SS Cap Frio Archival Collection


Cap Frio (1899) Hamburg-South American Line

Built by Reiherstieg Schiffswerfte & Maschinenfab, Hamburg, Germany. Tonage: 5,732. Dimensions: 411' x 48'. Propulsion: Single-screw, 13 knots. Quadruple expansion engines. Masts and Funnels: Two masts and one funnel. Fate: Wrecked off Barra lighthouse, Bahia, Brazil, August 30, 1908. Sister ships: Cap Roca and Cap Verde.


Sailing Schedule, Hamburg-New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer, Plymouth, Southampton, and Cherbourg, from 7 October 1900 to 19 January 1901.

Hamburg American Line (HAPAG) Sailing Schedule, 7 October 1900 to 19 January 1901

The SS Cap Frio, operated by the Hamburg-South American Line, a subsidary of Hamburg Amerika Linie / Hamburg American Line (HAPAG), that was scheduled for transatlantic voyages between 7 October 1900 to 19 January 1901.


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