SS Conte di Savoia Passenger List - 6 March 1937

Front Cover - 6 March 1937 Passenger List, SS Conte di Savoia, Italia Line

Front Cover of a First Class Passengers List for the SS Conte di Savoia of the Italian Line, Departing 6 March 1937 from New York to Genoa via Gibraltar, Naples, and Villefranche, Commanded by Captain Antonio Lena. Includes Color Map with preprinted Transatlantic Route. In English.

Notable Passengers: J. Paul Getty, Max Goldman, George M. Mann, H. M. (Harry) Warner and Andrew Chalmers Wilson.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Gr. Uff. Capt. Antonio Lena
  2. Royal Commissioner: Cav. Giorgio TIBERI
  3. Staff Captain: Capt. Cav. Uff. Giorgio Cavallini
  4. Chief Engineer: Cav. Uff. Michele Tod
  5. First Engineer: Cav. Emmanuele De Lucchi
  6. Ship's Surgeon: Cav. Uff. Dr. Giovanni Valenzi
  7. Ship's Surgeon: Dr. Giuseppe De Martino
  8. Chief Purser: Cav. Uff. Count Renzo Passerini
  9. First Purser: Capt. Enrico Monte
  10. Chaplain: Rev. Cav. Giuseppe Carraro
  11. Chief Steward: Attilio Contolini

List of First Class Passengers on Board


  1. Aickelin, Dr. H
  2. Anderson, Mr. Carl G
  3. Ansbro, Mrs. Mary
  4. Ansbro, Miss Kathryn
  5. Attenhofer, Mr. Adolf


  1. Baldeschi-Balleani, Count Aurelio
  2. Baldeschi-Balleani, Countess Aurelio
  3. Baldeschi-Balleani, Miss Francesca
  4. Baldeschi-Balleani, Master Lodovico
  5. Baldwin, Mrs. M. F
  6. Bailey, Mr. George
  7. Bailey, Mrs. George
  8. Barrett, Mr. J. F
  9. Barrett, Mrs. J. F
  10. Barrett, Miss Mary Elise
  11. Barrett, Miss Margy
  12. Barrett, Mr. John F
  13. Barrett, Mr. Richard H
  14. Bell, Mrs. J. M
  15. Billings, Mr. Lester
  16. Billings, Mrs. Lester
  17. Boscher, Mr. Jean
  18. Branca, N. D. Aileen
  19. Breslin, Rt. Rev. Msgr. N
  20. Bretschger, Dr. M. E
  21. Bretschger, Mrs. M. E
  22. Bretzfelder, Dr. Max
  23. Burgos, Mr. Antonio
  24. Burt, Miss Bettina


  1. Cammann, Mrs. George P. and Maid
  2. Carpenter, Mr. F
  3. Casey, Mr. John F
  4. Casey, Mrs. John F
  5. Castlerosse, Lord and Valet
  6. Choguill, Mr. William
  7. Choguill, Mrs. William
  8. Clark, Mr. James
  9. Clark, Mrs. James
  10. Cohan, Mr. Max
  11. Collon, Mrs. Thomas
  12. Colton, Mr. Wendell P
  13. Colton, Mrs. Wendell P
  14. Cravens, Mrs. James


  1. Darte, Mrs. Frank G
  2. Darte, Miss Katherine D
  3. Dean, Mr. Charles A., Jr.
  4. Dean, Mrs. Charles A., Jr.
  5. Dean, Mr. Charles A., Third
  6. Dean, Miss Cynthia
  7. Degen, Rev. Everard A
  8. Draper, Mr. Charles D
  9. Draper, Mrs. Charles D. and Maid


  1. Elkins, Mrs. Felton
  2. English, Mr. E. Schuyler
  3. English, Mrs. E. Schuyler
  4. Eisendrath, Mr. William
  5. Eisendrath, Mrs. William


