SS Colombo Passenger List - 10 April 1926

Front Cover - 10 April 1926 Passenger List, SS Colombo, N.G.I. Italian Line

Front Cover for a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Colombo of Navigazione Generale Italiana (NGI), Departing 10 April 1926 from New York to Genoa via Palermo and Naples, Commanded by Captain Arturo Romano. Written in English. GGA Image ID # 1d457d73cb



  • Chief Staff
  • General Information for Cabin Passengers
  • Special Information for Eastbound and Westbound Passengers
  • Mediterranean Cruises by the Sitmar Line TSS Neptunia
  • List of Cabin Passengers
  • Proposed Westbound Sailings 1926
  • Approximate Distances between Ports
  • Announcement of the New Line "Roma"
  • N. G. I. Services
  • Connecting Services from Italy to Egypt, Near East, Far East, Etc.
    • Sitmar Line
    • Lloyd Triestino
    • Marittima Italiana
  • Principal N. G. I. Booking Offices and Agencies
  • The N. G. I. Fleet

Archives Inventory Ref Nbr: 746.714.830

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain Commodore Arturo Romano
  2. Chief Engineer Eduardo Ciampa
  3. Chief Surgeon Luigi Gullini
  4. Chief Purser Daniele Scarpati
  5. MAITRE D'Hotel Gio. Batta Margiotti


