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SS Rex Passenger List - 13 July 1938

Front Cover of a Tourist Class Passenger List for the SS Rex of Italia Line, Departing 13 July 1938 from Genoa to New York.

Front Cover of a Tourist Class Passenger List for the SS Rex of Italia Line, Departing 13 July 1938 from Genoa to New York via Cannes, Naples, and Gibraltar, Commanded by Captain Attilio Frugone. GGA Image ID # 1ee5e5ce47


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain Cav. Uff. Cap. Attilio Frugone
  2. First Officer Cav. Uff. Cap. Pasquale Pezzuto
  3. Engineer Director Cav. Uff. Vittorio Badaracco
  4. Chief Engineer Cav. Renato Regolini
  5. Physician Dott. Cav. Luigi Gullini
  6. Physician Dott. Cav. Marcello Antonio Di Re
  7. Chief Purser Cap. Aurelio Lo Bianco
  8. First Commissioner Cap. Costanzo Defferari
  9. Tourist Office Cap. Leopoldo Ottaviani
  10. Chaplain Monsignor Umberto Cassani
  11. Steward Ernesto Peroni


Tourist Class Passengers

From Genoa

  1. Mrs. Angelina Achino Tognetti in Millo
  2. Mrs. Nelly Carla Aldor
  3. Comm. Pompeo Abba
  4. Mrs. Giuseppina T. Abba
  5. Mr. Alberto Angeli
  6. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Angeli
  7. Miss Simonetta Angeli
  8. Mrs. W. Robinson Brown
  9. Miss Frances Hildreth Brown
  10. Mr. James Buckley
  11. Mr. Alfred F. Brach
  12. Mr. Ruggero Bianchini
  13. Mrs. Maddalena Balena
  14. Miss Clarice Bruno
  15. Dr. Moritz Brodfeld
  16. Mr. Paulo Costa
  17. Mr. Alex Chiappe
  18. Mr. A. J. Chiappe
  19. Mr. Louis M. Camia
  20. Mr. Julius Camia
  21. Dr. Anthony Capizzi
  22. Mrs. Mary Casaretto
  23. Miss Yola Casaretto
  24. Miss Rose Colombi
  25. Mrs. Antonietta Zeno Duca
  26. Mr. Charles Healy Day
  27. Mrs. Charles Healy Day
  28. Mr. Frank Dardanell
  29. Mrs. Charlotte De Amezaga
  30. Mrs. Bertha Erminio
  31. Mr. Max Friedmann
  32. Mrs. Sophie Friedmann
  33. Mrs. Blanche Fornasiero
  34. Miss Albalina Garrou
  35. Miss Alice Norma Garrou
  36. Mrs. Frances Gilla
  37. Mr. Louis Giurlani
  38. Mr. Giuseppe Giurlani
  39. Mr. Pierino Gavello
  40. Mrs. Maria Ohiozzi
  41. Miss Louise Gavuzzi
  42. Mr. Jim Giudes
  43. Miss Liboria Rose Gentile
  44. Mr. Vittorio Generoso
  45. Miss Annabel Horn
  46. Mrs. Elizabeth R. Horn
  47. Miss Amy Heminway Jones
  48. Rev. Andrew P. Jacobs
  49. Miss Maria Krizsan
  50. Rev. Dr. N. L. Komlossy
  51. Mr. Joseph Kromel
  52. Mrs. Pauline Kromel
  53. Dr. Guido Lenci
  54. Mrs. Clare Louis
  55. Mr. Blase Lemmo
  56. Mrs. Caterina Massetti
  57. Mr. Charles Mills
  58. Mrs. Charles Mills
  59. Mr. John Muhr
  60. Dr. Manlio Mosca
  61. Mrs. Emma Mosca Riatel
  62. Mrs. Rita Marinucci Marghesani
  63. Mr. Dante Marghesani
  64. Mrs. Madeleine Mather
  65. Miss Madeleine Ann Mather
  66. Mrs. Caterina Nedy
  67. Mr. Roberto Nedy
  68. Mr. William Nerli
  69. Mrs. Ermelinda Pugioli
  70. Dr. Luigi Provasoli
  71. Mr. Caesar Reinero
  72. Mrs. Giuseppina Spelzini
  73. Mr. Giuseppe Sbarbori
  74. Mr. Alfonso J. Suarez Jr.
  75. Mr. Ernesto Angelo Sciutto
  76. Mrs. Silvia Sciutto
  77. Mrs. Elisabeth Spielmann
  78. Mr. Erich Spielinann
  79. Dr. D. Giorgio Idamo Scatena
  80. Mr. Sam Schwartz
  81. Mrs. Lily Sober Schwartz
  82. Mr. Mario Sossi
  83. Mrs. Mary Sossi
  84. Miss Lotti Spindel
  85. Dr. Giuseppe Trapani
  86. Mrs. Irma Rossi Trapani
  87. Miss Giuliana Trapani
  88. Mr. Antonio James Vitale
  89. Mr. George Vissio
  90. Mr. Arturo Vescovo
  91. Mrs. Beatrice Vigane Casardi
  92. Dr. Antonie Weller
  93. Dr. Arpad Widder
  94. Mrs. Gretchen Welliver
  95. Mr. Pedro A. Ycaza
  96. Mrs. Maria Anotonieta Ycaza
  97. Master Oscar Ivan Ycaza
  98. Master Bernardo Agustin Ycaza
  99. Mr. Angelo Zingari
  100. Mrs. Antonietta Zingari

