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Our collection features publications that were entirely devoted to the Titanic or had substantive articles about the RMS Titanic, the ship, passengers, survivors, findings, and more.

Ancestry 1998 - The Unsinkable Titanic

The Unsinkable Titanic - Ancestry Magazine - 1998

The sinking of the Titanic happened almost a hundred years ago (1912) and the story still fascinates the world. The tragedy was reported in newspapers everywhere. This article includes information about researching ancestors who were passengers on steamships.


Front Cover: RMS Titanic, Inc. The World's Most Famous Ship is Sinking Again. This Time in an Ocean of Schlock.

Civilization - The Magazine of the Library of Congress - December 1997

This issue features the world’s most famous ship is sinking again, this time in an ocean of schlock. A Connecticut car dealer turned deep-sea explorer has picked up where the iceberg left off—with a little help from Loni Anderson and Telly Savalas.


CQD Titanic - Visit to Cobh - Spring 2003

Visit to Cobh (Queenstown) - CQD Titanic - Spring 2003

CQD is the official journal of the Ulster Titanic Society. Articles in this edition included The 1st Titanic, The Last Ship, Titanic Verse, Titanic 2002, Visit to Cobh, From our researcher, Swiss Titanic Memorial, and More.


CQD Titanic - April Dinner - Summer 2006

April Dinner - CQD Titanic - Summer 2006

The CQD Titanic is The Official Journal of the Belfast Titanic Society. Articles included 95th Anniversary, Titanic, Made in Belfast, Thomas Andrews Prize, 2nd April Dinner, A labor of Love, Titanic Log, and More.


CQD Titanic - Francis John Parkinson (1907-2006) - Winter 2006

Francis John Parkinson (1907-2006) - CQD Titanic - Winter 2006

The CQD Titanic is The Official Journal of the Belfast Titanic Society. This edition was published as a tribute to the late esteemed President of the Belfast Titanic Society, John Parkinson, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday this month was a survivor of the Titanic.


CQD Titanic - Titanic Around The World - Summer 2007

Titanic Around The World - CQD Titanic - Summer 2007

The CQD Titanic is The Official Journal of the Belfast Titanic Society. Articles included The Dunlambert Years, Titanic Around the World, Titanic Moves Around, Shipbuilding in Belfast, Titanic Log, and More.


Front Cover, History Magazine for April/May 2012 - Titanic: The 100th Anniversary Issue

Titanic: The 100th Anniversary - History Magazine, April/May 2012

The History Magazine for April/May 2012 was a special issue featuring the Titanic: The disaster as revealed to the world by four different reporters of the day. Plus: The remarkable story of Violet Constance Jessop, a survivor of three different maritime disasters including the sinking of the Titanic.


Titanic Fever - Life Magazine - June 1997

Titanic Fever - Life Magazine - June 1997

There has been much sound and fury in the 85 years since the night to remember, and this year it became a din. However, as books, television documentaries and, yes, magazines retell the Titanic story—mixing it up, embellishing it, deconstructing it, rewriting it—hype can overwhelm history.


National Geographic Magazine, October 1987 - Epilogue For Titanic

Epilogue For Titanic - National Geographic - October 1987

Robert Ballard's hope that Titanic should remain undisturbed was not realized. Last July (1986) a French expedition began to retrieve artifacts from the wreck site. Its actions were roundly critized as grave robbing - for the line between curiosity and acquisitiveness seems to have been crossed.


National Geographic Magazine, December 1985 - How We Found Titanic

How We Found Titanic - National Geographic - December 1985

Titanic, whose very name rang with invincibility, thus became a symbol. Her sudden disappearance enhanced an already mythical reputation. Now her dark grave has been penetrated for the first time in 73 years. The team that found her tells the story in this issue.


National Geographic, December 1986 - Titanic Collection

Long Last Look At Titanic - National Geographic - December 1986

Not since Custer led the Seventh Cavalry against Indians at the Little Bighorn has a fatal mistake so captured the public imagination as the "unsinkable" Titanic being driven into an iceberg field at full speed.