List of Cabin Passengers

  1. Adams, Mrs. George L
  2. Amato, Mrs. Rosaria
  3. Andersen, Mr. Fred C
  4. Andersen, Mrs
  5. Anello, Mr. Domenico
  6. Antolini, Mr. Agostino
  7. Atkiss, Dr. G. G
  8. Avery, Miss Marjorie B
  9. Bailey, Miss M. P
  10. Barkville, Mrs. E. S
  11. Barnes, Mr. Earl
  12. Bartolucci, Miss Mary
  13. Blakeslee, Mr. S. E
  14. Blakeslee, Mrs
  15. Blakeslee, Mr. Earle B
  16. Bleier, Rev. Leo
  17. Botto, Mrs. Perrone V
  18. Bradford, Miss Florence
  19. Brisacher, Mr. Harry
  20. Brockerhoff, Miss M
  21. Brown, Mr. Frank J
  22. Brown, Mrs
  23. Brown, Miss Bulah
  24. Brown, Mr. Arthur H
  25. Brown, Mrs
  26. Brown, Mr. Kenneth
  27. Brown, Mr. Charles
  28. Bruce, Miss Rena J
  29. Burgess, Mr. Robert
  30. Burgess, Mrs
  31. Carroll, Mr. Otis S
  32. Carroll, Mrs
  33. Carroll, Miss E
  34. Chiappelli, Mr. Carlo
  35. Clark, Mr. Seward E
  36. Clark, Mr. D. H
  37. Clark, Mrs
  38. Clark, Miss M. Elizabeth
  39. Comings, Mrs. F
  40. Costa, Mr. Giuseppe
  41. Costa, Mrs
  42. Cox, Miss Mabel Preston
  43. Cuneo, Mr. John
  44. Dadds, Mr. John H
  45. Dadds, Mrs
  46. Da Praia, Mr. Giuseppe
  47. Davidson, Miss Emily
  48. Day, Mrs. A. L
  49. Day, Miss Helen
  50. De Angelis, Miss F
  51. De Santis, Miss Natalie
  52. Dewey, Miss Sara
  53. Dewey, Miss Nellie
  54. Donnely, Mrs. C. H
  55. D'Onofrio, Mr. Mario
  56. Doran, Judge James F
  57. Doran, Mrs
  58. Dreyfus, Mr. Samuel
  59. Dreyfus, Mrs
  60. Drudy, Miss Catherine
  61. Du Bose, Miss M. P
  62. Du Bose, Miss S. P
  63. Dudley, Mrs. Ada Chase
  64. Dussourd, Mr. Jules
  65. Ellis, Mrs. J. William
  66. Evans, Dr. H. M
  67. Fisher, Miss Olive C
  68. Foster, Miss J. B
  69. Freeman, Miss Helen
  70. Fuil, Mr. Samuel
  71. Fuil, Mrs
  72. Garland, Mr. S. M
  73. Garland, Mrs. 0
  74. Geary, Mrs. Bertha
  75. Giunta, Mr. Sante
  76. Giunta, Mrs
  77. Giunta, Miss Santa
  78. Given, Mrs. Jenny
  79. Goethe, Dr. Kathryn
  80. Grahame, Mrs. Frank
  81. Grant, Miss Alison
  82. Grant, Miss H. R
  83. Griffin, Miss Julia W
  84. Groff, Mrs. Dorothea S
  85. Gund, Miss Pauline
  86. Farwell, Mrs. Arthur L
  87. Farwell, Mrs. A. L
  88. Farwell, Miss Elinor
  89. Fazioe, Mrs. Vincenza
  90. Hall, Mrs. J. K
  91. Hallock, Miss Fanny
  92. Hannon, Miss Jennie
  93. Hanscom, Mr. Clarence E
  94. Hanscom, Mrs
  95. Heffron, Mrs. J. L
  96. Langmuir, Mrs. C
  97. Hicks, Dr. Anna L
  98. Laspia, Mr. Biogio
  99. Hill, Mrs. Gardiner C
  100. Laspia, Mrs
  101. Hitzrot, Dr. L. H
  102. Laspia, Master Blaise T
  103. Hitzrot, Mrs. Agnes H
  104. Law, Miss Margaret
  105. Hoppe, Mrs. A. B
  106. Legniti, Mr. Angelo
  107. Hubert, Miss G
  108. Lentini, Mme. Elena
  109. Huntley, Miss Emilia D
  110. Lewis, Miss Caroline
  111. Hutchinson, Miss E
  112. Lewis, Miss Julia L
  113. Lococo, Mr. Gragorio
  114. Louson, Mrs. Wm. S
  115. Lowery, Miss Mary L
  116. Immich, Mrs. Hollis D
  117. Lyon, Mr. Sanford A
  118. Ireland, Miss W. B
  119. Lyon, Mrs
  120. Lyon, Master S. A., Jr.
  121. Lyon, Miss Emily A
  122. Lyon, Miss Cornelia
  123. Lyon, Miss Margaret
  124. Johnson, Mrs. Franklyn
  125. Jackson, Miss Ethel A
  126. Lyon, Master Charles
  127. Johnson, Miss Dorothea
  128. Jones, Miss J. M
  129. Joseph, Miss Theresa
  130. MacLean Mrs. Caroline R