From Cannes

  1. Miss Parrish Cummings
  2. Rev. Charles Keyser
  3. Miss Jeannette Massa
  4. Miss Beatrice Nimick
  5. Mrs. M. Shedd
  6. Mr. J. Henry Sayres
  7. Mrs. Cynthia Zavodow

From Naples

  1. Mr. Giuseppe Apicello
  2. Mrs. Maria Apicello
  3. Master Alfredo Apricello
  4. Mr. Athanasios Atsales
  5. Miss Rosina Elvira Albanese
  6. Mr. Amos M. Ardovino
  7. Mr. John Anthony
  8. Mrs. Anna Ladisa Aita
  9. Mr. Pietro Arienzo
  10. Rev. John Bobyock
  11. Mr. Mike Belles
  12. Mr. Vito Bica
  13. Mr. Domenico Bulzoni
  14. Mr. Frank Bulzoni
  15. Mr. Fred Barbaro
  16. Master John Barbaro
  17. Dr. Wilfredo H. Brito
  18. Prof. Pasquale Borgia
  19. Mrs. Maria Bayer
  20. Mr. Arturo Belli
  21. Miss Concetta Barranco
  22. Mrs. Caterina Caneparo
  23. Mrs. Marianne Colaizzo
  24. Mrs. Lina Cifelli
  25. Miss Anna Maria Cifelli
  26. Mr. Salvatore Castaldi
  27. Mrs. Mildred Castaldi
  28. Mr. Nino Casella
  29. Mr. Michele Camastro
  30. Mr. Louis P. Christo
  31. Mrs. Louis P. Christo
  32. Mr. Frank Conte
  33. Mrs. Frenzis Conte
  34. Mr. Salvatore Chiaramonte
  35. Mr. Vincenzo Chiaramonte
  36. Mrs. Maria Giovanna Camporeale
  37. Prof. Vergio Contini
  38. Mr. Michael Capuano
  39. Mr. Amedeo Chiappete
  40. Miss Annice Carter
  41. Mr. Antony Caldiero
  42. Avv. Adelmo Cerabona (Lawyer)
  43. Mrs. Maria Antonietta Cerabona
  44. Miss Ida Cerabona
  45. Mr. Vincenzo Contaldi
  46. Mrs. Anna M. Casini
  47. Mr. Antonio Cimmarusti
  48. Dr. Michele de Marsico
  49. Mrs. Emma de Marsico
  50. Miss Prof. Iris de Marsico
  51. Miss Prof. Idia de Marsico
  52. Mr. Joseph F. De Lorenzo
  53. Mr. Sabino Dagostino
  54. Mrs. Anna Dolce
  55. Mr. Joseph De Palma
  56. Mrs. Rose De Palma
  57. Rev. Michael Donatelli
  58. Avv. Pietro D'Ascia (Lawyer)
  59. Mrs. Fortunata P. D'Ascia
  60. Mr. Vincenzo D'Amato
  61. Mrs. Rosina D'Amato
  62. Mr. James D'Amato
  63. Mr. Antonio Di Piano
  64. Mr. Vincent Falanga
  65. Mrs. Maria Foscarini
  66. Mrs. Guinda Froumcair
  67. Mr. Jacob Frumker
  68. Mr. Columbus Galeani
  69. Mrs. Joseph Whitman Greenleaf
  70. Mr. Joseph Whitman Greenleaf
  71. Mr. Alessandro Gagna
  72. Mr. Salvatore Graffeo
  73. Mr. Rufino Grassi
  74. Mr. Nicola Guglielminetti
  75. Mrs. Elihu Grant
  76. Mrs. Antoinette Gregor
  77. Miss Olivia M. Hill
  78. Mr. Giovanni lannotti
  79. Mr. Edward W. Key-Tejera
  80. Mr. James Leingon
  81. Rev. Theodore Leuterman
  82. Dn. Gustavo Lanchazo
  83. Miss Laudelina Lemes
  84. Miss Lillian Littlefield
  85. Rev. Tommaso Lanza
  86. Mrs. Harry Edward Miller
  87. Can. Parroco Placido Macrf
  88. Rev. David Maloney
  89. Rev. Michael J. Mc Carthy
  90. Mrs. Nunziata Mardonato
  91. Mr. L. Masucci
  92. Mrs. A. Masucci
  93. Mrs. Rose Maletta
  94. Mrs. Francesca Napolitano
