SS Colombo Passenger List - 16 March 1927

Front Cover of a One Class Passenger List for the SS Colombo of the NGI Steamship Colombo, Departing Wednesday, 16 March 1927 from Genoa to New York.

Front Cover of a One Class Passenger List for the SS Colombo of the NGI Steamship Colombo, Departing Wednesday, 16 March 1927 from Genoa to New York via Naples and Palermo, Commanded by Captain Filippo D' Esposito. Designated as Voyage No. 39. GGA Image ID # 1e6059056d


List of One Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Antonio Bagigalupo
  2. Master Charles Bagigalupo
  3. Miss Ruth M. Billings
  4. Mr. Luigi Barzini
  5. Miss Isabel Belekens
  6. Mrs. Edith B Baker
  7. Mr. Francesco Barbera
  8. Mrs. Adele Birolli
  9. Mr. Olindo Calastri
  10. Rev. Ugo Cavicchi
  11. Mr. Ciro Carbone
  12. Mr. Pietro Chini
  13. Mr. Antonio Cozzolino
  14. Mrs. Effie Cullen
  15. Miss M Alice Cullen
  16. Mr. Thomas E. Coale
  17. Mrs. Nunzia Coale
  18. Mr. Lynn Carrick
  19. Mr. Alan Carrick
  20. Mr. Sebastiano Crapanzano
  21. Mrs. Giovannina Crapanzano
  22. Miss Gaetano Crapanzano
  23. Miss Ignazio Crapanzano
  24. Miss Maria Crapanzano
  25. Mr. Giuseppe Caruso
  26. Mr. Salvatore Cataldo
  27. Mr. Rosario Celi
  28. Mrs. Sarah Cheney
  29. Mr. Walter G. H. Dudley
  30. Mr. Arturo D' Aprile
  31. Mr. Antonio De Martino
  32. Mr. Louis Di Francesco
  33. Mr. Pietro Di Gregorio
  34. Mr. Cosimo Di Iorio
  35. Mrs. Lucia Di Iorio
  36. Mr. Domenico Ferrando
  37. Mrs. Ernestina Ferrando
  38. Mr. Lorenzo Messina
  39. Mrs. Maria Perri Filippelli
  40. Master Luigi A. Filippelli
  41. Master Raffaele Filippelli
  42. Mr. Domenico Fiore
  43. Mr. Carmelo Fricano
  44. Miss Francesca Gotta
  45. Mr. Antonio Gambini
  46. Mr. Joseph Grunfeld
  47. Mr. Giuseppe Grimaldi
  48. Mr. Luigi Gambardella
  49. Mr. Achille Gaspari
  50. Mr. P. D. Hawkins
  51. Mrs. Myrthe Hawkins
  52. Mrs. Harries C. Hanley
  53. Miss Nancy Hanley
  54. Miss Susan Hart
  55. Miss Elisabeth Klotz
  56. Mr. Palmer Johnson
  57. Mrs. E. B. Johnson
  58. Mrs. Dorothy Lookwood
  59. Mr. S. K, Lauren
  60. Mrs. Lucie Lauren
  61. Mr. Antonio Lo Cicero
  62. Mr. Gaetano Laduc a
  63. Mr. Ferdinando Loverso
  64. Mrs. Maria Loverso
  65. Master Gaetano Loverso
  66. Master Pasquale Loverso
  67. Miss Accursia Licata
  68. Mrs. Howard Miller
  69. Mr. Pietrino Mastrodomenico
  70. Mrs. Crisci Filomena Moscato
  71. Mr. Stefano Mastroianni
  72. Mr. Charles Marsk
  73. Mrs. Jennie Marsk
  74. Mr. Frank Murphy
  75. Mr. John Massimino
  76. Mr. Nathaniel Morgan
  77. Mrs. Caroline Morgan
  78. Mrs. Mary Manley
  79. Mr. F. M. Manley
  80. Mr. C. Mott
  81. Mrs. A. Mott
  82. Mrs. Caterina Mucaria
  83. Mr. Sebastiano Nanfro
  84. Miss Teresa Nanfro
  85. Mr. Giuseppe Oliviero
  86. Mr. Thoma Puka
  87. Mr. Vangel Pakukia
  88. Mr. Luigi Perri
  89. Mr. Angelo Ponticelli
  90. Miss Giuseppa Passantino
  91. Mr. Antonino Pepi
  92. Miss Sarah Parsons
  93. Mrs. Francesca Randazzo
  94. Mr. Rosario Randazzo
  95. Mr. Pietro Sicbaldi
  96. Mrs. Caterina S. Simpson
  97. Mr. Riccardo Schuber
  98. Mrs. Matilde Shaff
  99. Mr. Giuseppe Schutz
  100. Mr. Francesco Saggio
  101. Mr. Michele Sofia
  102. Mr. William Todd
  103. Mrs. Alice Todd
  104. Mr. Francesco Vedilago
  105. Mrs. Graziosa Vedilago
  106. Miss Florence Verniere
  107. Miss Vera Verniere
  108. Mr. Giuseppe Zimarino