  1. Ford, Miss Alice H
  2. Ford, Miss Cornelia B
  3. Forman, Mr. Henry James
  4. Forman, Mrs. Henry James


  1. Gardino, Dr. Davie
  2. Getty, Mr. J. P
  3. Geymuller, Baron George
  4. Goby, Mr. S
  5. Goby, Mrs. S
  6. Goldman, Mr. Max
  7. Gordon, Mr. Alvaro Gonzales
  8. Gordon, Mrs. Alvaro Gonzales and Maid
  9. Graham, Dr. William Randolph
  10. Graham, Mrs. William Randolph
  11. Greiner, Mr. Adalbert
  12. Greiner, Mrs. Antonia
  13. Guidotti, Gr. Uff. Luigi


  1. Hackett, Comm. Dr. L. W
  2. Hale, Mr. Newton J
  3. Hale, Mrs. Newton J
  4. Hale, Miss Betty M
  5. Hale, Miss Janet
  6. Harrison, Mr. William H
  7. Harrison, Mrs. William H
  8. Helms, Mr. Henry
  9. Helms, Mrs. Henry
  10. Heroy, Mr. J. H
  11. Heroy, Mrs. J. H
  12. Honigbaum, Mr. Alfred
  13. Hope, Mr. H. Donald
  14. Hord, Mr. Larin
  15. Hutchinson, Mr. William J
  16. Hutchinson, Mrs. William J


  1. Kalman, Mr. C. O
  2. Kalman, Mrs. C. 0
  3. Katz, Mr. Benjamin S
  4. Katz, Mrs. Benjamin S
  5. Kok, Mr. Dirk C
  6. Krone, Mrs. Victor E


  1. Langles, Mr. Henri J
  2. Langsdorf, Mr. Jesse
  3. Langsdorf, Mrs. Jesse
  4. Lemcke, Mr. R. A
  5. Lemcke, Mrs. R. A
  6. Lesser, Mr. Howard
  7. Levee, Mr. S. M
  8. Levee, Mrs. S. M
  9. Loewe, Mr. F
  10. Loughran, Miss Katherine


  1. McBirnie, Mr. S. K
  2. McFarlane, Miss Marguerite


  1. Mahany, Mr. David
  2. Mahany, Mrs. David
  3. Mandelert, Mr. E
  4. Mann, Mr. George M
  5. Mann, Mrs. George M
  6. Mann, Master George M
  7. Mann, Miss Vivian J. and Governess
  8. Merrill, Mrs. John L
  9. Merritt, Mr. Alexander L
  10. Monfort, Mrs. Nelson
  11. Morris, Mr. J. E
  12. Morris, Mrs. J. E
  13. Morsman, Mr


  1. Nesser, Miss Elvine P
  2. Netcher, Mrs. Gertrude


  1. O'Connor, Rev. Peter P
  2. O'Malley, Miss Eileen


  1. Paddock, Mrs. B. W
  2. Perry, Mr. S. W
  3. Peters, Mrs. F. M
  4. Pisa, Mr. Francesco


  1. Ravasi, Dr. Giuseppe
  2. Rawson, Miss Dorothy
  3. Rawson, Miss Marion
  4. Rheinertz, Mr. I. M
  5. Rheinertz, Mrs. I. M
  6. Rich, Mr. B
  7. Rizzini, Mr. Mario E
  8. Rizzini, Mrs. Mario E
  9. Roberts, Mr. G. M
  10. Rockwell, Mrs. S. F
  11. Rodman, Mr. Harry
  12. Rosenbach, Mr. Milton
  13. Rosenfeld, Miss E
  14. Rosenfeld, Miss Jessie


  1. Saffrin, Mrs. A
  2. Saint-Gaudens, Mr. Homer
  3. Saint-Gaudens, Mrs. Homer
  4. Sawyer, Mr. George L
  5. Schnabel, Mr. Karl Ulrich
  6. Schulte, Mrs. Frank
  7. Sharp, Mrs. W. B
  8. Simpkin, Mr. Leslie John
  9. Simondetti, Comm. Ernesto A
  10. Smith, Mr. B. E
  11. Smith, Mrs. B. E
  12. Smith, Mrs. J. A. B
  13. Smith, Mr. U. Grant
  14. Sterling, Miss Leila
  15. Sterling, Mr. Walter
  16. Styffe, Mr. S. J