  131. MacMahon, Miss M. E
  132. McFarland, Mr. Philip E
  133. Kellogg, Miss H. A
  134. McLaughlin, Mr. R
  135. Keeting, Miss Frances
  136. McFarland, Mrs. R. L
  137. Killinger, Mr. John D
  138. Marshall, Mr. H. W
  139. Killinger, Mrs
  140. Mathews, Miss Christine
  141. Killinger, Miss Flora C
  142. Maynard, Mr. M.D.
  143. Killinger, Mr
  144. Meeker, Mr. D. E
  145. Meeker, Mrs
  146. Perry, Mr. F
  147. Mercer, Mr. Charles
  148. Milward, Dr. Douglas A
  149. Milward, Mrs. Perry, Mrs
  150. Mistretta, Dr. Joseph
  151. Pierson, Mrs. C
  152. Pope, Mrs. Harold L
  153. Pope, Miss Margery
  154. Pope, Master Albert
  155. Pryor, Mrs. S. S
  156. Mongiordino, Mrs. B
  157. Neff, Miss Mary S
  158. Neff, Miss Edith S
  159. Nicholson, Mrs. A. A
  160. Nicholson, Miss A. A
  161. Nims, Miss Alice M
  162. Nobbes, Mrs. S. Graham
  163. Osnato, Dr. Michael
  164. Osnato, Mrs
  165. Otis, Miss Sarane
  166. Overton, Miss Florence
  167. Paamo, Mrs. Cristina
  168. Palmieri, Miss Maria
  169. Pears. Mrs. Valeria M
  170. Pearson Miss Mary
  171. Renner, Miss Sophie
  172. Richmond, Mrs. Anna
  173. Ritter, Mrs. Mary B
  174. Rodier, Mr. Gaston
  175. Rodier, Mrs
  176. Roediger, Miss Louise A
  177. Roes, Mr. Paul
  178. Roes, Mrs. Paul
  179. Rogers, Mrs. Chas. E., Jr.
  180. Roncoroni, Mrs. Geremina
  181. Roncoroni, Miss Geremina
  182. Rosiello, Mr. Noe
  183. Rossi, Mr. Alfredo
  184. Rossi, Mrs
  185. Rossi, Miss
  186. Russell, Miss E. J
  187. Salisbury, Mr. Philip
  188. Stackpole, Master H
  189. Stedman, Miss A. B
  190. Steele, Mrs. D
  191. Steffan, Mr. Otto
  192. Stephens, Dr. F. N
  193. Stephenson, Mrs. B. W
  194. Sterchi, Miss
  195. Salisbury, Mrs
  196. Sands, Miss Charlotte
  197. Schaff, Mr. Charles F
  198. Schenck, Miss Mary S
  199. Schleiter, Miss E. C
  200. Schulz, Col. E. H
  201. Schulz, Mrs
  202. Scilitani, Mr. Michele
  203. Scilitani, Mrs
  204. Scilitani, Mr. Giuseppe
  205. Sciortino, Master Paolo
  206. Sciortino, Master F
  207. Sears, Mr. Frederick E
  208. Sears, Mrs
  209. Shaettgen, Mr. Henry
  210. Shaettgen, Miss Rose M
  211. Shaughnessy, Mr. Arthur
  212. Shepard, Mrs. C. A
  213. Sipser, Mrs. J. N
  214. Smith, Mr. Gilbert H
  215. Smith, Mrs
  216. Smith, Miss Agnes
  217. Sprague, Mrs. Carlton
  218. Stackpole, Mrs. Sara
  219. Stochton, Miss Anne
  220. Stockman, Mr. Benjamin
  221. Stockman, Mrs
  222. Stokes, Miss Eliz H
  223. Stratta, Mrs. D. F
  224. Stratta, Master Renato
  225. Strauss, Miss M. E
  226. Sturgis, Mrs. W. K
  227. Suggen, Miss M. L
  228. Taylor, Mrs. Wm
  229. Thatcher, Mr. Sherman D
  230. Thatcher, Mrs
  231. Thatcher, Mrs. Elizabeth
  232. Thatcher, Miss Henrietta
  233. Thayer, Mr. Donald
  234. Walsh, Mrs. Gladys L
  235. Thayer, Mrs. Donald
  236. Thompson, Mr. Paul M
  237. Warner, Miss Jane
  238. Thompson, Mrs
  239. Waterman, Mrs. Hazel W
  240. Thomas, Mrs. A. L
  241. Whitcomb, Miss Carrie E
  242. Throop, Miss Katherine
  243. Wilmarth, Mrs. C. M
  244. Throop, Miss Frances E
  245. Wilmarth, Miss Bertha
  246. Tweedy, Miss Eleanor
  247. Ughetta, Mr. Frank
  248. Ughetta, Mrs
  249. Ughetta, Master Frank
  250. Umvin, Mr. Samuel
  251. Urnauer, Rev. S. J
  252. Vannucci, Mr. Attilio
  253. von Borosini, Baroness Victor
  254. von Borosini, Lucia


