Francis John Parkinson (1907-2006) - CQD Titanic - Winter 2006

CQD Titanic - Francis John Parkinson (1907-2006) - Winter 2006

Front Cover of the CQD Titanic - Official Journal of the Belfast Titanic Society for Issue 32, Winter 2006. GGA Image ID # 103e9b26f9

The CQD Titanic is The Official Journal of the Belfast Titanic Society. This edition was published as a tribute to the late esteemed President of the Belfast Titanic Society, John Parkinson, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday this month was a survivor of the Titanic.


  • Children of Titanic
    Millvina Dean and the late John Parkinson
  • From the President
  • From the Chairman
  • Titanic Tools
    Our President talks about his father's tools that helped build the Titanic.
  • Memories of the Titanic
    By John Parkinson
  • Apprentice John Looks Back
    John Parkinson
  • Memories
  • Facsimile of Duplicate Indenture of Apprenticeship
  • A Father to Remember
    From the funeral oration given by John Parkinson's son Alan
  • A Selection of Emails from Members Expressing their Sympathy
  • The Face of Titanic
  • John Parkinson Taking Titanic Message Into Schools
  • John Parkinson In The Media
  • John Parkinson's Shipyard Memories

CQD is the official journal of the Belfast Titanic Society (Incorporating the Ulster Titanic Society). We welcome contributions including articles, letters, comments and information of interest to our readers. Authors should note that it is their responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the item(s) submitted. Statements and opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Belfast Titanic Society.

Copyright CQD Titanic ISSN 1361-4010

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