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It seems an impossibility—and is today-to attempt to photograph at depths of one or two miles, and yet what has been accomplished the past month was deemed equally unattainable a few years ago. It is unlikely, (but by no means impossible) that children of those who went down in the “Titanic" may live to look upon an actual picture of that great steamship resting on the ocean's floor.

Excerpt from ”Comment and Review: Submarine Cameras,” in Popular Mechanics Magazine, Vol. 22, No. 1, July 1914, p. 29

Atlantis 1913 film poster by Aage Lund, a Danish Silent Film Directed by August Bloom

Atlantis (1913) From A Novel By Gerhart Hauptmann

First film to feature a fictitious love story set on the Titanic, a technique that went on to become a staple in subsequent films on the topic.


Movie Poster Announcing the Release of Titanic Disaster Moving Picture from Animated Weekly Motion Picture Distributing & Sales Company.

Animated Weekly: Titanic Disaster - April 1912

Possibly some luck held the cards for Hall, but his quick wit and daring came in for their share of the glory, permitting The Animated. Weekly—which is called “The most famous film in the whole world"—to score the biggest kind of a scoop on the newspaper photographers of Boston and New York.


Saved From The Titanic Movie Poster (1912)

Saved From The Titanic (1912)

It was a unique chance that led Miss Dorothy Gibson, of the Eclair Film Company, to take passage on the Titanic, when she had already been booked on the Hamburg-American line.


Titanic's Captain in Kinemacolor - April 1912

Titanic's Captain in Kinemacolor - April 1912

What is probably the last and best photograph ever taken of Captain E. J. Smith, the gallant commander of the ill-fated ocean leviathan, the steamship Titanic, was one posed by the veteran commodore of the White Star fleet especially for the Kinemacolor camera, just before his last voyage from America.


A Scene from the Moving Picture The Perils of the Atlantic

The Perils of the Atlantic - 1912

The Perils of the Atlantic, a tremendously exciting and spectacular film, in two reels, is quite startling in some of the effects produced through talented photography and stagecraft.


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