General Information for Cabin Passengers

General information for Cabin Passengers

Meals will be served at the following hours:

  • Breakfast from 7 to 9:30 A. M.
  • Luncheon _ at 12 Noon
  • Dinner at 7. P. M.

The Bar will not be open later than midnight, but it is within the discretion of the Commander to close it during the voyage at any time should he consider this course desirable.

Steamer Chairs and Rugs:—Steamer chairs and Rugs may be rented on board ship for use during the voyage upon payment of $1.50 each. At the end of each voyage, the rugs which have been in use are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before being used again.

Medical Attendance:—The service of the Ship Surgeon is at the disposal of the Passengers without charge for illness arising on board ship.

Berthing of Passengers:—No alterations can be made except officially through the Purser.

Valuables:—The Company is not responsible for theft of valuables or money kept in the staterooms. Same should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his safe and a receipt will be given on the Company's form. As no charge is made for carriage, the Company accepts no liability for loss or damage, however arising, but Passengers can protect themselves by insurance.

Payments:---Passengers should obtain a receipt from the Purser on the Company's form for any additional passage money, excess baggage, etc., paid on board.

Dogs:—Dogs are carried at owner's risk. Large dogs are kept in kennels on top deck and a seaman takes charge of their feeding.

Wardrobe Trunks:—The attention of Passengers is called to the fact, that owing to the size of wardrobe trunks, it is not always possible to have these placed in an accessible position in Passengers' staterooms.

Libraries:—Passengers will find on board a well stocked library with the best works in English. Italian, French and Spanish, as well as the best American magazines. The library is open from 10:00 A. M. to 11:00 A. M. and from 4:00 P. M. to 5:00 P. M.

Photographic Dark Room:—A Dark Room, fitted with all necessary equipment, is available for Passengers' use.

Barber and Hair Dresser:—The Barber's Shop is located on "A" deck.

Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy:—Same may be purchased in the Bar Room or in the Lounge.

Tourist and Information Bureau:—Passengers are advised that the Company maintains a Tourist Office where accurate information and helpful assistance relative to travel throughout Italy and Europe are at the disposal of patrons.

Railway, Steamship and Automobile Tours:—Passengers may purchase on board their railroad tickets for any destination in Italy or in Europe or arrange for tours by automobile or steamer.

INCLUSIVE Price INDEPENDENT Travel:—The ship's tourist office will cheerfully quote inclusive prices for independent travel to any place and district the Passengers desires to visit.

DESCRIPTIVE Literature:—The Ship's Tourist Office, which is also a branch office of the Italian State Tourist Department, of the Italian Touring Club and of the Swiss Federal Railways, will furnish on application, free of charge, descriptive literature of interesting points in Italy and Switzerland and has for sale at moderate prices guides, books and maps. Passengers desiring the services of the Ship's Tourist Office are requested to kindly apply at the earliest opportunity so as to avoid confusion and enable the attendants to give them the necessary assistance.

Baggage Storage and Forwarding:—The Passengers' attention is called to the unrivaled service at Genoa for the storage or forwarding of baggage to any point in Italy or Europe. Passengers desiring to avail themselves of the services of the Company operating the forwarding or attending to the storage of baggage, will please notify the ship's Travel Office where full information will be given them.

Baggage Insurance:—As the Company's liability for baggage is strictly limited, it is strongly recommended that Passengers insure their baggage whenever practicable, as, in event of loss or damage to baggage, the Company cannot under any circumstances, accept liability beyond the amount specified on the steamer contract ticket. Baggage can be insured at the Tourist Office on board ship.

Special Information for Eastbound and Westbound Passengers

Passengers' Mail and Parcels:—On outgoing steamers all mail and packages received prior to the sailing are placed in the Passengers' staterooms.

Passengers returning to the U. S. on our Company's steamers, who desire to have their mail forwarded in care of our Company's Genoa or Naples offices, should have same addressed as follows:

sailing per S. S. (date)
c/o NAVIGAZIONE GENERALE Italiana, Genoa (or Naples, according to the port of embarkation).

Mail so addressed will be delivered to Passengers when applying at the respective office before sailing or on board ship.

This applies to ordinary mail only. Registered, insured mail and packages cannot, according to the Italian postal regulations, be delivered but to the addressees. Passengers expecting such mail or packages should therefore make inquiries at the proper postal office at the port of embarkation before going on board.

Mail addressed to incoming Passengers is sent on board ship at Quarantine and is delivered through the Information Office. Mail received after the steamer's arrival in New York is forwarded to the address furnished by the Passengers on the blanks supplied on board. Arrivals at Naples:—The Company's steamers generally reach Naples at about 7 A. M. and Passengers are landed at the Naples dock. Before landing Passengers must show their passports to the Government Officials who board the steamer.

Passengers' baggage is taken ashore to the Customs Baggage Room by porters at Passengers' expense. The tariff for such service is 3.00 Lires for each hand baggage and 5.00 Lires for each trunk. Hotel representatives board the ship and assist the Passengers in clearing the baggage through the Customs and attend to the forwarding of such baggage from the Customs room to the Hotel. Passengers going direct to the Railroad Station will find taxicabs in attendance.

