs. Mary McNeil
  187. Miss Annie MacTaggart
  188. Mr. William McTeague
  189. Miss Anne McWilliams
  190. Mr. Thomas Major
  191. Mrs. Major
  192. Miss Essie J. Martin
  193. Mr. Henry W. Mehring
  194. Mrs. Mary G. Mehring
  195. Miss Esther F. Mehring
  196. Mr. Robert Menzies
  197. Mr. Herbert Midgley
  198. Mrs. Grace Midgley
  199. Mr. R. K. Miller
  200. Mrs. Mary Moffat
  201. Miss Maggie Morrison
  202. Miss Agnes Morrison
  203. Miss Martha Morrison
  204. Mr. James Morrow
  205. Mr. James Myles
  206. Mr. J. M. Myles
  207. Mrs. Isa Nisbet
  208. Miss Margaret Nisbet
  209. Miss Sarah Nisbet
  210. Miss Violet Nisbet
  211. Master Stewart Nisbet
  212. Mrs. Mary Nocher
  213. Mr. Jackson Nutt
  214. Mrs. Mary Nutt
  215. Mrs. Elizabeth O’Day
  216. Mr. James A. Ogilvie
  217. Miss Mary O’Neill
  218. Mrs. M. Ortelee
  219. Mr. Samuel Osborne
  220. Mrs. Osborne
  221. Mrs. Kath. Paramore
  222. Miss Jessie Paramore
  223. Miss Mary Paterson
  224. Miss Elizabeth Paterson
  225. Miss Margaret Peebles
  226. Miss Mary Purves
  227. Mr. Francis Quinn
  228. Mr. George Ramsay
  229. Miss M. Reid
  230. Miss J. M. Reid
  231. Miss Catherine Robertson
  232. Miss Mary W. Robertson
  233. Mr. Robert Robertson
  234. Miss Frances Russell
  235. Mr. William Russell
  236. Mrs. Russell
  237. Mr. David Russell
  238. Mrs. Russell
  239. Mrs. Sarah Sands
  240. Mrs. Rose McL. Scherer
  241. Miss E. Schmidt
  242. Miss Janet Scott
  243. Mr. Ernest Sherwood
  244. Mrs. Sherwood
  245. Miss D. Shields
  246. Mr. William Sinclair
  247. Miss Minnie Sharp
  248. Miss Lizzie Skelly
  249. Miss Sophia Sloan
  250. Miss Annie Sloan
  251. Mr. George Smart
  252. Mr. Alexander Smith
  253. Miss Janet Smith
  254. Mr. William Sneddon
  255. Mrs. Sneddon
  256. Mr. James Sneddon
  257. Master Robert Sneddon
  258. Master James Sneddon
  259. Master Harold Sneddon
  260. Mrs. Katie Sneddon
  261. Miss Catherine Sneddon
  262. Mr. J. Spence
  263. Mrs. Spence
  264. Miss M. Spence
  265. Mr. Charles Spiers
  266. Mr. Walter Sprake
  267. Mrs. Sprake
  268. Miss Marjory Sprake
  269. Mr. John Spratt
  270. Mrs. Rose Spratt
  271. Mr. Robert Stevenson
  272. Mrs. Stevenson
  273. Mrs. Sarah Stevenson
  274. Mr. John Stewart
  275. Mrs. Stewart
  276. Miss J. Stewart
  277. Miss H. Stewart
  278. Mrs. Annie Strachan
  279. Miss Mary Strachan
  280. Master Maxwell Strachan
  281. Mr. Alexander Strachan
  282. Master James Strachan
  283. Mr. William J. Sweeney
  284. Mr. S. L. Sweeney
  285. Mr. George Symons
  286. Mr. George Symons, jun.
  287. Mr. John Taylor
  288. Mrs. Taylor
  289. Miss Winifred Taylor
  290. Mr. James Tighe
  291. Mrs. Margaret Tominey
  292. Master Harry Tominey
  293. Master Francis Tominey
  294. Mr. James Tominey
  295. Mrs. Alice Tuffley
  296. Mr. Walter Veitch
  297. Mrs. Veitch
  298. Master Walter Veitch
  299. Mrs. Wallace
  300. Miss M. Wallace
  301. Mrs. Annie Whalen
  302. Mr. J. B. Whyte
  303. Mrs. Whyte
  304. Mr. Earl F. Willand
  305. Mr. Robert Williamson
  306. Mrs. A. Wilson
  307. Miss Danielina Wilson
  308. Miss Mary Wilson
  309. Mr. Colin Wood
  310. Mrs. Wood
  311. Miss Ann Wood
  312. Mr. James Young


