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Cunard Archives at Liverpool - Titanic Commutator - Summer 1980

The Titanic Commutator, Summer, 1980

Front Cover of the Titanic Commutator: The Official Journal For The Titanic Historical Society, Inc. for Summer 1980. GGA Image ID # 1041664a95

Volume 3, Number 26, Summer 1980
Copyright © 1980, Titanic Historical Society, Inc., Indian Orchard, Massachusetts

This issue provides a memorial for the then president of the Titanic Historical Society, William Harris Tantum IV. Other lengthy articles included the Cunard Archives at Liverpool University and an Essay on the Titanic. The issue in is in Black and White.


  • Society mourns leader's passing; Officers remember Bill Tantum
    Trenton Times, Trenton, New Jersey
    Obituary for William Harris Tantum IV, Marine Historian and President of Titanic Histocial Society, Inc.
    By Charles Haas, T.H.S. Vice President
    By Edward S. Kamuda, T.H.S. Secretary
    An address presented by T.H.S. Secretary Edward S. Kamuda at a memorial service for William Harris Tantum IV on 16 July 1980 at the Greenwich, Connecticut Public Library.
    By Louis O. Gorman, T.H.S. Treasurer
  • Crossing The Bar
    A Poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
    John P. Eaton, T.H.S. Historian
    By Robert G. Lenzer
    By Michael Cook
    In this contribution, an attempt is made to do three things: to record the circumstances under which the Cunard Line deposited its principal surviving archives at Liverpool University; to give a brief description of the content and form of these archives (the first such description to be offered publicly); and to introduce a brief discussion upon some of the issues for public policy which are involved in the deposit of private archives of this kind.
    by Arelle Kaye
    An Essay on the "unsinkable" Titanic

Listing of Illustrations:

  1. William Harris Tantum IV (1930-1980)
  2. Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau with Bill Tantum on the Calypso
  3. William "Bill" Tantum with students and one of his many lectures
  4. Bill Tantum poses with Jean-Michel Cousteau during the Britannic expedition
  5. Bill Tantum poses with the bell of Cousteau's famous research vessel Calypso
  6. Bill interviews Mrs. Sheil Mitchell, a Britannic survivor, aboard the Calypso
  7. Bill on board the Calypso
  8. Cunard Building, New York
  9. Liverpool Central
  10. Cunard Building, Southampton (full page)
  11. White Star Line Building, Liverpool
  12. Port Commission Building, Liverpool
  13. Merseyside City Museum, Liverpool
  14. Cunard Building, Liverpool
  15. Cunard Queen Elizabeth at Sea (full page)
  16. The Queen Elizabeth 2 (full page)
  17. Cunard RMS Ascania (postcard)
  18. On Board The Cunard RMS Scythia (Letterhead)
  19. Cunard White Star Franconia (postcard)
  20. Abstract of the Log of the Cunard RMS Sylvania (1965 postcard)
  21. Abstract of Log of the Cunard Liner RMS Mauretania (1964 postcard)
  22. Landing Stage from the Mersey, Liverpool (undated, circa the early 1900s)
  23. Lusitania - an image of tugs assisting the ship in a harbor
  24. Lusitania in dock
  25. Lusitania First Time At Stage
  26. Lusitania Leaving Dock
  27. Lusitania
  28. 1911 postcard showing the Lusitania off the Old Head of Kinsale
  29. Sectional View shows where the Lusitania was struck by the torpedo from the German U-20 submarine
  30. Artist conception of Lusitania sinking after being torpedoed
  31. The Titanic at Southampton (full page)
  32. William H. Tantum, IV as a graduating student of Valley Forge Military College, 1949.


The Titanic Commutator, the official journal for THS, is published quarterly, and is paid for through membership dues to this organization.

Published quarterly and continuously for nearly forty years by The Titanic Historical Society, Inc., (ISSN 004-8182) and mailed from Springfield, Massachusetts, the journal has been the groundbreaker in providing primary source materials.

Accounts from Titanic passengers, biographies of White Star liners and other shipping companies are standard; also varied maritime interests, illustrations, and commentaries—ensuring a permanent record.

Sixty-four pages of exceptional content make this publication the largest and best of society journals whose excellence and accuracy is renowned.

Letters, email, advertising, articles, news items, and photographs are welcome. However, articles submitted must be exclusive to The Titanic Commutator.

No remuneration is made, and the Society cannot guarantee publication. General interest, veracity, and originality are the criteria; the burden for accuracy rests with the author, and the expressed opinions are not necessarily those of The Titanic Historical Society, Inc.

Note: We have made minor edits to this text to correct grammatical errors or to improve word choice to clarify the content. We replaced words written using a non-American variant with the American English spelling for consistency. The passive text was often left “as is.” Those who need to quote directly should verify any changes by reviewing the original material.

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