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Titanic Images - The International Steam Engineer

Images pertaining to the Titanic disaster or its aftermath, published in The International Steam Engineer, Official Journal of the International Union of Steam Engineers, a monthly publication in New York by The Stationary Engineers Publishing Company.

View of the Starboard Reciprocating Engines on the RMS Titanic.

View of the Starboard Reciprocating Engines on the RMS Titanic. It may be stated that both triple screw steamers Titanic and Olympic have propelling plants consisting of reciprocating engines and a low-pressure steam turbine. The two sets of reciprocating engines, one driving each wing shaft are of the four crank triple type and are arranged to work at 215 pounds per square inch and to exhaust at 9 pounds absolute. The International Steam Engineer (November 1911) p. 744. GGA Image ID # 1055751ec4

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