  95. Miss Mary Napolitano
  96. Mr. Giuseppe Nicosia
  97. Mr. Kendall A. Niglis
  98. Mr. Thos P. O'Connor
  99. Mother M. Hilary Okon
  100. Mrs. Giovannina Pinto
  101. Mr. Francis J. Pinto
  102. Mr. P. Papagni
  103. Mrs. P. Papagni
  104. Mr. Pete Pallas
  105. Mr. Albert Pizzi
  106. Mrs. Albert Pizzi
  107. Mrs. Maria Antonia Pirillo
  108. Mrs. Elisa Petillo
  109. Mrs. Esther Perahia
  110. Mr. David Perahia
  111. Mr. Thomas Plasioti
  112. Miss Anna Raia
  113. Dr. Med. N. I. Rieger
  114. Mr. Demeter Rakoci
  115. Dr. Vincent Renzi
  116. Rev. Henri Renard
  117. Mr. Giuseppe Randazzo
  118. Mrs. Grazia Randazzo
  119. Miss Caroline Silliman
  120. Miss Marie Salamone
  121. Mr. Stefano Sciortino M. Vincenzo Sgambato
  122. Mrs. Vincenza Sgambato
  123. Mr. Giuseppe Scaglione
  124. Rev. Joseph Strugnell
  125. Rev. Francois Sugiyama S. M
  126. Cav. Uff. Silvio Scandalli
  127. Mr. Louis R. Solomon
  128. Mrs. Jean Solomon
  129. Rev. Howard Sweeney
  130. Mother Ignatius Skopanski
  131. Mother Eusebia Shipkowski
  132. Mrs. Anna Seriuca
  133. Miss Grace Serra
  134. Rev. Jules Tane Marianiste
  135. Mrs. Graziella Tateo
  136. Miss Maria Turi
  137. Miss Anna Tateo
  138. Miss Caterina Tateo
  139. Mrs. Giusepp.t Tumminello
  140. Mr. Filippo Tirone
  141. Mr. Angelo V mmino
  142. Mr. Giovanni Valente
  143. Mrs. Maria Valente
  144. Mrs. P. Ventura
  145. Mr. Robert Widmer
  146. Mrs.Robert Widmer
  147. Miss Mary C. Walsh
  148. Mr. Chas R. Woods
  149. Mrs. Chas R. Woods
  150. Miss Doris Woods
  151. Mother M. Regina Wentowska


General Information for Passengers

Berthing of Passengers - No alteration in Cabin can be made except through the Purser. Receipt for any difference paid, as per the Company's fixed Tariff, will be given to Passengers by the Purser, who will also duly note on passage tickets changes of accommodation.

Medical Attendance - For medical and surgical attendance to Passengers, ship' s surgeons are entitled to professional fees, to be charged as per published schedule, available at Purser's Offices.

Said medical and surgical attendance will be free of charge, if Passengers are suffering from seasickness, or are affected by infirmities or injuries deriving from statical conditions of the ship or in any way pertaining to navigation, and also in cases of contagious diseases which are subject to denunciation.

Return accommodation - For the convenience of those Passengers who may be returning from the United States to Europe and have not yet made the necessary arrangements, the Enquiry & Travel Office will be pleased to radio the New York Office for any accommodation required. This will enable Passengers to complete their arrangements before leaving the steamer and will consequently save them time and trouble.

