RMS Titanic Ephemera and Reproductions

Ocean Liner ephemera, the brochures, tickets, passenger lists, baggage tags, voyage abstract of logs, landing cards, lithographs, postcards, and photographs were often kept as voyage souvenirs and later coveted by collectors. This collection of selected RMS Titanic reproductions are part of the GG Archives.

Reproduction of Correspondence between Sir Walter J. Howell, K.C.B. and Ismay, Imrie & Co., Following the Titanic Disaster

Correspondence Sir Walter Howell, K.C.B. and Ismay, Imrie & Co. - 16 April 1912

This was the second of two letters to Sir Walter Howell of the Marine Department of the Board of Trade from Ismay, Imrie & Co. The first indicated that it appears there is no danger of loss of life. A complete reversal/admission the following day shown above confirmed the tragedy.


Cover of the Titanic Reference Map: The First Complete Map of the World's Most Famous Shipwreck

Titanic Reference Map - World's Most Famous Shipwreck

The first complete map of the world's most famous shipwreck. Map side includes the fateful route of 1912, deep-ocean diagrams of the wreck site and more. The ship side features deck plans, escape routes, famous crew and passengers, bibliography, related Websites and more. Learn more about Titanic's story of discovery, as much as her maiden voyage continues to challenge human limits of ethics and technology.


Front Page of the New York American for 17 April 1912 Special Edition About the Titanic Disaster

New York American Newspaper for 17 April 1912

After the wreck of the Titanic, the newspaper reporters literally camped out at the White Star Line offices where they received updates roughly every 15-20 minutes of any news, rumors, or other Titanic -related communications received. By the time this paper was published on Wednesday, 17 April 1912, the Carpathia had provided essential information on known survivors.


Launch of Titanic - Bearer Ticket

Ticket to View the Launch of the New RMS Titanic, 1911

Reproduction of a ticket to admit the bearer to view the Launch of the White Star Royal Mail Triple-Screw Steamer "Titanic" at Belfast, Ireland, Wednesday, 31st May 1911 at 12:15 p.m.


Boarding Pass for the RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic Boarding Pass, White Star Line, April 1912

Reproduction of the Whte Star Line Titanic Boarding Pass, that grand permission to the bearer to come aboard the RMS Titanic as a guest of ISMAY, IMRIE & Co., 34 Leadenhall Street, London and 10 Water Street, Liverpool.


White Star Line First Class Ticket & Contract Insert - RMS Titanic - 1912

White Star Line Agent Ticket Insert for Titanic Voyage - 1912

A White Star Line agent used this insert to accompany the First Class Passenger Ticket and Contract for Reverend J. Stuart Holden. Originally Rev. Holden was scheduled as a passenger on the RMS Titanic. However, Reverend Holden's wife became ill, and their tickets were never used.


Reproduction of a White Star Line Letter to Father Browne Regarding First Class Tickets - 1912

White Star Line Letter to Father Browne - 3 April 1912

Reproduction of a letter dated 3 April 1912 from James Scott & Co., Agents for the White Star Line to Father F. M. Browne, S.J. about his ticket on the RMS Titanic from Southampton to Queenstown on 10 April 1912.


White Star Line Titanic - The World's Largest Liner Poster Postcard - Southampton ~ New York via Cherbourg & Queenstown

RMS Titanic Postcards and Posters

Collection of Titanic Postcard Replicas that also includes some of her sister ship, the Olympic. Many postcards were printed before 1912 to market the new vessels to the public. One postcard in this collection was released after her sinking. Information from the back of that card was reprinted below it.


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