Information for Passengers of One Class

Table service in the dining room:

  • First Breakfast: From 07:00 to 09.30
  • Second Breakfast: 11:00
  • Tea 16:00
  • Dinner 18:00

Room service is limited to Passengers who have to stay in the room for illness.

Wine list - Wine prices are a list of passengers available.

Room change Any room change in comparison with the place fixed in the ticket must be authorized by the Commissioner on board, who issues a regular receipt of possible price differences paid on the basis of the established rates.

Healthcare - Passengers have the assistance of the on-board medical practitioner, who is completely free of charge for illnesses contracted on board.

Life Belts and Boats - Each room has instructions on how to use the seat belts and the location of the boat in the boat, and passengers are required to take a look.

Values ​​- The Company does not respond to theft if the volumes or money are kept in the room. The Border Commissioner is required to receive the values ​​that Passengers wish are closed in his safe.

In this case the values ​​must be delivered sealed and sealed, making clear the name of the depositor.

The custody is made free of charge and the Company assumes no liability in the event of loss or damage in any case. Passengers may, however, cover insurance.

Baggage Insurance - As the Company's luggage is strictly limited, it is strongly recommended that passengers secure their luggage, since in the event of loss the Company can not accept liability for any amount greater than the one specified in the Ticket passing. Baggage can be secured by purchasing the relevant policies from the Commissioner on board.

Baggage - The large luggage, which can not be placed in the room or in the hallway, will be stored in the spacious and comfortable luggage compartment, which passengers can access from 14 to 18.

Dogs - Dogs are carried at the risk of the master. Big dogs must be handed over to the person in charge, who will guard them in the dog kennel and provide for their nourishment. Under no circumstances will the dogs be allowed to stay in the premises for passengers.

Library - Passengers find on board a collection of Italian and foreign literary works and musical works, as well as printed lists at their disposal.

The library is open from 9am to 12pm and from 5pm to 10pm. The books can be picked up for reading by signing the book. In the event of deterioration or painful restitution the passenger will have to pay the amount.

Deck chairs - 11 seats for rent are L. 50, L. 30 covers and L. 15 cushions for crossing. At the end of each trip, the blankets and cushions are washed and disinfected.

Barber, hair salon for ladies, manicure - A special rate regulates the various services.

Tobaccos, Chocolates and Confectionery - Can be purchased at the 1st Waiter at a special rate available to the passengers.

Perfumes - They are sold by the barber at the rates set by the fare available to the travelers.

Payments - All Payments made by Passengers must be issued by the Commissioner or by the Contractor for a receipt on Company Cell Form.

Correspondence - Letters and telegrams can be sent to the Passengers at the Company's address.

For New York the address of letters and parcels must be as follows:
"Italy-America Shipping Corporation" - l-5 State Street - New York.

Always with the name of the passenger and the steamer.

By telegrams: "Itarica" ​​- New York.

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