Titanic Around The World - CQD Titanic - Summer 2007

CQD Titanic - Titanic Around The World - Summer 2007

Front Cover of the CQD Titanic - Official Journal of the Belfast Titanic Society for Issue 33, Summer 2007. GGA Image ID # 103e3e66dd

The CQD Titanic is The Official Journal of the Belfast Titanic Society. Articles included The Dunlambert Years, Titanic Around the World, Titanic Moves Around, Shipbuilding in Belfast, Titanic Log, and More.


  • From the Editor 1
  • From the Chairman 2
  • Our President Writes 3
  • John’s Special Night 4
  • The Duniambert Years by Joe Cohen 6
  • John Parkinson Remembered by Mary Ann Whitley 8
  • Titanic Around the World 10
  • Titanic Moves Around by Haas & Eaton 12
  • Belfast Titanic Society Dinner 14
  • Shipbuilding in Belfast by Dr. John Lynch
  • Titanic Achievement Evening 21
  • Britannic Organ 27
  • Comber Cricket Match 28
  • Titanic Log 30
  • Book Reviews 32

CQD is the official journal of the Belfast Titanic Society (Incorporating the Ulster Titanic Society). We welcome contributions including articles, letters, comments and information of interest to our readers. Authors should note that it is their responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the item(s) submitted. Statements and opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Belfast Titanic Society.

Copyright CQD Titanic ISSN 1361-4010

For More Information

Belfast Titanic Society
Oceanic House
298 Antrim Road
County Antrim
BT36 5EG

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