Information for Passengers

Additional Passage Money or Freight paid on board-passengers should obtain a receipt on the Company’s form for such disbursements.

Baggage. Enquiries regarding baggage on board ship should be addressed to the Second Steward.

Trunks, Wraps, etc., will be stored and re-shipped by the Company for the return voyage.

To facilitate examination and identification of baggage on landing, all packages should have an official label affixed; these labels are supplied on board on application.

Baggage Insurance. Passengers are recommended to insure their baggage, as, in the event of loss or damage, the Company cannot accept liability beyond the limit specified on the Steamer Contract Tickets. Rates and particulars on application.

Bar closes 11:00 p.m.

Barber’s Shop. Barber’s shop is situated on board for the convenience of passengers. The barber will attend to ladies by appointment.

Clothes Pressing. Application should be made to the Barber, from whom rates, and other particulars can be obtained.

Complaints. Complaints of incivility, carelessness or inattention on the part of any of the ship’s staff should be immediately reported to the Commander.

Confectionery and Souvenirs. Confectionery and Souvenirs are on sale at reasonable prices on application to the Deck Steward.

Copyright Books and Music are forbidden and will be confiscated by the Customs authorities.

Deck Chairs and Rugs may be hired for the voyage at the Company’s offices or from the De k Steward. Printed receipt to be obtained by passengers for this hire.

Divine Service may be held in the Saloon (weather permitting) once every Sunday between 11:00 am and 12 noon.

Dogs. Returning passengers are notified that Dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of License can only be obtained by direct application to the Department before the dog is taken on board.

Dogs can only be carried by special arrangement being made with the Company prior to embarkation. Whilst on board they are not permitted in any of the public rooms or staterooms.

Drafts are issued, free of charge, payable in currency at any of the Offices of the Company in the United States and Canada, and, similarly, drafts are issued in the United States and Canada payable at any of the Company’s Offices in the United Kingdom in sterling, or at the Company’s Offices in Europe in the currency of the country on which they are drawn.

Library. Library Books may be obtained on application to the Deck Steward.
Lights in Saloon until 11:00 p.m. ; in public rooms until 11:30 p.m.

Lifebelts. Lifebelts must not be removed from staterooms, except in cases of extreme danger and necessity.


  • Breakfast: 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.
  • Lunch:  1:00 p.m.
  • Dinner: 7:30 p.m.

When two sittings are necessary, meals will be served as follows:

  • Breakfast: 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.
  • Lunch: 1st sitting: 12:30 p.m. -  2nd sitting: 1:30 p.m.
  • Dinner: 1st sitting: 6:15 p m. - 2nd sitting:  7:30 p.m.

Passengers may reserve seats at table for the voyage on application to the chief steward. Meals cannot be served in cabins or on deck unless with the surgeon’s permission.

Children's Meals

  • Breakfast: 9:00 a.m.
  • Dinner: noon
  • Tea:  5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Ports. Passengers are requested not to open the ports. The Stewards will do this whenever practicable.

Recovery of U.S. Head Tax. This Tax can be recovered by Passengers, if same has been paid, provided they inform U.S. Immigration Inspector on arrival at New York of their intention to leave the United States within sixty days (the time prescribed by U.S. Law), and obtain from him Transit Certificate Form 514.

\It is also necessary for Transit Certificate Form 514 to be handed to the transportation company when completed, in time to allow same to be placed before the Immigration Authorities in Washington within one hundred and twenty days of Passenger's arrival in the United States.

