SS City of Havre Archival Collection

City of Havre (1918) Baltimore Mail Line

Built by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., Alameda, California. Tonnage: 8,378. Dimensions: 486' x 56'. Single-screw, 16 knots. Steam turbines. Two masts and one funnel. Renamed: (a) City of Los Angeles, (b) George F. Elliott (United States Govt.). Fate: Sunk by Japanese aircraft off Guadalcanal, August 8, 1942. Previously Named: Ex-Victorious.


Front Cover, Baltimore Mail Line Information for Passengers. Published March 1932.

Baltimore Mail Line Passenger Information - 1932

Rare Passenger Booklet from Baltimore Mail Line covers everything that their patrons would need to know about their voyage. Unlike many of the passenger steamship lines, the Baltimore Mail Line printed the Information for Passengers separate from the Passenger Lists.


Front Cover, Baltimore Mail Line An Innovation in One-Class,Transatlantic Passenger Service.

Baltimore Mail Line to Europe - 1936

Baltimore Mail Line utilizes one-class liners. You can go anywhere onboard without worrying about class restrictions. Decks, lounges, dining saloon— there is no class distinction. Passenger accommodations throughout are of a single high standard.


Front Cover, Outstanding Travel Value to Europe on the Baltimore Mail Line

Baltimore Mail Line Outstanding Travel Value - 1930s

1930s Brochure offers extraordinary interior and exterior views (including passengers) of their transatlantic steamships of the Baltimore Mail Line with routes between Baltimore, Norfolk, Havre and Hamburg. Ships Featured: City of Baltimore, City of Hamburg, City of Havre, City of Newport News, and City of Norfolk.


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