Loss of Oceanic (II) - Titanic Commutator - 3Q 2001

The Titanic Commutator, Volume 25, Number 153, Quarterly Journal

Front Cover of The Titanic Commutator: The Official Journal For The Titanic Historical Society, Inc. for Issue 153 circa May 2001. GGA Image ID # 10454139b7

Front Cover: Mauretania at the Liverpool Landing Stage when that city and the Cunarder were in their glory days. Mauretania was her father's favorite ship said Margaret Howman, Rostron's daughter.

Issue 153 from 2001 focuses on the loss of the Oceanic II and features an article on an Incident at Bar Harbor, Kronprinzessin Cecilie as Olympic. Other items of interest include the explanation behind the change in ship rescue distress calls (C.Q.D. to S.O.S.).


  • The Loss of Oceanic (II)
    by Simon Martin
  • An incident at Bar Harbor, Kronprinzessin Cecilie as Olympic
    by Alton H. Blackington
    Kronprinzessin Cecilie in Bar Harbor, Maine. When the news was received that war had broken out, the captain turned his ship westward toward a neutral port. No one aboard had any idea where they were going or what port she would put into when she reached the United States, and nobody had guessed it would be the resort town of Bar Harbor where afterward, thousands of people flocked to see the big German liner. THS Collection
  • Norman Wilkinson and the Dazzle Painting of Ships
  • Isidor and Ida Straus
    by Joan Adler
  • S.O.S. and C.Q.D. The Wireless Call of the Sea
  • Speed and Safety on the Ocean
    by Captain Sir Arthur Rostron, K.B.E.
  • Sea Poste
  • Quartermaster Rowe and Titanic's Last Hail
  • From Olympic to Millennium
  • Items from the THS Oceanliner Store

Back Cover (Not Shown): Captain Arthur H. Rostron, Mauretania's commander, a portrait in pastels by Margaret Howman inspired from a photograph circa 1924.

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Publication date: June 2001 (2001-3)

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The Titanic Commutator
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Volume 25, Number 153 2001 Quarter 3


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