National Geographic Magazine, August 1998 - Titanic in 3-D

Titanic: Tragedy in Three Dimensions - National Geographic - August 1998

In 1991 high-intensity lighting systems allowed filmmakers to record Titanic in unprecedented detail. Here, made possible with computer-video-editing tools, are never before seen 3-D images from that expedition.


Titanic: What Really Happened - Exclusive New Photos of the Wreck

Titanic: What Really Happened - National Geographic - April 2012

The April 2012 issue of the National Geographic returns to the story of the most infamous ship ever built -- the Titanic of the White Star Line. This edition focuses on the crash scene and recreates the events on 14-15 April 1912 thanks to new technology.


December 1998 Naval History Magazine

Exploiting The Titanic - Naval History - December 1998

A hit movie and a recovered hull section have perpetuated a feeding frenzy of which we are all a part. We explored the sinking of the Titanic in 13 major motion pictures, hundreds of books, and thousands of articles. Many of her passengers are now household names.


October 1997 Naval History Magazine

Shooting the "Titanic" - Naval History - October 1997

A naval historian who served as a technical advisor for megathriller director James Cameron's Titanic takes a light-hearted look at the challenges of shooting a movie—set in the North Atlantic—in Mexico.


October 1996 Naval History Magazine

Titanic Sinking - Naval History Magazine - October 1996

In this issue, two underwater forensic experts and naval architects conclude that the ship sank because steel that had been weakened by low water temperatures succumbed to the weight of water rushing through a 12-footsquare hole in the bow.


Front Cover of the Popular Mechanics Magazine for January 1986 Featuring the RMS Titanic

Raising the Titanic - Popular Mechanics - January 1986

She was four city blocks long and 11 stories high—a spectacular steel city loaded with wealthy passengers. But on a starlit night in April 1912, the Titanic went down. Last summer, the great ship was rediscovered lying 2 miles below the surface of the Atlantic. And with booty estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the race may have begun for the most exciting salvage operation ever.


Front Cover of Popular Science Magazine for February 1995

What Really Sank the Titanic - Popular Science - February 1995

The great ship whose name is synonymous with disaster was designed to take three days to sink öfter o collision. It went down in three hours. What went wrong? New scientific analyses of the wreck reveal the answer in this exclusive story. Six points to ponder of Titanic's race to the bottom of the ocean on April 12-13 11:40 pm to 2:56 am.


Three RMS Titanic Articles - PowerShips - Spring 2012

Three RMS Titanic Articles - PowerShips - Spring 2012

Three Articles about the RMS Titanic in this special 100 Year Anniversary Issue of PowerShips. The articles were: The Final Board of Inquiry; Titanic Helps Sink the International Mercantile Marine Company; and Titanic, Olympic, Britannic: The First Green Vessels.


Front Cover of the Scientific American for the 11 May 1912 Issue Featurnimg The Unkinkable Ship, TItanic

Titanic - The Unsinkable Ship - Scientific American - 11 May 1912

The “Unsinkable ” Ship: Longitudinal Coal Bunkers and Higher Bulkheads Might Have Saved the “Titanic." A vessel is considered to be safe, even in the event of serions damage, if she is able to keep afloat with two adjoining compartments in free communication with the sea.


Front Cover: Ships Monthly - Titanic Special, Last in the 3-Part Series. Titanic's Contemporaries by Bill Miller.

Ships Monthly - May 2012

Titanic’s Contemporaries: A review of the great passenger ships built between 1910 and 1919, contemporaries of the famous White Star liner, many of which became household names in their own right.


Front Cover: Smithsonian - Titanic: The Survivors' Stories.

Smithsonian Magazine - March 1912

One Hundred Years After the Ocean Liner Struck an Iceberg and Sank, the Tragedy Still Looms Large in the Popular Psyche by Andrew Wilson Illustration by Robert G. Lloyd.