Wireless Services — The vessels belonging to the Societa Italia are equipped with a most powerful and up-to-date radiotelegraphic plant. In this way the ships remain in communication with any part of the world by the medium of the chain of wireless stations on terra-firma.

All through the voyage, this vessel is in continuous touch with Italy, Europe, and the United States of America. Thus, the Marconigrams are transmitted, or received, direct; so that a quick service and a rapid exchange of business, or private, messages can be effected at any moment.

The Radiotelegraphic Station will be found on Sport Deck.

For the greater convenience of Passengers no Marconigrams arriving during the night will be delivered to Addressee before 7,30 a. m., unless the Passenger has expressly requested the Enquiry & Travel Office to hand him same at once on receipt during the night.

Mail Service — Three different types of messages can be sent from on board:
a) Marconigrams
b) Ocean radioletters (SLT) (reduced rates)
c) Marconigram - letters (OL)

Marconigrams — Messages of an urgent nature should be sent as "Marconigrams" and same are telegraphed right through.

A marconigram to Italy or to North America sent this way from steamer cost less than a cable sent from on shore at the ports of call.

Ocean Radioletters (SLT) — Are accepted at reduced rates for the United States and Canada. The service is of the deferred type. Registered addresses are not admitted such addrCsses to be written in plain language. Ocean Radioletters are sent by radio from steamer to one of the shore stations of North America who forward them to destination by air or ordinary mail.

Pâté Italian lire 47,15 for 24 words, plus Italian lire 1.87 for each extra word.

Marconigram - letters (OL) — Are only accepted for Italy. The service is of the deferred type. Such messages are sent by wireless to any italian vessel proceeding to Italy and the receiving vessel arranges for the forwarding to destination by ordinary mail at first port of call in Italy.
Rate Italian lire 10.60 for 20 words, and Italian lire 1.00 for each extra word.

Night radiotelegrams for United States. - For Passengers convenience it was recently established a service of Night Radiolelegrams (NRT) to United States.

These messages are accepted at the Radio Office not later than midnight (ship's time) and delivered to destination next morning.

Messages are admitted in plain language only, but telegraphic address may be used.

The word (NRT) is to precede the address, and it is charged for.

Per word . . . . Lit. 3,54 (equal to about $ 0,19)
Service On Land — News can be sent to Passengers by their relations or friends, if these are residing in Italy, by means of Marconigrams transmitted to the vessel via "Coltanoradio".

Relations or friends resident in other European countries will find it advisable to forward their Marconi-grams, intended for the ship, by the medium of the aforesaid " Coltanoradio " Station, the vessel being in continuous communication with same.

Marconigrams can be presented at any Telegraphic Office, using the following Form of Address:
Passenger's Name
Vessel's Name
This is to be followed by the text.

Wireless Telephony Station — The vessel is also equipped with the most perfect and up-to-date radiotelephonic plant (ultra powerful "Marconi") for transmitting and receiving, therefore secures a regular service during the navigation, both with Europe, the U. S. A., Canada, Mexico and Cuba.

The normal range of this set of apparatus allows of direct communications from ship to North America, immediately after leaving Italy. As soon as the vessel has left America, Passengers can communicate with all the principal European Towns.

Suggestion and Complaints — Passengers are requested to ask for the Special Book, and insert in same any suggestions or complaints they may wish to make with regard to inconveniences noted by them in the Ship's Radiotelegraphic Service.

For full details and tariffs please apply direct to the Wireless Station on board.

Telephone Service on Board The Vessels at Genoa and Naples. — During the days of arrival &/or sailing of the vessels from the port of Genoa, as well as during the vessels' stay at Naples, both on outward and homeward voyages from New York, a telephone service (interurban) at tariff rates is made expressly available on board this vessel for Passengers' requirements.

A person appointed by the Telephone Company is on board at Passengers' disposal during the time established for the service in question.

Mail — Mail received after Passengers have left the ship is Forwarded to the address furnished by them on fhe Identification Cards.

High Seas Mail — The Enquiry and Travel Office is acting also as oficial Agent of the Italian Post Administration; therefore accepts registered mail.

Banking Services - Passengers may avail themselves of the banking services (exchange of money, letters of credit, travelers cheques, banking enquiries, etc.) at the Bank located in the Entrance Hall, the care of which in entrusted to an Official of the Ban ca Commerciale Italiana.

