SS C. F. Tietgen Archival Collection


The SS C. F. Tietgen.

The SS C. F. Tietgen. GGA Image ID # 12347790c1


C. F. Tietgen (1897) Scandinavian American line

Built by Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Belfast, Ireland. Tonnage: 8,173. Dimensions: 469' x 53'. Propulsion: Twin-screw, 14 knots. Triple expansion engines. Masts and Funnels: Two masts and one funnel. Passenger accommodations, 1912: 200 first, 100 second 700 third. Renamed: Dwinsk (1913). Fate: Torpedoed and sunk in the Atlantic, June 18, 1918. Previously Named: Ex-Rotterdam (1906).


Front Cover, Scandinavian-American Line SS C. F. Tietgen Cabin Class Passenger List - 4 July 1907.


1907-07-04 SS C. F. Tietgen Passenger List

Cabin Passenger List for the SS C. F. Tietgen of the Scandinavian America Line, Departing 4 July 1907 from Copenhagen to New York, Commanded by Captain A. G. Thomsen.


Front Cover, 1912 Brochure "Scandinavia to America," From The Scandinavian-American Line.


1912 - Scandinavian-American Line - Scandinavia to America

50-Page brochure from the Scandinavian-American Line promoting their service from Scandinavia to New York focused on Third Class accommodations and persuading immigrants to cross the Atlantic on one of their steamships. Featured Ships: C. F. Tietgen, Hellig Olav, Oscar II, and United States.


Cross-Section of Double Propeller-Express Steamers.

Cross-Section of Double Propeller-Express Steamers - C. F. Tietgen. GGA Image ID # 1234d0fa09


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