Somerset Studio - Remembering The Titanic - March/April 2002

Somerset Studio - Remembering The Titanic - March/April 2002

Somerset Studio Magazine Special Issue on Remermbering the Titanic. Their "Night to Remember" offers over 15 pages of ideas in creating Titanic -themed arts and crafts and momemtos that you can create with instructions provided and images you might find on the GG Archives.


Front Cover, The Literary Digest: Public Option (New York) combined with The Literary Digest, New York-London: Funk & Wagnalls Company, Vol. 44, No. 17, Whole No. 1149, 27 April 1912.

The Literary Digest - 27 April 1912

The 27 April 1912 edition of The Literary Digest featured an article on the Titanic Tragedy where the greatest of all ships, the unsinkable Titanic, end up at the bottom of the ocean on her maiden voyage taking 1,635 men and women with her.


The Titanic Commutator, Summer, 1980

Cunard Archives at Liverpool - Titanic Commutator - Summer 1980

In this contribution, an attempt is made to do three things: to record the circumstances under which the Cunard Line deposited its main surviving archives at Liverpool University; to give a brief description of the content and form of these archives; and to introduce a brief discussion upon some of the issues for public policy which are involved in the deposit of private archives of this kind.


Titanic Mummy Legend - Titanic Commutator - 1994 2nd Quarter

Titanic Mummy Legend - Titanic Commutator - 1994 2nd Quarter

For many years following the loss of the Titanic in 1912, there have persisted many myths about the liner, some of which were attributed to the loss of the great ship and her 1500 plus passengers. Many other Gems throughout this issue.


Titanic Saloon Steward - Titanic Commutator - 3rd Quarter 1994

Titanic Saloon Steward - Titanic Commutator - 3rd Quarter 1994

"I am the only man living who saw the launching and sinking of that ship... the only man to survive the Boer War (and) also the Titanic." ...Frederick Dent Ray


Front Cover of The Titanic Commutator: The Official Journal For The Titanic Historical Society, Inc. Vol. 19, No. 2, 2nd Quarter, August 1995

Private Lives of Passengers - Titanic Commutator - 2Q 1995

This issue provides a glimpse of the plans drawn up for the Titanic II; visiting the Queen Mary at Long Beach; Newspaper accounts from the experiences of Titanic survivors; and The Private Lives of Titanic's Passengers full of fascinating information and indiscretions in the lives of some of the well- and lesser-known passengers.


Titanic Commutator November 2000, Front Cover

J. P. Morgan IMM Combine - Titanic Commutator - November 2000

This issue features an in-depth article about the JP Morgan Combine of several transatlantic shipping companies in 1902 called the International Mercantile Marine Company.


Front Cover, Titanic Commutator - SS Olympic, Origin of a Design - February 2001

SS Olympic, Origin of a Design - Titanic Commutator - February 2001

Among the great transatlantic liners. RMS Olympic is one of the venerated and. rightly so. lot she was a prototype—many of the structural characteristics and fittings were tested on her, then incorporated on the Titanic and are illustrated in photographs and deck plans creating a visual timeline.


The Titanic Commutator, Volume 25, Number 153, Quarterly Journal

Loss of Oceanic (II) - Titanic Commutator - 3rd Quarter 2001

Issue 153 from 2001 focuses on the loss of the Oceanic II and features an article on an Incident at Bar Harbor, Kronprinzessin Cecilie as Olympic. Other items of interest include the explanation behind the change in ship rescue distress calls (C.Q.D. to S.O.S.).


Front Cover, The Titanic Commutator, Volume 25, Number 154, Quarterly Journal

Titanic Disaster Coverage - Titanic Commutator - 4Q 2001

This issue features a profusely illustated article on how the World Newspaper in New York got the story first on the RMS Titanic disaster. It details the journalism involved and provides a timeline of the telegraph news messages along with headlines from various papers around the country.