The sailing for Genoa generally takes place at about 3 P. M., thus enabling Passengers to go on a sightseeing tour of Naples and its surroundings.

Passengers may make the proper arrangements for such tours by applying to the ship's Tourist Office.

Passengers going to Rome can take any of the following fast trains from Naples: 10:30 A. M., 2:45 P. M., 6:20 P. M.

tickets for which can be purchased at the Tourist Office on board.

Arrivals at Genoa:—Steamers are generally due to arrive at about 10 A. M. and Passengers land at the Genoa dock. Before landing Passengers must show their passports to the Government Officials who board the steamer. Passengers baggage is taken ashore at Passengers' expense and payment to the porters for such service is made by coupons which are sold at the Information Office at the rate of 3.00 Lires for each hand baggage and 5.00 Lires for each trunk. This tariff applies only for the transportation of the baggage from on board ship to the Customs Room.

Passengers may ship their baggage in transit to any city in Italy or in Europe, arrangements for this purpose being made with the ship's Information and Tourist Office.

Arrivals at Palermo:—Passengers and baggage are taken ashore on tenders at Company's expense.

Customs Regulations in Italy:--The Customs Inspection is made in the Custom Baggage Room in the Passengers' presence. No written declaration is required but the Passengers' attention is called to the fact that tobacco, cigars and cigarettes are subject to duty in Italy and to the necessity of declaring the smallest quantities to the Customs Authorities.

Return Accommodations:—For the convenience of those Passengers who may be traveling from Europe to the United States or from the United States to Europe, and who have not yet made the necessary arrangements, the Ship's Tourist Office will be pleased to radio to Genoa or to New York for any accommodation required.

Westbound Passage:—Passengers holding round trip tickets or orders for westbound passage must apply—not later than the day prior to sailing—at the Company's Office at the port of embarkation in order to exchange their prepaid order or return section for the regular embarkation ticket. Passengers may effect such change by mail, if so desired, at any of the following Company's offices: Genoa, Naples, Turin, Milan, Florence, Rome, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart and Vienna.

Arrivals at New York:—Passengers are landed at the Company's Piers 96 and 97, foot of West 56th and 57th Streets. When any of the Company's steamers arrive at the Pier after 8 P. M., Passengers have the option of remaining on board over night and landing after breakfast the following morning.

Delivery of Baggage in New York:—Passengers are specially requested to claim their baggage before leaving the Custom's Baggage Room on the Pier, as otherwise considerable delay and extra charge for carriage will be incurred in forwarding to destination any baggage not accompanying Passengers on the Railway.

Forwarding of Passengers:—For the convenience of all Passengers disembarking at our piers in New York, who are destined to interior points, the Railroad Lines out of New York, as well as Steamship Lines for Boston, have representatives on the wharf to meet Passengers and arrange to issue railroad tickets to all points in the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as tickets to Boston, via steamer. These representatives will also arrange to check baggage from our piers through to destination, relieving Passengers of the annoyance of having to purchase their tickets at the depot or re-check their baggage. Baggage transfer charges from our piers to rail depots or steamship dock must be paid by Passengers.

Public Telephones:—Booths will be found on the New York Piers.

Taxicabs:—Same can be hired at the Company's Piers in New York.

Professional Gamblers:—Passengers are informed that professional gamblers are reported as frequently crossing on Mediterranean steamers and are warned to take precautions accordingly.

Recovery of U. S. Head Tax:—This Tax can be recovered by Passengers, if same has been paid, provided they inform the U. S. Immigration Inspector on arrival at New York of their intention to leave the United States within sixty days (the time prescribed by U. S. Law) and obtain from him Transit Certificate Form 514.

It is also necessary for Transit Certificate Form 514 to be handed to the transportation company when completed, in time to allow same to be placed before the Immigration Authorities in Washington within 120 days of passenger's arrival in the United States. Unless this regulation is complied with, the fax cannot he recovered.


NGI Logo (1926).

NGI Logo (1926). SS Colombo Passenger List, 10 April 1926. GGA Image ID # 1e601d747e


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