A special booklet containing details of this service will be distributed to Passengers upon their request.

Important Notice.—Anyone entering or leaving Italy in allowed to carry a maximum amount in italian cash money of 350 Lire

Exporting and importing of 500!and 1000 Lira Banknotes is prohibited.

Any amount found not in accordance with these provisions is sequestered by Italian Custom Authorities.

Valuables - The Company is not responsible for loss or thPft of valuables, money, etc. Same should be handed to the Purser for deposit in his safe. In such cases valuables should be consigned under seal with the name of the depositor clearly shown.

No charge is made for such service and the Company accepts no liability in connection therewith.

Baggage Insurance — As the Company's liability for baggage is strictly limited, it is strongly recommended to Passengers to insure their baggage as, in the event of loss or damage to the same, the Company cannot under any circumstances, accept liability beyond the amount specified on the steamer contract ticket. - Baggage can be insured at the Enquiry & Travel Office, such insurance covering all risks on land or sea.

Passengers Are Not Allowed To Trespass the limit of their own class.

Steamer Chairs, Rugs and Cushions — For the westbound trip, the charge for chairs is 0,80, for rugs 0,80 and for cushions 0,40.

Lifebelts — A special board containing Instructions for the Use of Lifebelts is posted in every Stateroom. Passengers are requested to take notice of the above mentioned Instructions as indicated.

Professional Gamblers — Passengers are informed that professional gamblers seeking to play for high stakes, are reported as crossing on Atlantic steamers.

Cinema- Films — Passengers are strictly forbidden to keep cinema-films in their cabins. Such must be delivered to the Enquiry and Travel Office in order to be stored in a suitable room during the voyage.

Collections, charitable or otherwise are strictly forbidden.

For further information, please consult the "Ships' routine".

Useful Information for The Arrival at New York

Hotel Reservations in New York By Wireless-Telegram — Passengers may send, free of charge, wireless telegrams in code reserving accommodation at New York I lotels. Full particulars may be obtained at the Enquiry & Travel Office.

Arrival at New York — Passengers are landed at the Pier 92 North River, where Passengers will find taxis, telephones etc. If the vessel arrives at the Pier after 8 p. m., Passengers have the option of remaining on board over night and landing after breakfast the following morning.

Landing Cards, Port of New York — Before leaving the vessel, holders must present landing cards to the U. S. Doctor and to U. S. Immigration Inspector for endorsement.

American citizen must present Landings Cards only to the U. S. Immigrants Inspector for the visa.

Delivery of Baggage in New York — Passengers are especially requested to claim their baggage before leaving the Custom' s Baggage Room on the Pier, as, otherwise, considerable delay and extra charge for carriage will be incurred in forwarding to destination any baggage not accompanying Passengers on the railway.

Forwarding of Passengers — For the convenience of all Passengers disembarking at our piers in New York who are destined to interior points, the Railroad Lines out of New York, as well as Steamship Lines for Boston have representatives on the wharf to meet Passengers and arrange to issue railroad tickets to all points in the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as tickets to Boston, via steamer. These representatives will also arrange to check baggage from ours pier through to destination, relieving Passengers of the annoyance of purchasing their tickets at-the depot or of re-checking their Baggage. Transfer charges from our piers to rail depots or steamship dock must be paid by Passengers.

Recovery of U. S. Head Tax - This tax can be recovered by Passengers, if same has been paid, provided they inform the U. S. Immigration Inspector on arrival at New York of their intention to leave the U. S. within sixty days (the time prescribed by U. S. Law) and obtain from him Transit Certificate Form 614.

It is also necessary for Transit Certificate Form 514 to be handed to the Transportation Company, when complete, in time to allow same to be placed before the Immigration Authorities in Washington within 120 days of Passenger's arrival in the United States. Unless this regulation is complied with, the Tax cannot be recovered.

Claims and Complaints - Passengers' criticism and suggestions relative to the services on board receive the most particular attention of the Company. Passengers are requested to address themselves in this connection either to the Captain or to the Direction, at the "Italia" Company's Headquarters, Piazza De-Ferrari, Genoa.


Italia Line Route Map, 1938. SS Rex Passenger List, 13 July 1938.

Italia Line Route Map, 1938. SS Rex Passenger List, 13 July 1938. GGA Image ID # 1ee649d8c1. Click to View Larger Image.


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