The Titanic Commutator, Volume 36, Number 193, Quarterly Journal

Broadway Dame - Titanic Commutator - Q1 2011

Featured extensive article on the Life and Times of Mrs. Henry B. (Renee) Harris, wife of the Broadway Impresario Henry B. Harris owner of the Hudson Theatre.  Additional stories about the White Star Line Freight Steamship Naronic and Colonel Astor’s Funeral – Reports from Contemporary Newspapers Detailing the Journey of Colonel Astor from Halifax to the Church of the Messiah in Rhinebeck.


Front Cover - The Titanic Commutator, Volume 36, Number 194, Quarterly Journal

Priests Who Went Down with Titanic - Titanic Commutator - 2Q 2011

The relatives of the Catholics who met their fate with the Titanic have the consolation that their dear ones had the ministrations of a priest in the last few terrible moments. There were three priests on board, and, as was to be expected, the gave their services to those who needed them and them accompanied them to the throne of God.


Front Cover, The Titanic Commutator, 3rd Quarter 2011, Official Journal of The Titanic Historical Society, Inc.

International Mercantile Marine Co - Titanic Commutator - 3rd Quarter 2011

The issue features articles highlighting the Titanic Heritage Tour and an Introduction to the Rhinebeck Area. Reprint of a 1903 circular on the International Mercantile Marine Company is included.


Front Cover, The Titanic Commutator, 4th Quarter 2011

Women Reporters & The Titanic Story - Titanic Commutator - 4Q 2011

This issue features an article about four newspaperwomen who reported on the Titanic disaster. Other items included a commentary on the Responsibility for the Titanic Disaster, The Oceanic House of the White Star Line and information about the 2012 Titanic Historical Society Convention next April.


Front Cover, Titanic Commutator, 1st Quarter 2012, Official Journal of The Titanic Historical Society, Inc.

Unsinkable Ships - Titanic Commutator - 1Q 2012

This issue focuses on "Unsinkable Ships" by reviewing books, articles, advertisements, and ephemera from the early 1900s. Other items cover the RMS Olympic building and early history, and the recollections of leaving Queenstown (Cobh) and the Titanic based on the correspondence of survivor Katie Gilnaugh Manning.


Titanic Meets Iceberg - Titanic Commutator - 2Q 2012

Titanic Meets Iceberg - Titanic Commutator - 2Q 2012

Did it really happen in that way through those critical moments immediately before the accident? In part it undoubtedly did but a re-evaluation of the evidence after the passing of a century strongly lays claim to one very distinct and vital difference to shed a significant new light on the circumstances leading up to the instant when the ice was struck.


Special 100th Anniversary Issue - Titanic Commutator - 3Q 2012

Special 100th Anniversary Issue - Titanic Commutator - 3Q 2012

This Titanic Commutator is the second of two special 100th-anniversary issues and utterly different than the previous. The stories are devoted to Titanic events and commemorations and, as the years pass, will be a real “keeper.”


Father Browne’s Camera - Titanic Commutator - 4Q 2012

Father Browne’s Camera - Titanic Commutator - 4Q 2012

It seemed like it would be so easy. One of the world’s great photographers. The most famous ship in history. Iconic photographs. While much is known about the photographer, how the precious photos came to be taken, little has been written about the camera that captured these cherished and haunting images.


Unsinkable Dream - Titanic - May 1998 - Version 1

Unsinkable Dream - Titanic - May 1998

This publication was unique in its approach in using a comic book/graphic novel style of storytelling for the story of the RMS Titanic. It included the significant characters, financiers, and passengers. They also described some of the accommodations for each class of passenger.


Front Cover, The Titanic: The Truth about the Tragedy -- What Really Happened. 2020 Centennial Entertainment, New York.

The Titanic: The Truth About the Tragedy - 2020

A special issue from Centennial Entertainment focuses on What Really Happened. Tour of the Ship, Captain's Fatal Errors, and Survivor Stories are all included.


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