Titanic Documentary Videos

Educational, entertaining, documentary videos covering the RMS Titanic provides the visual component in learning through extraordinary films made around the time of the disaster in 1912 to present day, incorporating new discoveries to help viewers understand what really happened.

Video: Posted Aboard the RMS Titanic. A Graphic Showing the Location of the Postal Mail Room on the Ship.

Posted Aboard the RMS Titanic

The National Postal Museum's exhibit "Posted Aboard the RMS 'Titanic'" (1999-2000) offered visitors a new look at the doomed Royal Mail Ship. Produced for that exhibit, this video features the heroic story of the ship's mail clerks and ends with remarkable underwater footage of the ship.


Video Hero Image: RMS Titanic - The Sinking of the Century. Inspection of the Cork Life Jackets Worn by the Survivors of the Titanic.

The Sinking of the Century - Full Rare Documentary

Documentary film provides a reenactment of the events during the maiden voyage, the passengers and crew, the sinking, and the aftermath. 1912 videos are interspersed throughout the vide.


Departure from Southampton

The movie short is described as a "real video" from 1912, a black and white film that provides a glimpse of the activity and passengers as they ready to depart from Southampton on 10 April 1912. The scenes captured in this 4: 50-minute film are listed below.



Titanic's Crew

Titanic's Crew is a short 9-minute 23-second film that explains the division of the crew members into the Deck, Engineering, and Victualling, and provides insights in the duties of the crew members, and points out that the Chief Engineer and Pursers were also officers of the ship. You'll understand the roles Quartermaster, Boatswain, Lookouts, Master of Arms, and others.


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