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SS Colombo - History and Ephemera Collection

SS Colombo of the Navigazione Generale Italiana, 1917.

SS Colombo of the Navigazione Generale Italiana, 1917. GGA Image ID # 1d454f413c

Colombo (1917) Navigazione Generale Italiana.

Built by Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co., Newcastle, England. Tonnage: 12,003. Dimensions: 518' x 64' (536' o.l.). Twin-screw, 17 knots. Quadruple expansion engines. Two masts and two funnels. First voyage as Colombo Genoa-Naples-New York, November 1921. Tonnage originally was 10,917. Other Service: Later placed in South American service. Transferred to Lloyd Triestino in 1934. Fate: Scuttled at Massawa, Eritrea, April 4, 1941. Ex-San Gennaro (1921).

The New Italian Transatlantic

The Navigazione Generale Italiana has added the S.S. Colombo to its fleet of liners for the Genoa and New York line; it is the finest liner plying between Italy and the USA. The ship has been built in the company's yards at Baia.

The tonnage is 11,500 gross, the length 525 feet, the breadth 24 feet, and the draught 24 feet. The quadruple expansion engines develop 10,500 h.p. and give the ship a speed of nineteen knots.

Every provision has been made for securing safety, including double bottom, the subdivision of the space between the bottoms, a complete outfit of life-saving appliances and lifeboats, and a high-power wireless installation.

The decorations are in Louis XIV style; the saloons, music rooms, smoking rooms, and library are spacious, and the private cabins are large and airy. The second-class accommodation is also exceptionally well appointed and in a pleasing style, with plenty of space in the cabins and on deck.

There is a complete absence of vibration throughout the passenger accommodation. The ventilation is excellent. The Colombo has a capacity for 2,000 passengers. The first voyage will start from Naples on November 19th, calling at Genoa on November 21st.

Ephemera for the SS Colombo are available at the GG Archives, including Passenger Lists, Menus, Brochures, Event Programs, and more.


Front Cover, 1925 Brochure From NGI Italian Line Covering the SS Colombo, a Cabin-Class Ship.

Rare 1925 Brochure From NGI the Italian Line That Features Many Photographs of the Interior Rooms of the Cabin Class. The Ship Is Designed To Carry Both Cabin and Third Class Passengers With a Capacity of 445 and 700 Respectively. 1925 - NGI Genoa SS Colombo. GGA Image ID # 1243ffe4b9


1926-04-10 Passenger Manifest for the SS Colombo

1926-04-10 SS Colombo - New York to Genoa via Palermo and Naples. 10 April 1926, Navigazione Generale Italiana (NGI), Commanded by Captain Arturo Romano. GGA Image ID # 1d457d73cb

Passenger Manifest, NGI Navigazione Generale Italiana SS Colombo, 1927 Genoa to New York

1927-03-16 SS Colombo - Genoa to New York via Naples and Palermo, 16 March 1927, Navigazione Generale Italiana (NGI), Commanded by Captain Filippo D' Esposito. GGA Image ID # 1d459a41fb

Ephemera contained in the GG Archives collection represent the souvenirs provided to the passengers of each voyage. Many of these souvenir ephemeral items have disappeared over the years.

Our selection varies considerably by ship, and likely contains only a sampling of what was originally produced and printed by the steamship lines.

Bookmark pages you're researching and check back periodically for additions as we continue to digitize our extensive ephemera materials.

"The New Italian Transatlantic," in The Anglo-Italian Review: Banking, Commerce, Finance, Vol. I, No. 11, November 1921, p. 195.

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