  1. Taggart, Mr. W. L
  2. Taggart, Mrs. W. L
  3. Thalmessinger, Mrs. Tillie
  4. Thiessing, Mr. Rene E
  5. Towle, Mr. Ralph
  6. Towle, Mrs. Ralph
  7. Towle, Miss Maude
  8. Trowbridge-Rogers, Mrs. Emilie
  9. Tyler, Mr. Ernest F
  10. Tyler, Mrs. Ernest F


  1. Van Baalen, Mr. Alfred
  2. Van Baalen, Mrs. Alfred
  3. Vitelli, Comm. Giuseppe
  4. Vitelli, Mrs. Giuseppe
  5. Vogel, Mrs. G. C


  1. Warner, Mr. H. M
  2. Warner, Mrs. H. M
  3. Watling, Mr. John W
  4. Watling, Mrs. John W
  5. Weber, Mr. Karl
  6. Whigham, Mr. H. J
  7. Whigham, Mrs. H. J. and Maid
  8. Widmer, Mr. Max
  9. Widmer, Master Peter
  10. Williams, Mr. Harrison and Valet
  11. Wilson, Mr. Andrew Chalmers
  12. Wilson, Mrs. Andrew Chalmers and Maid
  13. Wilson, Mrs. Charles H
  14. Wilson, Mr. Wirt


  1. Zama, Mr. E

Track Chart - 6 March 1937 Passenger List, SS Conte di Savoia, Italia Line

General Information for Passengers

Berthing of Passengers
No alteration in Cabin can be made except through the Purser. Receipt for any difference paid, as per the Company's fixed Tariff, will be given to Passengers by the Purser, who will also duly note on passage tickets changes of accommodation.

Medical Attendance
For medical and surgical attendance to Passengers, ship's surgeons are entitled to professional fees, to be charged as per published schedule, available at Purser's Offices.
Said medical and surgical attendance will be free of charge, if Passengers are suffering from seasickness, or are affected by infirmities or injuries deriving from statical conditions of the ship or in any way pertaining to navigation, and also in cases of contagious diseases which are subject to denunciation.

Return Accommodation
For the convenience of those Passengers who may be returning from Europe to the United States and have not yet made the necessary arrangements. the Enquiry & Travel Office will be pleased to radio the Genoa Office for any accommodation required. This will enable Passengers to complete their arrangements before leaving the steamer and will consequently save them time and trouble.

The Company is not responsible for loss or theft of valuables, money, etc. Same should be handed to the Purser for deposit in his safe. In such cases valuables should be consigned under seal with the name of the depositor clearly shown.

No charge is made for such service and the Company accepts no liability in connection therewith.

Safe deposit boxes for the safekeeping of valuables can be secured free of charge upon application to the Enquiry & Travel Office. A deposit of 50 Italian Liras is only requested and refunded to the Passengers when returning the box key.

The deposit of valuables in the safe boxes is made by the Passengers themselves without any inventory or control of the Line, it being expressly agreed that the Line does not accept any responsibility for the safe custody of the valuables.

Baggage Insurance
As the Company's liability for baggage is strictly limited, it is strongly recommended to Passengers to insure their baggage as, in the event of loss or damage to the same, the Company cannot under any circumstances, accept liability beyond the amount specified on the steamer contract ticket. Baggage can be insured at the Enquiry & Travel Office, such insurance covering all risks on land or sea.

Passengers Are Not Allowed To Trespass
the limit of their own class.

A special board containing Instructions for the Use of Lifebelts is posted in every Stateroom. Passengers are requested to take notice of the above mentioned Instructions as indicated.

Professional Gamblers
Passengers are informed that professional gamblers seeking to play for high stakes, are reported as crossing on Atlantic steamers.

Passengers are strictly forbidden to keep cinema-films in their cabins. Such must be delivered to the Enquiry & Travel Office in order to be stored in a suitable room during the voyage.

Collections, charitable or otherwise, are strictly forbidden.

Claims and Complaints
Passengers' criticism and suggestions relative to the services on board receive the most particular attention of the Company. Passengers are requested to address themselves in this connection either to the Captain or to "Italia—Flotte Riunite," Piazza De Ferrari, Genoa, home of the Italian Line.

for Further Information, Please Consult The "Ship's Routine" of Your Own Class.

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