Unless this regulation is complied with, the Tax cannot be recovered.

Railway Time-Tables may be consulted on application to the Music-Room Steward.

Smoking. Smoking in saloons and state-rooms is strictly prohibited. Children are not allowed in the Smoke- room. Cigarette smokers are requested to be careful when smoking on deck to see that cigarettes are extinguished before being thrown away.

Storage. The Company will undertake to store Deck Chairs and Steamer Trunks belonging to passengers at owner s risk until they are required when returning. Chairs and Trunks should have owner’s name painted on them, and they will not be re-shipped without instructions being sent to Baggage Master, Anchor Line, Yorkhill Quay, Glasgow, or in the case of Italian Ports, care of Anchor Line, Genoa, or Anchor Line, Naples.

A description of the articles should be given, also name of steamer from which they were landed and date. No shawls, rugs, etc., to be attached to Chairs. No charge for storage is made if the owners return by the Company’s vessels. If Chairs or Trunks are forwarded by rail this is done at owner's risk and expense.

Table Seating. The Chief Steward has the arrangement of table seating.

Telegrams and Letters for despatch should be handed to the Music-Room Steward (fully prepaid) one hour before leaving Moville.

Telegraph Forms and Postage Stamps can be had from the Writing-Room Stewards.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Captain, for treating Saloon Passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board the ship. In the case of sickness contracted on board no charge will be made and medicine will be provided free.

Through Booking to Gibraltar, Egypt and India.  The Anchor Line steamer; engaged in this service have excellent saloon accommodation. Full particulars as to Fares, etc., on application.

Tobacco, Spirits, etc. Tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, wines, spirits and perfumery are liable to duty on being brought into the United Kingdom, and the smallest quantities should be declared to the Customs authorities.

Valuables. Money or valuables should not be exposed in staterooms. The Company will not be responsible for articles lost or stolen. Valuables may be deposited in ship’s safe, under care of the Purser, free of charge.

Passengers are warned that they should not on any account part with money or valuables to any persons representing themselves as members of the ship’s staff.

Wines. It is requested that Wines be ordered one hour before meals, so that they may be cooled ready for use.

Wireless Telegraphy. Wireless Telegraph messages should be handed to the Purser for transmission.




  • Via British Stations:

-For messages to the United Kingdom the rate is 10d. per word.

  • Via United States Stations:

-The rate via New York, New London, Newport R.I., and Bar Harbour is 9d. per word.

-The rate via Boston is 10d. per word.

  • Via Canadian Stations:

-The rate via Cape Race, Cape Sable, Sable Island, and Barrington Passage is 1s. ½ d. per word.

-The rate via Montreal, Quebec, Grosse Isle, Three Rivers, Father Point, Cape Bear, and Pictou is calculated at 2 ½ d. per word.

NOTE.—All charges must be prepaid. Every word in the address, text, and signature is counted and charged for. On ship to shore messages the land telegraph or cable charges are additional to above rates.


The general rate on ship to ship messages is Sd. per word, but as Dutch, Belgian, and certain other vessels apply a ship tax with a minimum of ten words, the charges on messages to these vessels will be calculated in the following manner:

  • British ship tax 4d. per word without minimum
  • Dutch or Belgian, etc., ship tax 4d. per word, with a minimum of 3s. 4d.
  • Thus for a message of ten words or more the charge is 8d. per word.

Wireless Messages can only be sent by permission of the Commander



  • Glasgow to Greenock: 21 Miles
  • Greenock to Moville: 104 Miles
  • Moville to Malin Head: 22 Miles
  • Malin Head to Nantucket Lightship: 2,578 Miles
  • Nantucket Lightship to Fire Island: 164 Miles
  • Fire Island to Sandy Hook Lightship: 30 Miles
  • Sandy Hook Lightship to Sandy Hook: 8 Miles
  • Sandy Hook to New York: 16 Miles
  • Total: 2,943 Miles

When on Southern Track the distance is slightly longer.


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